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The Complete Tales of Beatrix Potter kindle ✓ Hardcover ☆ ❮Download❯ ➼ The Complete Tales of Beatrix Potter Author Beatrix Potter – This complete and unabridged collection contains all 23 of Beatrix Potter's Tales in one deluxe volume with all their original illustratThis complete and unabridged collection contains all 23 of Beatrix Potter's Tales in one deluxe volume with all their original illustrations The stories are ar The classic stories really do stand the test of time I've read these aloud to my children over and over Even my 7 year old boy loves them They love the pictures and the stories are fun and easy to follow for all ages I've always loved THE TALE OF TWO BAD MICE best but my son tells me that THE TALE OF THE FLOPSY BUNNIES is best because they're so lazy and sleepy they almost get eaten2017 I don't think any of the illustrations could be better than the expression on Tom Kitten's face when he puts on his clothes and they're too tight

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Ranged in the order in which they were first published so they may be read in their proper seuence A special section at the end of this volume contains four ad PRELUDE;A few weeks ago went to see the film of the Royal Ballet dancing several Tales of Beatrix Potter The ballet choreographed by Frederick; with music really delightful by John Lanchbery was first made into a film some years agoThis recent production was filmed in the actual theatreThere were only two of us in the movie theatreI was sitting right at the back and was sorely tempted to get up and dance to my heart's content across the large open area behind the last row of seats I didn't but I did cavort round the house when I got home and played the musicI came to Beatrix Potter late about age 31It's never TOO late Took a break from my job in Athens to join my Mum and Step father in a motoring holiday around the UK Was reading BP's biography by Margaret Lane an excellent one And so of course when we hit the Lake District we ended up at her wonderful house left exactly as she had left it Mum photographed me standing in the doorway where BP had her photo takenI knew because the photo was in the bookLater Mum was to run around the moors on the edge of Haworth crying out HeathcliffHeathcliffin a much darker literary clime After which we got caught in a Yorkshire storm and staggered into our hotel dying of laughter while my step father gave us fierce disapproving looks which made us laugh all the He WAS an Accountant and I'm sure had NEVER read a Beatrix PotterSo now I am going to read first the several Tales that were recreated for the ballet And then follow up with ALL the rest The Music wasperfect capturing their Essencemice and ducks and foxes etc ALL had had their Characters and Movements interpreted with the Ideal Notes hidden away and NOW teased out into Life Ah blisssssss MUCH LATERNow aged almost 62 short of a couple of weeks I have read All the Tales in Chronological Order And discovered that Beatrix has a Dark Side Scareynot really since she was a Realist bit the bullet had tasted disappointment in career prospects because she was a woman; a self taught artist as a girl she had drawn her pet animals ; as a young woman she had copied at the Natural History Museum animals and fossils AND 300 studies of fungi the latter still regarded as perfect copies but rejected then as not worthy of the Museum So she employed HERSELF turned her skills to writing and illustrating Children's Books Six publishers rejected her first book But finally FWarne and Co said YES The VERY FIRST story The Tale of Peter Rabbit Mrs Rabbit tells her children where they may and may not go warning them off MrMcGregor's garden your Father had an accident there; he was put in a pie by Mrs McGregorOuch There goes Junior's slumberful night But Beatrix never wrote down to children and her openess won her fans not failure Her marriage to the younger Warne brother Norman a kindred spirit was NEVER to take place He died of pernicious anaemia It was now she bought herself a farm in the Lake District The books ALL illustrated by Beatrix continued to flow and there wasand still is a Constant Audience Often Beatrix's Own Inspirations for her animal characters didn't live to tell their TaleMr Jeremy Fisher dissected Peter Rabbit death by chloroform followed by dissection and drawn for illustrative purposes Jemima Puddleduck ditto And Suirrel Nutkin shot at Beatty's reuest for drawing And Guess Who performed the dissections Not a uestionIs it surprising then given the blood on Beatty's hands that every Tale has at least one sentence that lets Junior know all is NOT well with the World Life itself is under threat Even if its just Ginger the cat who shared ownership of the popular village shop with Pickles the terrier popular because it gave generous credit who had to ask Pickles to serve their mouse customers because they made his mouth water I cannot bear to see them going out at the door carrying their little parcels he confessed Pickles had to make a similar confession about rats but being a Realist addedbut it would never do to eat our own customers; they would leave us and go to Tabitha Twitchet'sThe cat whose shop did NOT give creditBeing much of a realist which one would expect of a cat Ginger replied gloomilyOn the contrarythey would go nowhereGingers and Pickle's business finally collapses because of their Customer's GreedALL characters from the Tales I am shocked to tell youAllowed to buy on Creditthey NEVER paid a penny so poor Ginger and Pickles were forced to eat their own goodsbut never laid claw or tooth on their clientele to THEIR credit No pun intended I assure youPickles became a gamekeeper and Ginger went to live on the warren and became stout and comfortable Would it surprise you to learn that a warren is a place where rabbits abound? Although Miss Potter tells usI do not know what occupation he pursues her drawing shows Ginger laying nasty traps with big metal teeth on the warrenMiss Potter's illustrations often convey information she does NOT provide in the text AND Miss Tabitha Twitchett put up all her prices and refused to give creditAfter this Tale of 1909 Miss Potter's Tales just get nastier and nastier They are thrilling and delightful I'm sure All those Edwardian era Mums and Dads had no idea what subversiveness and violence was being smuggled into Junior's nursery under innocent covers By 1912 Miss Potter had declared that she was tired of writinggoody goody books about nice people No wonder World War One broke out only a couple of years later And yet the History Books never mention Miss Potter as a possible CauseNor does Feminism EPILOGUEMiss Potter knew a lotPost Traumatic Stress Disorder???Tom Kittenvictim of the rat Anna Maria who tied him up; and her husband MrSamuel Whiskers who helped her encase him in dough to be cooked and eatenPoor Tom is rescued just in time But ever afterwards he has always been afraid of a rat; he never durst face anything that is bigger than a mouseAnd I doubt any sensitive reader will eitherExcept the Insensitive who will no doubt join the Army

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The Complete Tales of Beatrix PotterDitional works by Beatrix Potter that were not published during her lifetime Beautifully reissued with a newly designed slipcase and jacket a truly stunning gi Ok no I didn't read the whole book not even all the ones I didn't know before After all they're at Project Gutenberg so I can read them on my tablet at any time But I picked this up at the library to have an idea of just how prolific Potter second cousin's great aunt of Harry? was And I have to admit the variety of what she created is than I realized and the uantity less I'm finding that I'm enjoying the ones that are not so cutesy bunny than those that are The Tale of Mr Tod is killer I never knew that Mr Tod is a nickname for a fox and Tommy Brock is a badger And when a mother rabbit finds her children missing we read that she wrung her ears Did you know also that Potter bought country lands to preserve it and When she died in 1943 she left over 4000 acres and fifteen farms to the nation