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characters The Kingdom of Christ The New Evangelical Perspective ¹ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ê [Reading] ➶ The Kingdom of Christ The New Evangelical Perspective By Russell D. Moore – In this scholarly work Russell D Moore relates the history leading up to thNgelical scholars and pastors will be interested in this sharp insightful book all evangelicals interested in public policy will find it useful in discovering how this new Kingdom perspective works out in the public suare. Moore's treatment of Evangelicalism in relation to the competing Kingdom models is thorough and helpful Moore picks up where Carl Henry left in calling for greater cultural engagement sans non Christocentric models He also presents helpful criticisms of the major eschatological models noting how each can tend toward abandonment from the world on one hand and over engagement on the other

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Of Christ PDFEPUB #236 In this scholarly work Russell D Moore relates the history leading up to the new Kingdom The Kingdom ePUB #231 consensus among evangelicals from the time theologian Carl F H Henry called for it fift. I asked a friend who's doing his PhD in Theology and Leadership if he new of any books he could recommend on evangelical Christian engagement in society and politics He suggested this book and I'm so glad he didMoore focuses on theology and historical theological development over the last 100 150 years Which while be light on the socio political engagement side at the end of each chapter does the important work of laying a sound theological basis for that engagement Using Carl Henry's Uneasy Conscience from the mid 20th century as his basis Moore examines the growing consensus between dispensational and reformed theology on the idea of the Kingdom of God particularly framed in the idea of alreadybut not yet This principle of the Kingdom was something I first learned about in my undergrad at JBU and is a significant concept for all evangelical Christians Moore does a masterful job of highlighting the weakness of both traditional dispensationalism and Reformed theology and takes the reader through recent developments in both camps in their understanding of the Kingdom Moore chooses three key areas in which the Kindgom of God as alreadybut not yet is having and should have significant impact on our theology 1 eschatology our understanding of the end times and thus the implications for today 2 soteriology the role of Christ as savior of not only the individual but of the whole cosmos and 3 ecclesiology the understanding of the Church as the community over which Christ reigns fully now as a representation and light to the world of Christ's reign over all in the futureI found Moore's book both incredibly insightful and helpful He does a masterful job of carrying the reader through the changing conversations and the danger zones for theology in areas of open theism Biblical authority and the living God The book has re shaped my views on the celebration of communion it is not just remembering Christ's death for me but it is remembering Christ's death for the whole world That in his death he redeemed the cosmos It has also helped me understand the role of the Church in the world the significance of having a sound encompassing theology to undergird our views something Moore argues the Moral Majority lacks etc I've been reading this over the last few weeks as a devotional book and have looked forward to my 30 min or so every morning One thing I enjoyed as well is how he pulled in other books I've been reading Abraham Kuyper's work on a whole life vision of Calvinism J Gresham Machen's work on Christianity Liberalism etc Also I was raised in a dispensational home my dad's a DTS grad and then sat under mostly Reformed teachers in my undergrad so I've been greatly blessed by both views but have sometimes struggled to know how to reconcile them Moore a professor at a Southern Baptist seminary has walked me through how to do that in these three KEY areas of theologyWord of warning it is not an easy read Even as a PhD student with a BA in Biblical Theological Studies it was a difficult read for me at times But the patience and working through what Moore is talking about even at times when the theological discussions seem a bit too much is WELL worth it It is a challenging read but a great read for evangelical Christians I highly recommend it

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The Kingdom of Christ The New Evangelical PerspectiveY years ago Kingdom of Christ Kindle #208 He examines how this consensus offers a renewed theological foundation for evangelical engagement in the social and Kingdom of Christ The New MOBI #10003 political realmsWhile eva. De aandacht voor het koninkrijk van God groeit nog steeds in veel kerken in Nederland In de kerk waar ik opgroeide een vrije evangelische kerk was en is het nog geen belangrijk onderwerp in de kerk waar ik nu naar toe ga een Vineyard kerk is het juist een heel belangrijk onderwerp Waarom bestaat dit verschil En moet hier verandering in komen Moore helpt om een evenwichtig beeld te krijgen bij het ontstaan en het belang van dit onderwerpAls startpunt van de behandeling van het onderwerp 'het koninkrijk van GodChristus' neemt Moore de publicatie van The Uneasy Conscience of Modern Fundamentalism van Carl F H Henry uit 1947 Met deze publicatie startte Henry een brede discussie over de betrokkenheid van christenen evangelicalen in het bijzonder in de samenleving Dit gaf de aanzet voor het uitwerken of herontdekken van het thema 'koninkrijk van GodChristus'Een van de sterke punten aan dit boek van Russel D Moore is dat hij de ontwikkeling laat zien van dit onderwerp in de kerken Hoewel zijn beschrijving voornamelijk kerkstromingenn in de VS betreft zijn parallellen naar de Nederlandse context eenvoudig te trekken In deze beschrijving zijn veel aanknopingspunten te vinden met mijn eigen geschiedenis bijvoorbeeld op het gebied van de grote aandacht voor de eindtijd Zie ook het eerste citaat hieronderBehalve de geschiedenis van het koninkrijksdenken behandelt Moore ook de inhoud en de diverse invalshoeken die door de verschillende kerkstromingen gekozen worden Uit deze behandeling blijkt dat er naast de meningsverschillen ook veel eenheid groeit tussen de verschillende stromingen De sterke inhoudelijke behandeling van het onderwerp maakt ook dat ik in de toekomst vast nog wel eens terug zal grijpen naar dit boek om een bepaald aspect nog eens op te zoekenEnkele citaten uit het boek om de sfeer aan te gevenMoeten discussies over de eindtijd wel zoveel aandacht krijgenFor Henry the biblical mandate for this type of inaugurated eschatology was far too great to be overcast by endless evangelical debates over the nature of the millennium or the timing of the raptureVolgens sommigen nietIt is therefore the church’s duty to display in an evil age of self seeking pride and animosity the life and fellowship of the Kingdom of God and of the Age to Come” Ladd concluded “This display of Kingdom life is an essential element in the witness of the church to the Kingdom of God”Tegenover hen die zich richten op 'de hemel' en liever niet maatschappelijk betrokken zijnIn short the commitment to an “already” of the Kingdom protects against an otherworldly flight from political and social responsibility while the “not yet” chastens the prospects of such activityMaar we moeten ook niet doen alsof het leven na dit leven niet belangrijk zou zijnWe are afraid of the jeer about “pie in the sky” and of being told that we are trying to “escape” from the duty of making a happy world here and now into dreams of a happy world elsewhere But either there is “pie in the sky” or there is not If there is not then Christianity is false for this doctrine is woven into its whole fabricTot slot in het hele boek waarschuwt Moore geen kinderen met het badwater weg te gooienIn a Kingdom oriented soteriology personal regeneration is paramount not because of an anthropocentric worldview but because regeneration is tied to God’s Christocentric purpose in saving the cosmos a context presented by Jesus in the most familiar biblical treatment of regeneration the discourse with Nicodemus John 33 21