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review ↠ eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ Cathy McDavid Man who can rope a steer better than a manAs owner of Cowboy College Adele Donnelly makes it a rule never to get involved with her guests Especially not a famous and footloose cowboy whose life is all about traveling the rodeo circuit But Ty is than just another. This romance novel starts with a rodeo champion down on his luck because his horse his partner died Ty Boudeau is blaming all his troubles on the new horse so in a last ditch effort he goes to a rodeo training facility to work outRight off the bat their troubles start He knows what he’s doing He’s a star after all He just needs her to work with the horseAdele Donnelly owner of the Cowboy College doesn’t agree seeing deeper issues She forces him to do things her way all the while fighting a growing attraction between them because she knows all about fickle cowboysWhat I liked about it was that it touched on how complex talent is and all the ways that you can get up in your head and mess with it Like in the movie Bull Durham where the star pitcher’s “mental coach” convinces him to wear a ladies garter belt to keep his mind distracted so his body can pitch His conflicts their causes and his struggles read very real to meThen there’s her She’s a strong woman without being pushy She knows her business and is confident in that fact She’s not cowed by his celebrity either At the same time she has a vulnerable side that leaves her open to helping himThe ending is the weakest part of the book but I found enough good to outweigh its influence in my judgment of the read as enjoyableIt’s a powerful emotional story with a lot going on that can be related to circumstances outside of the rodeo circumstances that affect most of usI received this book through the Tell Harleuin program and completed the reuested survey This review is my opinions above and beyond what they ask of me

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The Comeback Cowboy review ☆ eBook or Kindle ePUB Â ❰Reading❯ ➶ The Comeback Cowboy Author Cathy McDavid – It isn't easy for a man to get back in the saddle after he's lost his competitive edge But fallen rodeo star Ty Boudeau refuses to give up his shot at the World Championshi Handsome faceand getting pregnant with his baby wasn't in Adele's long term game plan Because men like him can't be tied down And she's not used to family sticking aroundWhy should Ty be any different Should she give the cowboy a chance to be a championship daddy. I really liked this book a lot My Description Ty has to go to Cowboy College to refresh his rodeo skills after losing a scholarship He meets Adele the co owner of Cowboy College They fall head over boots for each other My Review This was a very sweet read I thought Ty and Adele had such chemistry together They are the kind of couple who would be together forever view spoilerThe only thing I didn't understand was why Pop Adele's grandfather attacks Ty Pop knew Ty didn't know Adele was pregnant So why did he hit him I wished the author had gone into detail about that like Pop's thoughts and feelings Pop was on Ty's side one minute because Adele hadn't told Ty and then the next he slugs him TWICE hide spoiler

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The Comeback CowboyIt isn't easy for a man to get back in the saddle after he's lost his competitive edge But fallen rodeo star Ty Boudeau refuses to give up his shot at the World Championship Even if it means taking lessons at a glorified dude ranch from The Comeback Kindle a wo. The hero Ty has come to the heroine Adele's ranch in order to try and figure out where he has been going wrong in his tie down roping career after he suffered a set back that caused him to lose the world championship He is immediately drawn to Adele especially when he sees her in action and knows that she can help him Adele runs a tourist 'Cowboy College' and enjoys every minute of it as she and Ty spend time together she relishes helping him and also realises she is falling for him Ty also falls for Adele he admires her strength and skill but he is so focused on his rodeo career that he doesn't know what kind of future he can offer Adele Adele is wary of relationships after watching the disaster he mother made of her life and she also doesn't want to hold Ty back from what he could achieve When I first read the blurb of this book I literally guffawed and thought Cowboy College Come on This to me seemed so cheesy and stereotypically American that I thought it would end up being a bit silly but I really enjoyed this book I loved the setting and the backgrounds of both characters which caused them to meet Their relationship develops beautifully and feels very real I adored the heroine's strength and intelligence she is really inspiring up until the last few chapters The hero is also wonderful Ty is so full of charm yet also very sensitive I couldn't help but love himBut there are two things this book didn't need and kind ruined it for me Firstly the heroine's mummy issues are a little frustrating especially when her mother turns up Secondly the accidental pregnancy plot just seemed to be crowbarred in and rather cheapened the rest of the story plus Adele's decision to keep it a secret was at complete odds with her characterBut despite these things I really loved this book It's a great romance that takes place in an interesting and fun setting Originally posted at