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The Angel and the Sorcerer Free read ½ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ [Ebook] ➢ The Angel and the Sorcerer Author Peter Levenda – Based on Levenda's research into Mormonism Freemasonry and esoteric societies over the past thirty years this book is intended for an audience that is cBased on and the MOBI #242 Levenda's research into Mormonism Freemasonry and esoteric societies over the past thirty years this book is The Angel PDF or intended for an audience that is curious about Mormonism in light of the fact that at the beginning of Angel and the PDF #10003there were two Mormons running for the GOP presidential nomination against two Roman Catholic. Over the last few weeks I’ve been spending a lot of time doing research on the life of Joseph Smith the founder of the Mormon Church I’ve been especially interested in the “occult” influences that shaped his life and was hopeful that The Angel and the Sorcerer might shed some light on those influences TAatS lives up to its billing though only barely It feels much like a beginning than an end lacking a lot of detail that would have made for a much better book For instance author Peter Levenda mentions the influence of Freemasonry on the LDS Church but doesn’t bother to really spell out those influences “Secret” Mormon Temple Ritual is hardly a secret and seeing a bit of it in this book would have been helpful I was expecting of a “point by point” look at the borrowings made by Joseph Smith and instead I got some vague generalities Still this is not a bad book and there were a few bits and pieces that were new to me I just wish it would have had depth At a paltry 180 pages it’s a uick read crying out for detail but for anyone looking for an introduction to the subject it’s worth picking up

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SThere has been much confusion in the media over various Mormon phenomena such as the magic underwear polygamy Big Love style and much else This book examines the beliefs and reveals the facts of Mormon ideas and practice starting with its founder Joseph Smith Jr who began his religious career with rituals of ceremonial magic and divination and ended it with Freemasonry. While it was not necessarily the author's intent to reflect badly on Mormonism I think it would be difficult for any reader of this book to become an immediate and enthusiastic convert to the faith It is uite different that the previous book I read about Mormonism The Mormon People The Making of an American Faith by Matthew BowmanThis book does provide an insight into the early origins of Mormonism in the US and places them within the political and religious context of the times While the author points out many uestionable or difficult to explain aspects about the Mormon faith he also to his credit points out some of the uestionable tenets or foundations of other mainstream religionsIt is difficult to summarize a book such as this My only suggestion is that if you are interested in the subject to read it for yourself and form your own opinions It is not what I would consider a page turner by any means but it does contain many interesting things

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The Angel and the SorcererThe largest militia in the state of Illinois a candidacy for US president and assassination Levenda also discussed the Mormons connection to Howard Hughes Richard Nixon and Watergate as well as the role of Mormons in contemporary Presidential electionsThis is the fascinating story of a purely American religion its occult origins and the rise of Mormons in American politi. Well written easy read that places complicated history into well understood data and comparisons Does not place judgements but instead gathers information and asks the uestions