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Virgin by Radhika Sanghani review Í PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ ❰Reading❯ ➻ Virgin Author Radhika Sanghani – Ellie nikdy neviděla ve své sexuální nezkušenosti problém Až do chvíle kdy jí doktorka nutí test na chlamydie protože nechce uvěřit že je v jednadvaceVšechny otázky které se jí přitom stejně jako každé holce rojí v hlavě Se svými žurnalistickými tendencemi se o nich ale nebojí psát a tak si dokonce založí blog o vaginách panenství sexu a o všech těch trapných věcech které se při něm mohou přihodit Ten jí nakonec pomůže získat nejen vyšší sebevědomí ale i práci svých sn?. I have to start by saying I'm on the fence about Virgin by Radhika Sanghani More on that later Ellie Kolstakis is a 21 year old virgin Not from lack of trying but just 'cause Ellie with the help of some friends embarks on a journey to lose her V card before she graduates from college Afterall everyone else is doing itFrom the beginning Sanghani grabs readers with Ellie's wit and personality She's honest and open about all her sexual mishaps inexperience and really hairy parts Yeah Virgin does not sugarcoat the truth and just takes the most honest approach with lady parts sexuality and the modern woman as well as uncensored conversation My best friend and I often think that men have no idea how umhonest women talk about sex Yes I liked Ellie very much at times Although Virgin is instantly entertaining I kinda grew tired of Ellie and her self pitying She goes on and on about how she doesn't measure up to friends such as Lara or Emma It's almost like she couldn't help but remind readers how unfortunate looking she may or may not be That is why I'm on the fence with this novel I loved the American Pie feel a lot than the She's Come Undone moments Overall Virgin is a fast and fun chick litish read It chronicles how far along women have come from the days of saving themselves for marriage to being women open to discovering their own sexual identities Radhika Sanghani has definitely carved out her own space in the world of good chick lit Copy provided by Penguin Group via Netgalley

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Ellie nikdy neviděla ve své sexuální nezkušenosti problém Až do chvíle kdy jí doktorka nutí test na chlamydie protože nechce uvěřit že je v jednadvacetiještě pannou Ellie si přijde divná a stydí se že nikdy neměla žádný pořádný úlet natož kluka Rozhodne se tedy k činu musí přijít o panenství ještě před státnicemi dokud je. How to describe this novel first words that come to mindPathetic Miserable TemperamentalPlaintive I was pretty disgusted with the main character the entire time I was reading this I really hope this is not supposed to be a relatable character because if so then our planet is going to shitI suppose I was given adeuate warning by the title but every bloody sentence has her whining on and on about how it is so deplorable to be a virgin In her opinion being a virgin is worse than hooking up with some random stranger in a sketchy pub I guess anything to get rid of her v plates This novel was rage inducing for me and her epiphany at the end of the novel just felt contrived and juvenile PASS PASS PASSNote I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review

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Virgin by Radhika SanghaJakžtakž s kým Na jedné párty se jí nečekaně podaří sbalit o několik let staršího Jacka a s pomocí svých zkušenějších kamarádek kuje pikle jak ho úspěšně svést Mise se zdaří avšak kromě šrámu na duši si z ní odnáší i původně záviděné chlamydie Ellie vtipně a velmi otevřeně popisuje cestu k objevení své sexuality a. You can also read it here The rumor about boys finding virgins sexy was a LIE It was just some medieval bullshit that old people said to try and make their daughters keep their legs crossed and not get pregnant First of all Virgin is not Erotica And honestly I wonder why it wasn't shelved as Erotica I mean yeah it wasn't really focused on sex scenes but the language and there's actually a chapter dedicated on teaching someone how to give a proper Blow gift If you'll read the book you'll get this joke Anyway I'm not an expert when it comes to this thing so I'm just going to say that Virgin is not for everybody That's for sure Some might get offended or get turned off but some like me will be totally surprised and will like it  because despite of its crude and malicious language and content It's honest And it's freaking hilarious Okay so there;s like a lot of cringe worthy moment like mini spoilers ahead SHE ACCIDENTALLY CUT HER CLITORIS SHE SLIPPED ON A SEMEN that is not her own SHE TRIED TO BREAK HER OWN HYMEN WITH A BOTTLE   and she also  ACCIDENTALLY BIT A GUY'S thing while doing a blow gift Ellie a 20 year old virgin is a riot I love her but she me frustrated a lot of times Her last senior in UNI is all about one thing losing her virginity She doesn't even care to whom She just want it gone Being a virgin is like a disease to her she can't really be a 'normal' person and she doesn't feel like she 'belong' when she's still a virgin So I guess you can see why I'm frustrated here Okay maybe not It's just Ellie is so consumed with the idea that she's an embarrassment to the female species just because she was a virgin And because of that she became miserable and desperate and pathetic Even her bestfriend confronted her for it “You have your friends you’re doing well at uni—but you’re just obsessed  with finding a guy and losing your virginity If you forgot about that for one second you might actually enjoy your final year instead of freaking out the whole time” See I personally believe that being a virgin isn't something to be ashamed about And being NOT A VIRGIN also It's every girls personal decision This is why I'm sick of girls bringing down other girls WE BELONG IN THE SAME SPECIESStop with the shaming Of any kind Life as an adult virgin is complicated than you might think Obviously it is normal there are thousands of us and there is  absolutely nothing wrong with it Choosing when to have sex is  a completely individual decision and everyone is different Some people choose to wait till marriage and some just want to wait  for the right person Others are religious and others are just too busy being successful in every other area of their lives to worry  about something as minor as intercourse Other than my little frustration there at Ellie I have nothing but fascination for this book Ellie is US or we all have been her at one point of our lives Gosh I think I'm still in that stage When I say that stage it’s when you’re figuring out things uhm I think you know what things I’m talking about Anyway I AM 18 I’m not saying I’m innocent and doesn’t know anything but I’m not an expert either All I know about sex and dildos and vibrators and blowgift are from books Okay now I want to stop typing I’m laughing so hard now at my realizations All I want to say is I LEARNED A LOT FROM THIS BOOK Though there are some things that I’d rather not learn I’m still grateful I just noticed that in our society now that we have all this magazine for GUYS and it’s informative for them but how about for Women Sure we still have Cosmo But seriously Cosmo have like a gazillion advice that in personal experience and from others didn’t work uite well “Magazines are just hypocritical They’re meant to tackle female issues but none of them write  about how awkward it is to shave your vagina They don’t even  rate hair removal products for how well they work on the bikini zone They just focus on the safe zones like legs and underarms It drives me crazy” Emma’s eyes lit up in excitement “Oh my God We need to  publicize this to the world We need to be the new teenage agony aunts to help all those thirteen year olds figure out how to de hair their vaginas” I'm going to focus on the characters in this review because it's just plain phenomenal I've never been so close at female characters like this before and I feel like I'm always part of their conversation This girls might be your bestfriend or your neighbor or YOU They're dynamic Authentic And I think I have an eight pack now because of laughing so hard because of them When Ellie had a little argument with her bestfriend Lara she found herself getting close to Emma who always have stories about her sex life Which by the way Ellie envied One of us is a virgin and one of us is a slut The two are not mutually exclusive and regardless of our experiences we both have very similar views on the world of sex virginity and vaginas Then this two had a lightbulb moment and decided to make Vlog No it's not a Video Blog it's a Vagina Blog like a blog for Vaginas Vagina problems and all thatEllie's journey from a being a Virgin to being not any is comical but very real and helpful and this book is like guide for clueless girls out there No it's not gonna turn you into some sex genius or expert but it'll help you understand and be prepared for some feminine issues that we are going to face You know like waxing what am i gonna get what the hell is a brazillian wait someones going to wax my vagina for me or giving someone a blo NO I AM SORRY I DON'T THINK I AM READY YET FOR THIS CONVERSATION Haha Radhika is a wiity and brilliant writer and her book is a gem Well written and straightforward I'm gonna leave you a uote from Ellie that i really loved I only accepted my virginity after I lost it I wish  I had done it earlier but either way I’m glad I finally  have So whoever you are whether you lost your virginity twenty years ago or you still have it just accept it Embrace any STDs you may or may not have along with the regrets the disastrous stories the heartbreak the pain and the regret Because if it weren’t Life would be dull p stylep style