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doc ç The Oxford Book of Fantasy Stories Oxford Books of Prose 528 pages Download Ý Tom Shippey ó ➦ [Ebook] ➡ The Oxford Book of Fantasy Stories Oxford Books of Prose By Tom Shippey ➱ – Stories of the unreal of trolls andOf the fantasy genre over time and the range of individual talents it has embraced from Lord Dunsany and H P Lovecraft through John Buchan Mervyn Peake Larry Niven and Angela Carter to the latest creations of Tanith Lee Lucius Shepard and Terry Pratchett For established readers of fantasy fiction Tom Shippey's selection will give a taste of the many successes that have fallen out of print or missed out on fame For those less familiar with the genre it forms an ideal introduction to perhaps the purest of literary pleasures Originally published on my blog here in December 1999This collection of short stories aims to be representative of the history of the modern fantasy genre from the mid nineteenth century onwards The authors include many important shapers of the genre though there are odd omissions Tolkien Morris MacDonald and Donaldson for example The selection concentrates on the earlier years probably because the average reader of fantasy relies on the selection in the local bookshop and only ever sees relatively recent literature The introduction explains something of the importance of the writers though its thematic rather than historical arrangement makes it difficult to gain a coherent understanding of the history of the genre from it It is clearly intended as a discussion of what makes a story fantasy and what elements are contained in a fantasy story The book would have been improved by giving a short editorial introduction to each story to set it into the context of the author's work some are entirely typical like Robert Holdstock's Thorn others not at all like Mervyn Peake's Same Time Same Place and to describe the author's role in the fantasy genre in generalFor my taste the selection ran rather too close to the horror end of the genre and one or two of the stories are very unpleasant indeed while few have the lightheartedness so typical of another side of the genre a tradition running from Pratchett back to de Camp and beyond The most humorous stories are the first and last The Demon Pope by Richard Garnett from 1888 and Troll Bridge by Terry Pratchett from 1992

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The fantasy 'trilogy' has tended to obscure a long tradition of short fantasy fiction just as enjoyable as the long books Built on the ancient foundation of the fairy tale but sharply distinguished from it the fantasy story has evolved in often ephemeral and little known magazines Tom Shippey editor of the companion Oxford Book of Science Fiction Stories has now brought together thirty one short fantasy stories from the last years of the nineteenth century to the immediate present The anthology shows both the development First published in this volume in 1994 'The Oxford Book of Fantasy Stories' is a collection of 31 short stories originally published over the years 1888 1992 The authors included comprise some of the finest fantasy writers and the stories themselves are superb examples so long as you realise that only fantasy authors who can pen decent short stories are represented Most enjoyable

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The Oxford Book of Fantasy Stories Oxford Books of ProseStories of the unreal of trolls and werewolves spells and sorcerers and magic lands have been part of the human psyche for as long as there are records In the present century far from being outdated by the rise of technology and science fiction fantasy has once become a major literary genre expressive of the deepest feelings about humanity and its relation to the natural world Fantasy is indeed one of the most successful of modern literary genres as can be seen from the sales of Tolkien and his successors Yet the rise of A really interesting read My first introduction to The Silken Swift and Bite me not or fleur de fur both awesome storiesContentsThe demon pope ​ Richard GarnettThe fortress unvanuishable save for Sacnoth ​ Lord DunsanyThrough the dragon glass ​ Abraham MerrittThe nameless city ​ H P LovecraftThe wind in the portico ​ John BuchanThe tower of the elphant ​ Robert E HowardXeethra ​ Clark Ashton SmithJirel meets magic ​ Catherine L MooreThe bleak shore ​ Fritz LeiberHomecoming ​ Ray BradburySee you later ​ Henry KuttnerLiane the wayfarer ​ Jack VanceThe desrick on Yandro ​ Manly Wade WellmanThe silken swift ​ Theodore SturgeonOperation Afreet ​ Poul AndersonThe singular events which occurred in the hovel on the alley off of eye street ​ Avram DavidsonThe sudden Wings ​ Thomas Burnett SwannSame time same place ​ Mervyn PeakeTimothy ​ Keith RobertsThe kings of the sea ​ Sterling E LanierNot long before the end ​ Larry NivenThe wager lost by winning ​ John BrunnerLila the werewolf ​ Peter S BeagleJohanna ​ Jane YolenThe Erl king ​ Angela CarterBeyond the dead reef ​ James Tiptree JrSubworld Phyllis EisensteinBite me not or fleur de fur ​ Tanith LeeThe night of white Bhairab ​ Lucius ShepardThorn ​ Robert HoldstockTroll Bridge ​ Terry Pratchett