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The Less People Know About Us Free download ↠ 105 ↠ [Read] ➮ The Less People Know About Us Author Axton Betz-Hamilton – An identity theft expert tells the story of the duplicity and betrayal that inspired her career and nearly destroyed her familyAxton Betz Hamilton grew up in small town IndAn identity theft expert tells the People Know PDFEPUB #232 story of the duplicity and betrayal that inspired her career and nearly destroyed her familyAxton Betz Hamilton grew up in small town Indiana in the early 's The Less EpubWhen she was years old her parents both had their identities stolen Their credit ratings were ruined and they were constantly fighting over money This was before the age of the Internet when Less People Know ePUB #180 identity theft became commonplace so authorities and banks were clueless and rel. This is a book which put me into an entire day of self uestioning Is it 4 star in message Is it 4 star in language skills Yes on both Was it a fun book to read in any sense of fun by definition Absolutely NOT It's rather akin to being tasked with observation for a medical condition Like sitting in one spot to track and describe an ill animal that cannot stop snapping or chasing its tail in endless circles Or like watching a corner or traffic crisscross by 3 or 4 intersections maze way where you know a traditional hourly accident occurs Sitting there to watch the aftermath of the next collusion Something like that And most times that would rather intrigue With this particular 3 sided family and dance of intersect NOT so much Anyone who reads my reviews of record for years here knows how I feel about wire hanger parent stories I despise them Well then why am I not despising this one Axton clearly expresses her disdain and disaffection just as much More at times And her Father Sorry I can't deal with this so I think I'll go raise some donkeys and stay out to do the hay baling A pure example of total obscuring and escaping to self blindWhat a dance this family did And don't kid yourself we ALL suffer financial reversal from this Not as much as Axton Never that muchAny will give you spoilers I almost DNF about 12 way through Especially when Axton was underminded in her pride of appearance and denigrated in commenting by her parents Hearing those getaway tales for schools etc got too too negative for me But I saw very early in this book that there was a dissociation occurring that was not being noted Most people who have little psychology background wouldn't be musing DSM 5 criteria So that's the only thing that kept me going Because I sure was And was I correct Not entirely but at least I recognized about 12 of the iceberg beyond the tipNot entirely correct in its depth But I knew that a grave mental illness existed And gave it the appropriate nomenclature Yet I certainly didn't get the duality achieved The last 3 chapters of the book were 4 plus stars That she made a career out of this Kudos to Axton Betz Hamilton Talk about making lemonade when all you own is lemonsWhen I was done I was very glad I read the book It's given me tons to ponder in afterward Like those Moms who appear on Say Yes to the Dress and then consistently dis their own daughter and especially her joy and tasteBeware this is NOT a fun read Knowing every single place Purdue especially that Axton lived also made me view the screenings she did within her own eyes She is far far affected long term than even SHE knows

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Pled by anxiety uarantined behind the closed curtains in her childhood home She began starving herself at a young age in an effort to blend in her appearance could be nothing short of perfect or she would be scolded by her mother who had become paranoid and consumed by how others perceived the familyYears later her parents' marriage still shaken from the theft Axton discovered that she too had fallen prey to the identity thief but by the time she realized she was already thousands of dollars in debt and her credit was ruine. If you go in thinking this is a mystery you need to reframe mystery not as a whodunnit and of a whydunnit Axton's life was flipped over and over again due to identity theft that plagued her small family from the time she was born Even when she managed to get away from her tiny Indiana town and to college the identity theft followed her It wasn't until her mother's death that the truth of who her mother was and what she did and did not do came to light This was engrossing and saddening both for the author who experienced it as well as for her mother who was extremely mentally ill That doesn't come up in those words but readers will know and understand The fact of the matter is mom died before everything came to light and since she can't explain herself trying to understand the whys or hows isn't possible What's left are the pieces which lead to a whole other side of her life she'd never been truthful about I couldn't put this one down as it falls suarely in the bloodless crime genre I love It's a memoir too and the marriage works well here It would make for a great read alike to EDUCATED for the family story as well as to DUPED for the ways in which people you think you know can lead entirely different lives in ways that seem surprisingly seamless even when they're not

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The Less People Know About UsUctant to help Axton's parentsAxton's family changed all of their personal information and moved to different addresses but the identity thief followed them wherever they went Convinced that the thief had to be someone they knew Axton and her parents completely cut off the outside world isolating themselves from friends and family Axton learned not to let anyone into the house without explicit permission and once went as far as chasing a plumber off their property with a knifeAs a result Axton spent her formative years crip. I hate to rate a memoir But this one was lacking for me in some way Too much information in some places far too little in others I guess maybe my issue is that the focus is about Identity Theft when in fact it should be about Mental Illness