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Revenge of the Green Banana Free read Ý PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ [Reading] ➿ Revenge of the Green Banana By Jim Murphy – Jimmy Murphy’s sixth grade teacher Sister Angelica Rose is out to get him She humiliates him in class and punishes him whenJimmy Murphy’s sixth grade teacher Sister Angelica Rose the Green MOBI #244 is out to get him She humiliates him in class and punishes him when he hasn’t done anything wron. Picture it St Stephen's Catholic School 1958 Red folder notorious James John Patrick Murphy approaches sixth grade determined to make a fresh start with the nuns and importantly Kathy Guenther the absolute prettiest girl ever However old habits and prejudices die hard so it takes only a few minutes for Jim to butt heads with his teacher Sister Angelica As the humiliations continue to pile up Jim and his gang of buddies plot the ultimate revenge to murderlate embarrass the nun in front of the entire school What follows is a comedic romp through Jim's somewhat disastrous school year Author Jim Murphy's semi autobiographical novel has grit humor and just enough action to keep readers flipping the pagesAs a disclaimer I happen to be easily charmed by books about boys in Catholic school Having grown up with a father who regaled me with stories of his own scrapes at St Virgil's where he was the bad boy I have a soft spot for the troublemakers Reminiscent of Mark Goldblatt's fabulous Twerp and Finding the Worm such novels may present somewhat of an idealized caricature of boy boys and their pals but I must say it is one I always find enjoyable

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G She even forces him to perform onstage with second graders wearing a giant green banana costume A classic underachiever with a talent for trouble Jimmy wants revenge and with. Sixth grade boys' shenanigans in a Catholic school in the 1960s make for a pretty entertaining read Hilarious descriptions of events like chicken cutlets covered with worm like onions somehow landing on a nun's shoe are interspersed with the author's introspections and everyday activities Revenge is plotted against other nuns who are picking on Jim and his friends and their revenge will be costly and highly embarrassing if they can pull it offFamilies and readers who liked The Great Brain books will enjoy these as well Parents may want to know there are a number of references to high school girls in tight sweatersFind this book in Ames Public Library's juvenile fiction sectionReview by Anastasia Tuckness

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Revenge of the Green BananaHis friends he plans a prank that will embarrass Sister Angelica in front of the whole school What Revenge of eBook #182 could possibly go wrong                  ?. Does the setting of a Catholic school completely foreign to me count for Reading Without Walls I'm going to say Yes I checked out a particularly funny scene on the in house expert on Catholic schooling and he gave it two thumbs upNo there's not a lot of character development But yes it is funny No Sister Angelica is not going on our list of 100 Cool Teachers in Children's Literature but even she had a moment of redemption