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READ Soulprint 107 ó ❮PDF / Epub❯ ★ Soulprint Author Mark Batterson – There never has been and never will be anyone like you But that isn’t a testament to you It’s a testament to the God who created you The problem Few people discover the God given identity that mak There never has been and never will be anyone like There never has been and never will be anyone like you But that isn’t a testament to you It’s a testament to the God who created you The problem Few people discover the God given identity that makes them unlike anyone else Mark Batterson calls this divine distinction our soulprint God would like to introduce you to yoursel. I have to be honest I wasn't thrilled with the Blogging for Books book picks this time The main reason I choose this book SoulPrint Discovering Your Divine Destiny was the publish date of 1182011 I figured it was new enough that I might as well check it out From the book description I was expecting a self help sort of book and was prepared to be disappointed Boy was I wrong Right from the start the author lets us know that this isn't about me helping me but about God molding me It's not just who you are present tense It's who you are destined to become future tense It's not just who others see when they look at you from the outside in It's who God has destined you to become from the inside out so while you live your life forward God works backward The Omniscient One always starts with the end in mindMy problem is I want to know the end NOWI was so pleased to find out how Bible based this book was The author focuses on the life of David for his illustrations and scripture is sprinkled throughout We are reminded that nothing is accidental in our lives but that God has a purpose and plan to turn us into the men and women He created us to beChapter two focuses on 'lifesymbols' Batterson says Lifesymbols are all about seeing the purposes of God in our past circumstances our memories can either empower us to live by faith or imprison us to live by fearWe need to examine our pasts so we can remember God's faithfulness trusting God through this type of remembering can help us to be at peace and trust Him with our present circumstancesAnother chapter that appealed to me was chapter 4 on 'alter ego' We need to be authentic and that means being vulnerable and that feels like risk Batterson reminds us The church ought to be a place where we can confess our deepest doubts worst sins and wildest dreams It ought to be a place where we can reveal who we really are the good the bad and the ugly Unfortunately church is often a place where we act like everything is okay even though it isn't okay And that lack of authenticity forces everyone to hide behind their royal robes But what if it were a place where people had the courage to disrobeWhat a great uestion Wouldn't the church look different if we all did just thatThis book has me pondering my past and present circumstances I intend to remember God's faithfulness through my past and possibly even create some sort of lifesymbol art to remind me that only He is God As I continue my struggle to find my place in this world I will trust that He is showing me the way even though I cannot see itI received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review

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R rather than self Soulprint encourages you to recognize and explore the five defining moments in your life that will determine your destiny Along the way you’ll find that you’re not just turning the pages of a book You’re turning the pages of your remarkable God shaped world changing life From the Trade Paperback editio. I was very skeptical when I got a copy of Soulprint It seemed like another touchy feely spirituality book with Jesus’ name thrown in there for good luck I have read too many self help inspirational style books cloaked in Christian mumbo jumbo because Christian books sellThough I was very skeptical I was rather impressed by Soulprint Mark Batterson does a good job mixing in personal stories biblical texts and pinch of psychology Batterson constantly draws upon the life of David He holds King David up like a superhero while still recognizing very real and very broken humanity of former shepherdThe book is divided into five “scenes” distinct moments in our lives that make us uniue like a fingerprint hence the name SoulprintHoly Confidence Being confident in what God has given youLifesymbols Items in our life that show you who you areThe Crag of the Wild Goats The pitfalls of our lifetypically prideAlter Ego Don’t worry about anyone but GodThe Devil’s Workshop Pretty much what you think it is aboutIt’s a good book Really short which could be a positive thing but the book is well under 200 pages and then the Batterson throws in an excerpt from another book I am not exactly sure if this book would be worth the price

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SoulprintF In Soulprint Mark pours the contagious energy he’s known for into helping you experience the joy of discovering who you areand the freedom of discovering who you’re not The wonderful fact is that your uniueness is God’s gift to you and it’s also your gift to God    A self discovery book that puts God at the cente. GoodA little cliché when he made his points and was trying to bring them home But a very relevant topic