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SThe story focuses on Tom and Sheri who are your average American The Spades ePUB #231 couple Like many couples in their mid ’s their life particularly their sex life has become stale and unimaginative Sheri is a fiery redhead and a reformed party girl whose repressed lust for adventurous sex is about to be re awakened in the Spades Club. This was really good If you like this try

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The Spades ClubThe book is over words and is a very hot and steamy read featuring BBC cuckolding gangbangs creampies and countless other illicit acts of sexAfter reading this book you will be lusting for your own local Spades Club and may spend hours searching online just to make sure you have not over looked something exotic hidden in your own back yard. very excellent

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DOWNLOAD The Spades Club 107 Å [PDF / Epub] ☉ The Spades Club Author Michael ORourke – The Spades Club is not your ordinary club It's a swingers club of sorts The Club caters to white couples in which the female desires the company of hot well hung black men The club has two areas divid The Spades Club is not your ordinary cThe Spades Club is not your ordinary club It's a swingers club of sorts The Club caters to white couples in which the female desires the company of hot well hung black men The club has two areas dividing it in half they are the Hotwife side and the Cuckold Side Interracial debauchery abounds on both sides each with their own special flavor. I’ve been on something of a mission lately looking for longer tales novels and novellas of a cuckolding nature where the subby hubby is forced to take an active role in fluffing cleaning and pleasing particularly where there’s a feminization element involved It was this search that first brought The Spades Club to my attention The cover blurb sounded promising it was just the right length and I loved the fact that it was written by a husband and wife teamI don’t know whether Michael Dawn O'Rourke have ever lived the scene or whether they just have a vivid fantasy life but I absolutely loved their take on cuckolding The length of the tale provided me with precisely what I was craving First it allowed for a complete story arc with a nice progression from curiosity to experimentation to complete immersion in the scene That build up is important because it lends the tale a sense of realism allowing us to believe that a happy marriage can descend so deeply into wanton swinging cuckolding abandon It all begins when Sheri discovers the interracial porn sites her husband masturbates to late at night and uickly escalates when a girls night out goes a little wild making her a voyeur to her best friend’s act of cuckolding and exposing her to the existence of The Spades Club It’s then through a series of confrontations denials teases and hints that she convinces her husband to willingly take her there Sheri and Tom come across as realistic characters – a slightly bored husband and wife who are looking to spice things up each in their own way There’s no force involved no blackmail and no empty threats of ending the marriage Instead Sheri seduces her husband into the cuckolding lifestyle picking up on his interracial fetish and slowly bending it to her will with some relaxed inhibitions some shared black dildo play a little surprise snowballing and lots of dirty talk By the time they're ready for their first visit she hasn't cum with anything but the black dildo inside her and he hasn't cum with anything but the black dildo inside his mouthTheir first visit to The Spades Club is really a fact finding mission allowing them to understand how it works what’s involved and what would be reuired were they to attend as than just curious guests She is immediately hooked and once she watches her best friend’s happily husband lick up a sloppy creampie and orally please a pair of back bulls she’s certain she wants to push her husband all the way but she also needs him to believe it’s as much his idea as hers When they return for their first visit as members Sheri’s dressed in a slutty outfit she had her husband buy for just that purpose and he’s wearing the pink panties and white apron reuired of all committed cuckoldsBefore the night is out both will find their limits tested their boundaries pressed and themselves happily gobbling down loads of black cum both fresh and second hand In addition to allowing for a complete story arc the length of the tale also provides for a wealth of sexy slutty taboo breaking erotic detail The first half of the book is very erotic and suggestive with the act of cuckold submission a promise than a fact but the second half is sexual and explicit with no element of the scene left unexplored Normally I come away from even the best cuckolding stories wanting but The Spades Club was completely satisfying It’s a complete novel that builds beautifully to its climax providing the ultimate payoff for readers who lust after the wanton hotwife experience and for those like myself who crave the total submission of a cuckold to his wife and her black bull lovers It’s sloppy it’s dirty and it’s a whole lot of erotic fun As published on Bending the Bookshelf