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FREE READ Special Forces î PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ ➸ [Reading] ➺ Special Forces By Marquesate ➭ – Special Forces is the story of a Scottish SAS soldier and a Soviet spetsnaz soldier Two enemies who meet in the line of duty during the early days of the Soviet Union's last waTwenty five years of their lives Special Forces Mercenaries is the second cycle of the Special Forces epic the first cycle is Soldiers and the third one is Veterans This print version is the original version of Special Fo. Once upon a time a mountain lion and a tiger escaped a circus I'm just so high right now with the ending that I'll overlook all the heartbreak the first half of the book brought me While Soldiers ripped my heart out with the emotional intensity in Mercenaries I ripped my hair out from the frustration I have to say I wanted to use a club and bash some of the charactersDo not read this if you haven't read Special Forces SoldiersThe storyIt picks up right after the ending of Soldiers and boy am I glad this wasn't in the first book as the original version Vadim is kidnapped and Dan barely makes it out alive He soon finds out that Vadim is in prison and accused of betraying his country This part was terrible I cried non stop Just seeing Dan and his depression how he fought for Vadim's life Very sad Then there was Vadim in prison My God Just f ing awful And the tiger lion story Sadness Total sadness I sobbed at that one The next part of the story was kind of weird to read because it is written differently than the rest A very large part of it was divided Vadim in Sweden and his training and Dan in Ira Maybe it would be easier if it was freuently switched between them but for me those sections were just too big with only one character Anyway I preferred Vadim's part of the story and his training how he slowly began to heal Just felt so bad for him Damn Then came the part when Vadim came to Ira Oh boy Very very bad I felt even worse for him Won't go any into details this is too much spoiling as it is lol If I am going crashing down I’ll take Dan with me His life is mine It cannot be separated We are like Siamese twins sharing heart of a killer VadimDefinitely #1 D He's just such a complex character Sometimes so dark and sometimes so full of love for Dan it's almost unbelievable In this book he did a total transformation And it was so difficult to read His spirit was broken His mind his soul Just terrible He even lost his love for Dan and that was the anchor he had in life Dan WAS his life So I totally understand what made him back away No one could remain even slightly normal after that kind of view spoilertorture hide spoiler

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Special Forces is the story of a Scottish SAS soldier and a Soviet spetsnaz soldier Two enemies who meet in the line of duty during the early days of the Soviet Union's last war in Afghanistan This epic spans across over. 4 StarsBR with AndreaThis series is pretty heavy going at times but I'm completely addicted to itDan is still hurting from events that took place in Finland and is full of angerVadim has been through so much but is desperate to see Dan and try and explain why he had to walk away and gets himself deployed to the camp Dan is inI really didn't like Dan hereI hated the way he treat Vadim when he arrived in campI hated his almost blind ignorance to what Vadim must have been feeling at timesThis book finds them enemies again but after a rescue mission things slowly start to changeThey take a trip to Thailand and try and build bridges and when they arrive back in camp things seem to be definitely back on trackBut this is where my dislike for Dan went into overdriveview spoilerThey really reconnected in Thailand and seemed to fall in love all over again so what the hell was Dan doing fucking around with Jean as soon as he got his hands on himI really didn't get it as Dan seemed to think it was ok because it was just sexI'm sorrybut if two people are in love they shouldn't need anyone elseAnd then Vadim was ok with it and joined in the fuck fest hide spoiler

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Special ForcesRces st edition as it was edited by the authors of the time of first publication on Maruesate's website The Mercenaries cycle was published between May and November This is the only version that is authorised by Maruesate. DNF at 76% with extreme prejudice and heartbreak Bear with me this might be a bumpy ride but I'll get to my pointImagine you're reading a cookbook and every recipe from appetizers to desserts contains salmonOr you're listening to an album and the chorus of every single song mentions wristsNow you might be approaching how I felt after reading ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY SIX mentions of Dan's shades in this book Beneath the shades Dan's eyes were wide with surpriseDan grinned picked up his shades and slipped them onThe shades clattered onto the groundDan looked up readjusting his shadesHe slowly pushed the shades up baring his dark eyesDan even forgot his shades when he stormed offI won't include the other 160 You're welcomeThere's a reason I bring this up and it's not only to highlight the word repetition problem The first volume also had that issue though it was smirks not shades and I completely forgave it The reason I complain now is because the shades were about the extent of Dan's characterization in this volume and that I can't forgiveIn Soldiers Dan was nuanced He was a strong street smart resourceful badass Didn't spend his free time reading the classics but was never portrayed as even remotely unintelligent He could joke but he ultimately took things seriously He started as a homophobe slowly came to terms with his sexuality fell in love and moved mountains to demonstrate his commitmentIn Mercenaries he was painted as an aging bag of scars whose deepest thoughts were about dessert He had the maturity and presence of a 14 year old Oh and he wore shades The book didn't start out with him portrayed uite as bad as all this but it ramped up down and and by roughly 70% he had settled into that damn flat cartoon but goodBut then it got even worse I am not going to spoiler but the story took a turn which was ridiculously sideways completely out of character and effectively took the story I'd fallen in love with and ripped it to shreds right in front of my faceTeal has said to me that they felt like this volume read like bad fanfic of the first I'll go with a little different angle — to me it felt like a terrible spinoff Vadim was taken and dropped into a different story with different writing and different other characters Vadim was usually still Vadim and he even evolved and started to gain further depth He is up there among the best characters I've ever read view spoilerI was rooting for and wanting to bear hug this rapist on the regular y'all I would feel gutted when he fell back to his violent tendencies my whole body was tense and committed to his growth hide spoiler