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free read The Chinese Nail Murders ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB · [Reading] ➼ The Chinese Nail Murders By Robert van Gulik – AD 676In the fifth installment of Robert Van Gulik's ancient Chinese mystery series based on historical court records detective Judge Dee is appointed to thF a girl in love and the fiendish murder involving the nude headless body of a woman And even curious the crimes seem to be linked together by clues from a popular game of the period the Seven Boar. In the late 6th century CE Chinese magistrate Dee Jen Djieh ‘Judge Dee’ is posted to the northern frontier town of Pei Chow and finds himself faced with a series of crimes all seemingly unconnected A young woman betrothed to the secretary of a notable personage vanishes inexplicably The headless body of a woman is found by her brothers who immediately accuse her husband—who appears to be absconding—of having murdered her Judge Dee helped by the wise Sergeant Hoong and his three loyal lieutenants has barely begun investigating these two murders when two corpses crop up a boxing master who is found poisoned in a bath house and a man who was pronounced dead of heart attack and buried but whom the judge suspects of having been murderedLike all of Robert van Gulik’s Judge Dee books The Chinese Nail Murders is brilliantly fast paced complex and offers a fine glimpse of life in the period of the Tang dynasty Even though van Gulik follows the Chinese crime novel style of action and less description he manages to work in details that bring to life the era the trade the social norms and customs the clothing the attitudes towards the imperial administration everything This novel I will admit was the one which first introduced me to Seven Board and the way van Gulik uses it to good effect as a clue is delightful I like especially also the fact that this novel has a certain amount of the ‘human element’ in it Judge Dee is a very alive character not just a judge but a man with his own failings his own doubts and weaknesses Excellent and I would strongly suggest reading the two postscripts as well since van Gulik uses them to explain his own sources for his stories nearly all of which are based on old Chinese detective novels the changes he’s made to suit the books for modern audiences such as doing away with the idea of letting ghosts goblins animals and kitchen utensils offer evidence in court and further insights into the life of the real life historical figure that was Judge Dee

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AD In the fifth installment of Robert Van Gulik's ancient Chinese mystery series based on historical court records detective Judge Dee is appointed to the magistrate of Pei chow a distant frontier. A Serendipitous DiscoveryJune 29 2011 I move to New York CityEarly July I hear about a new Tsui Hark film Detective Dee and try to attend a screening only to find out that it's part of a film festival that has long since sold out Still my curiosity is piued about a martial artist investigatorDays later I peruse a table of second hand books near my apartment and pick out a book called The Chinese Gold Murders The description on the back intrigues me and I think Hell one dollar Why notOne day later my friend DDavis and I find out through Goodreads that we both picked this up around the same time We talk it over and I find out that the Hark film is based on this characterLate August one of my colleagues at my school has a set of The Chinese Gold Murders at his desk Turns out he intended to assign it as summer reading at the end of the previous year and that he is a big fan of the seriesThanksgiving week I am in Michigan over break where I discover a used bookstore called Classic Books It fucking rules There are loads of tough to find books just spilling from the shelves and what's this over half of the Judge Dee books right there in all of their paperback glory I swoonNow that You're in My LifeIt took me a few months to get to Judge Dee and once I did I was a very happy readerThese are such singular books at least they are in my reading experience Van Gulik combines his encyclopedic knowledge of Chinese life in the later uarter of the first millennium with a excellent sense of strong mystery plotting Bodies pile up on Judge Dee's docket with a speed that strains against the slim size of this volume and each new mystery introduces a bevy of characters each of whom brings an individual vitality to the story through brief well written expositionPut simply this is great story telling in a uniue settingLast WordThis volume is set late in Judge Dee's career As a magistrate the Judge has a wide range of powers and privileges and van Gulik examines how the Judge handles these responsibilities and how they have affected his character Diminutive as this book may be it contains surprising depths

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The Chinese Nail MurdersDistrict in the barren north of the ancient Chinese The Chinese Kindle Empire It is here that he is faced with three strange and disturbing crimes the theft of precious jewels the disappearance o. I want to give this book 3 stars if only because we finally get a glimpse at the personal cost of Dee's devotion to Confucianism when he discovers that a woman who he's falling in love with murdered her first husband in her defense he was abusive but the Law and propriety demand that she pay the price