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ePub · mobi Dead Ever After ô 9781937007881 Ä Charlaine Harris Ä ➳ [Reading] ➶ Dead Ever After By Charlaine Harris ➩ – Horticulturetrader.co.uk There are secrets in the town of Bon Temps ones that threaten those closest to Sookie—and could destroy her heartSookie StackArrested for the crimeBut the evidence against Sookie is weak and she makes bail Investigating the killing she’ll learn that what passes for truth in Bon Temps is only a convenient lie What passes for justice is spilled blood And what passes for love is never enou I knew CH would break my heart with DEA I was prepared I swear but this all of it Low blowRead DUD how appropriate and then DEA You won't miss a thing Why read 12 books about a Southern gal breaking up with her suitors to get in the 13th with the random guy Why bother with all the fillers That's right All the nice words all the angst all the times Sookie had been one step away from dying Why learn that you're better off to suare one That everything you've been through was for naught That the idea that people from different races could find common interest and love against all odds is utter bullshit That love is not what matters That after 12 books you realized that maybe reading the thoughts of your partner isn't that big a deal after all That it's okay to end a character's story arc by selling him into slavery after he'd been abused for years in the past And to place the rapist as her friend and confidantWell don't bother Just don'tI was reading the wrong story all alongI didn't really care who Sookie ended up with That was not the important part of the series Not really But if she ends up with X or Y give me a good reason to believe it It's not the WHO that bothers me but the WHY and the way it was done At this point I wish Eric and Pam had died in Rhodes At least I would have gotten the chance to see Sookie falling in love with the right man for her The author intended to kill Bill in Dead and Gone but didn't because he had story to tell What was that story excuse my curiosity To bring Bubba to Fangtasia to distract Victor while they try to kill him To rat on Eric to Sookie with information we have no clue how he got a hold of and lurk in her woods for all eternity What an amazing storyHarris said she knew how she would end the series by the second book Too bad she didn't end it by the third SPOILER Right then Sam might have made a little sense I guess But after 10 books of hearing crickets where Sam was concerned it was pulled right out of her assend of SPOILERHow unfair to Sookie How unfair to Pam How cruel to Eric How lame for BillSookie was way off in this book She's not even True Blood Sookie And believe me that's saying something Everyone was acting OOC this was a horrible ending for many characters just a massacre but Sookie was a real disappointment Because I thought that since the author fucked up Eric's story she at least would be fair to Sookie No such luck Never again CH Never againAnd to top it all off let the bad guys win Peachy

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Rlene tried to have Sookie killed But her relationship with Eric Northman is not so clearcut He and his vampires are keeping their distanceand a cold silence And when Sookie learns the reason why she is devastatedThen a shocking murder rocks Bon Temps and Sookie is Alisha The fan who is neither crazy nor entitled rantsUpdate So I've been on watching the reactions Lots of sock puppets and rabid Charlaine fans giving this turd 5 stars Even Anne Rice is weighing in I'm uber suspicious of all reviews that say She tied this up nicely way to go Ms Harris and I look forward to reading the Coda in October Gotta hand it to Penguin they are on top of thisHey everyone Look over here Disregard the bad reviews Those people are CRAZY There's been a lot said about this final installment of Sookie There have been angry fans sad fans furious bloggers and Charlaine sheeple Fans of Charlaine and maybe free speech are calling the upset masses entitled and crazy If you didn't like the book you are a crazy EricSookie shipper Just check out the Wall Street Journal's crap article How to Kill a Vampire Series if you don't believe me It's a mess In the end this will sell plenty of books but a good portion of readers will remember that their emotional trust was broken Say what you will that is a legitimate feeling There is a relationship between reader and writer and that is built on trust When a writer chooses not to just add a twist but to twist a knife into the reader it's sometimes permanent view spoilerThe world of Sookie has changed I've thought a lot about why Harris would write an arc that heavily favored Eric then dismantle the entire work in three books hide spoiler

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Dead Ever AfterThere are secrets in the town of Bon Temps ones that threaten those closest to Sookie and could destroy her heartSookie Stackhouse finds it easy to turn down the reuest of former barmaid Arlene when Dead Ever PDFEPUBshe wants her job back at Merlotte’s After all A I think the most interesting thing that will come of this series might be a new word A word readers will forever use to describe a series that while compelling and wonderful at it's inception faltered under the weight of an irrational author You can say The author Harrised the series Or the book was Harrised would be acceptable tooIt is with great sadness I have to report history did prove the predictor of fate and the three preceding books delineated into the final wet slap on the pavement Another of Harris' literary turds was birthed But TS Eliot was not right the Sookie Stackhouse Universe did not end with a whimper It was an apathetic shrugThere are spoilers ahead many many spoilersI know there are forensic psychologists and forensic accountants and forensic anthropologists and well it goes on and on Are there forensic editors Or would it be a forensic novelist Maybe we need just a plain 'ol detective Because I don't know how you go from writing a great paranormal romance beloved by millions to this piece of crap novel There has to be some covert publishing house HBO royalties agreement kind of reason to make any logical sense of this bookI just can't understand why she ended it the way she did This is Pulp Fiction Not Maruez Not Franzen Hell it's not even George R R Martin Am I crazy There is a social contract between the readersbuyers of romance novels and the novelists who write them It's this the girl ends up with the guy about whom and for which legions of fans have been pining It's the reason we pick up romance novels in the first place We want to read about a coupling so intense it speaks to a deep place inside of us an atavistic need to be consumed by lust passion and love That is the social contractSo why at the end of this pulp romance series did I feel like I was reading The White Hotel It Was Awkward and creepy Just to warn you there is a sex scene It's bad Like we should report it to the school's psychologist badI mean I see how Ms Harris painted herself into a corner with Sookie and Eric but that's the beauty of fiction especially pulp fiction you can paint yourself right out There's no shame in it because we already know it's crap fiction But it's fun crap fiction so it's okay there's no judgement HERE WATCH ME DO ITOh hey Sookie It's me Niall I'm back I heard that you used that magic fairy thing I gave you in a selfless act So guess what Here's another Because you're so cute And blonde Now you can wish that all vampires revert back to their human state Which by the way would have been the kindest thing for which any person could have wished Oh really great grand daddy thanks now Eric's not shooting blanks and we can make many many babies together And we can watch a bunch of thousand year old people try to revert back into their humanity Which would have been way interesting than reading about me and Sam going FUCKING LINE DANCINGAs for a review here goes It's another bad story Very thin plot with so many holes There is a whole villain in this novel that goes totally unrevealed Literally Harris forgets about him remember the devil that wasn't Claude right Um there are a lot of casseroles again Poor fashion choices A lot of Goodbyes I guess Harris is using this book to say a final goodbye to all of these characters So for that reason there are a lot of scenes that do nothing to advance the thread of a story There is some other stuff butitwastoo boring to remember If you want my advice on whether or not to read it I say do I mean if you read the first 12 you should finish what you started and finish the series A least you can accomplish something that the author couldn'tbut borrow the book