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PDF Ä BOOK The Friend Zone FREE ä ABBY JIMENEZ ✓ [PDF / Epub] ★ The Friend Zone By Abby Jimenez – Horticulturetrader.co.uk Kristen Petersen doesn't do drama will fight to the death for her friends and has no room in her life for guys who just don't get her She's also keeping a big secret facing a medically neG is bittersweet for Kristen especially when she meets the best man Josh Copeland He's funny sexy never offended by her mile wide streak of sarcasm and always one chicken enchilada ahead of her hangry Even her dog Stuntman Mike adores him The only catch Josh wants a big family someday Kriste Desperately seeking a sweet soft swoony romance with likable characters It could include a sufficient amount of angst groveling crying cuddling at the end Butttt the book I wanted to read CANNOT BE FOUND AT THIS BLOODY MOMENT 😡😡😡I HATED THIS MORON HEROINE SOOOOO MUCH I want to write a script named “Ten Million Things I Hate About Her” and cast Anne Hathaway as Kristen or play the cover of Ugly Kid Joe’s “ I hate everything about you” songOh boy My hate for her is than my total hate for Gwyneth PaltrowKatherine Heigl Lea Michele by the way all of them can play Kristen’s role on my hate not love pure hate movie This is a record of my life I start a book with intentions to give five stars because at the first pages I enjoyed hero and heroine’s chemistry Then a deployed boyfriend involve into picture with several phone calls And coolest heroine slowly turned into stubborn spoiled brainless douche girl a special title just invented for her and lovely hero slowly turned into a doormat miserable man Their angsty love story kept repeated like this formulaOh honey let’s make sex oh let’s get emotional oh no we cannot be together for several days they stand far away from each other and you know the drill they eventually make sex again After douche Kristen opens up her big secret to the my lovely hot hero Josh he still declared his love but heroine kept sledgehammered his heart into tiny pieces because she has insecurities about her own value because of her villanelle mother Oh gimme a break honey So my precious five stars slowly drop to the three and after reading the miraculous ending I went back and forth between one and two one and two in the meantime I’m making my rhythmic dance moves to chill out So 15 stars rounded up because I’m truly sorry for my ideal lovely hero who is bulldozed several times by this mean heroine And of course the beginning of the book is sooo promisingArrggghhkkk I didn’t want to use a heroine’s face as a stress ball for sueezing in my hand and throwing against the wall or fantasizing different ways of killing her of course my first solution make her eat one of my homemade food I could only cook frozen pizza but I’m so competent to turn it into ashy frozen unidentified non eatable object aka UNO Or I can make her smell my husbands’ socks for a minute and watch her gagging and coughing in disgust and then passing offAfter Jewel E Ann’s “Jersey” from “Jersey Six” I haven’t pissed off so much to a heroine who is so adamant not to have her HEA I shouted at her several times to get her head from her ass but she didn’t naturally hear me I talked about my miscommunication with heroine to my shrink and he prescribed me seven cases of Sauvignon Blanc Oh god I love my shrink I wish I didn’t eat all Sprinkle Cupcakes I bought for herI know this is one of the nominees of Goodreads awards but hear me out if you want to read a good heart wrenching sweet romance this is not your book if you a little bit trust my taste and too brutally honest reviews There are too many angsty and edgy moments and of course tragic accident life or death situation involve in the euation which is not necessary because this book started as a soft swoony rom com but it changed into a something too dramatic tear jerking story I just felt like I wanted to throw book out of window and wear garbage bags to go for a jog as like Bradley Cooper did in the “Silver linings Playbook” I listened to I belong to you from Lumineers to calm my nerves accompanied by cold white wine Finally it ended Yessssss It was torturing than attend

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Kristen Petersen doesn't do drama will fight to the death for her friends and has no room in her life for guys who just don't get her She's also keeping a big secret facing a medically necessary procedure that will make it impossible for her to have children Planning her best friend's weddin Just what the world needs Another problematic book masuerading as a cute read sigh Admittedly in the early parts of this read I was really enjoying this book for what it was; a contemporary romance with a bittersweet core So I laughed I cried I had a lot of feels Yes I ignored the blatant stereotyping and negative portrayal of the other woman that the leading man dated who wasn't our sassy heroine because Well I liked the hunky leading man And I liked the sassy heroine Even though she was 100% a not like other girls stereotype which is of itself problematicEveryone in this book was so likeable really I cared about the characters I was rooting for them to get together and was very touched by the storylineBut then that ill advised ending happened And I'm unimpressed My review is going to be spoiler filled I do apologise but it's the only way I can discuss this book honestly and to be able to openly draw attention to its problematic nature So the content warnings for this book are illnesses and difficulties surrounding female reproductivity Our leading female character is Kristin One day she has a minor fender bender with hunky fireman Josh and sparks fly Their chemistry is off the charts and much sassy banter and flirting ensues But Kristin has a boyfriend called Tyler He's deployed overseas with the military but she loves him Right? Wrong She's settling for him And we uickly learn why Because Kristin suffers with fibroids and extremely heavy menstrual bleeding She has been told that she is infertile and within weeks is planning to have a hysterectomy at age 26 So she can't have children and Tyler doesn't want kids so he seems like a logical choice for a partner But she has all this chemistry with Josh and despite her best efforts she finds herself falling for him And it's likewise for Josh He's getting over a breakup with his girlfriend Celeste becauseshe doesn't want to have children and that's a deal breaker for him because apparently he wants a baseball team's worth of kids So understandably Kristin feels that she is not the ideal woman for Josh but she won't reveal to him her reasons much to Josh's disagreementAnyway the story evolves into a friends with benefit style relationship until we know that both characters are painfully in love with each other but Kristin resists until finally she believes that she is worthy of love That her infertility should not deny her true happiness because to the right person in this case Josh it's not a sacrifice for him to not have kids because of her because to him his life is incomplete without herThis was great Ah I loved this Struggling with issues about your own fertility and the knowledge that you are possibly responsible for your future partner not becoming a fully genetic father to children is a theme that needs to be explored in books And I was so touched by the storyline I related to it It's difficult to open yourself up to a relationship when you know you are infertile or have fertility struggles However one of the reasons that Kristin finally accepted that she should be married to Josh and live happily ever after with him is because one of their best friends tragically dies CAN WE NOT HAVE THE PEOPLE DYING SO OTHERS CAN LEARN A LIFE LESSON TROPE???????????????Honestly eye rollBUT IT GETS WORSERemember This is a book that is about infertility and the acceptance of such SO THE LAST THING YOU'D WANT IS FOR KRISTIN TO GET PREGNANT RIGHT??????Well guess who gets pregnant miraculously at the end because apparently her IUD device was pushed out of her system with a heavy flow and the one time they don't use condoms his oh

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The Friend ZoneN knows he'd be better off with someone else but as their attraction grows it's harder and harder to keep him at arm's length The Friend Zone will have you laughing one moment and grabbing for tissues the next as it tackles the realities of infertility and loss with wit heart and a lot of sa Too Damn Sad Kristen meets her soulmate Josh but she has a secret that makes her a less than perfect match for him so she does her best to keep him in “the friend zone” Things don’t go as planned and she finds herself falling for the man she needs to keep at bay She can either keep him as a friend or reveal her secret and risk losing him foreverAs a result of Kristen’s secret there is a lot of back and forthwill they won’t they which was fun for a while but at a certain point I couldn’t take it any I was ready to give up but then the storyline had a major shift and I was happy for that but then it was just sad and awfulAfter seeing amazing reviews and ratings on my GR friends’ feeds The Friend Zone became a must read I read bits and pieces about the plot but went in mostly blind I was thinking that this was going to be a typical light hearted chick lit novel so I wasn’t expecting to go on an emotional rollercoaster ride I felt everything from wanting to throttle the main character I just wanted her to tell him already to getting annoyed over some of the narrative tropes to feeling happy back to annoyed to shifting to an intense level of sadness back to happy sadness to happiness to annoyance I am not sure I am over the sadness I did not like the ending the author’s note did help explain her choice for having THAT happen but it took away from the message of what this book could have been about I am spent I need a nap While I didn’t wholly the love the plot or the ending and found parts of The Friend Zone to be problematic I did love Abby Jimenez's writing style She has created sharp uick witted characters with strong voices I do look forward to her next book featuring Kristen’s best friend Sloan