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Maneuver The PDF #10003 Cosmic war has torn their lives apart Will their last ditch plan prevent annihilation or doom them allAlicia Petruzzelli doesn't play by the rules but she knows Star Force needs her in the war against a hostile AI When the fleet's discipline rubs her the wrong way she uestions the UN's strategy of Phobos Maneuver The Solarian War ePUB #231 overwhelming force As a riskier plan comes to the fore Alicia must consider becoming a deserter to save The Phobos PDF or humanityJun Yonezawa is an outlaw AI He knows the UN's plan is flawed and a sin. Humanity fights back against the machineThe Phobos Maneuver is another great installment in The Solarian War Saga Felix Savage once again combines interesting characters with believable science and really ramps up the AI threat in this one In fact humanity finally goes on the offensive with a showdown on the AI’s doorstep – MarsThere is a great sense of pace and urgency in this book as both official and unofficial protagonists go above and beyond to put an end to the rogue AI once and for all Savage’s descriptions of ships asteroid bases and planets draw the reader into the situations but it’s really the characters that make these books what they are In that respect it’s great to see some of the secondary characters really take a bigger role here The friendly AI Jun is perhaps Savage’s best creation and the parts where Jun struggles to control another AI in a virtual monastery are some of the best in the bookThe only thing that lets it down a little bit is the resolution at the end While Savage does a great job of maneuvering all the pieces together into the same place the ending felt a little bit forced and not as satisfactory as I would have liked While the main character in this saga Elfrida Goto had to survive Savage even jokes about this in the book – calling her the lucky mascot the final chapters lost a little of the momentum and tried to wrap everything up a little too neatly Overall this is a fast paced well developed science fiction thriller and I'm looking forward to the next installment

Free download The Phobos Maneuver The Solarian War Saga #5

The Phobos Maneuver The Solarian War Saga #5Volume II of the Sol System Renegades series an epic science fiction adventure that reviewers are calling a new classic in the space opera genre The Sol System Renegades series in chronological orderKeep Off The Phobos Maneuver The Solarian War ePUB #231 Grass short origin storyCrapkiller preuel novellaThe Elfrida Goto Trilogy The Galapagos Incident The Vesta Conspiracy The Mercury RebellionA Very Merry Zero Gravity Christmas short storyThe Solarian War Trilogy The Luna Deception The Phobos Maneuver The Mars ShockThe Callisto Gambit the final novel in the serie. This was a good book It had a lot of interesting plot lines Because of there were so many at times this made the book for me a bit hard to follow I also think there were a bit too many characters but if they were all together at the same time maybe it would be easier

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Characters ↠ The Phobos Maneuver The Solarian War Saga #5 ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ´ [KINDLE] ✽ The Phobos Maneuver The Solarian War Saga #5 Author Felix R. Savage – Cosmic war has torn their lives apart Will their last ditch plan prevent annihilatGlehanded cyber attack may be the only chance for success Reluctantly aided by John Mendoza Jun embarks on a perilous mission into enemy territoryElfrida Goto has come a long way from asteroid eviction Her new mission is to unite the PLAN's enemies for one final push against the inhuman horror If all the other pieces fall into Phobos Maneuver The ePUB #10003 place Elfrida's allies will have one chance to pull off a deadly maneuver that could turn the war around or destroy them all in the processThe Phobos Maneuver is the second book in the Solarian War Trilogy. Another WinnerFelix Savage has done it again He has written another action packed page turner in the Solarian War Saga The bad thing is that it ended too soon I wanted to keep reading The author just has a way of making his characters so real that you feel like you know them and take an interest in their lives and story You care what happens to them This book contained a lot of emotion and surprises I can't wait for the next installment