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kindle Ä Surrender Ð read ß horticulturetrader Í [PDF / Epub] ☂ Surrender Author Amanda Quick – From the dazzling ballrooms of glittering London society to magnificent cursed estate in the distant wilds of Yorkshire comes the deliciously wicked story of a thoroughly unconventiNess to woo her to win her and ultimately to wed her And soon the amber eyed lady would find herself ensconced in a crumbling mansion deep in the English countryside where the real reason for her hasty marriage becomes all too apparent and where the ghosts of her dark stained past are waiting to rise up in a terrifying plot that will threaten her life her honor and the only man she could ever lov #89 for 2017 RCGenre Historical RomanceI read this book two decades ago for the first time when I was a student in a college Then I liked the story but when I reread I found something annoying about the heroinThe heroin was a kind of stubborn bluestocking She was kind but like to make hasty action that caused many troubles to the hero And she did not learn anything from her mistakes Smart but sloppy what I told you about heroin's character

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Ebrook the darkly disturbing new Earl of Stonevale Amidst the brightly plumed birds of the town Lucas was a hawk And when he held out the lure of moonlit rides and wild reckless midnight escapades Victoria found herself powerless to resist But becoming Stonevale's companion in adventure was far dangerous undertaking than Victoria could ever imagine For the attractive Earl would use her every weak Surrender started out as such a great book I liked the heroine Victoria and the hero Lucas seemed to understand her and appreciate her intelligence and spirit Unfortunately Lucas turned out to be a domineering prude just out for his own ends who systematically crushed everything he claimed to like about Victoriaview spoilerWe begin the story with Victoria a twenty five year old spinster who couldn't be happier with her unmarried status She has her own money and witnessed both her mother and her aunt's tragic marriages to fortune hunting men so she's vowed to never let that happen to her Victoria also has a dark past involving her abusive and lecherous stepfather who murdered her mother two months before falling to his death on a flight of stairs Victoria holds herself responsible for her stepfather's death because she'd been haunting him by wearing her mother's clothes and flitting around his house trying to get him to confess to murder When he finally did confess he chased after the ghost in a drunken rage and fell down the stairs The event has left Victoria with private demons that manifest in the form of nightmares In order to avoid these terrifying dreams Victoria has attempted to keep herself busy between the hours of midnight and dawn Sometimes this is accomplished with attending balls and parties but other times she manufactures adventures for herself and her best friend On the whole she's intelligent good natured unconventional and strong She knows what she wants from life and is determined to keep her freedomEnter Lucas He's recently inherited a destitute estate that desperately needs an infusion of cash in order to turn things around He enlists the help of a woman he had once loved and proposed to only to have her turn him down in favor of doing her duty to her family and marrying for money and title This woman Jessica is sympathetic to Lucas' need to marry an heiress and agrees to introduce him to women who fit the bill one of whom is VictoriaIt's kind of hard to like Lucas' pursuit of Victoria right from the start While I can understand and even sympathize with his need to do his duty and save his estate and by extension all the people who depended on it for their livelihood there's absolutely no reason why he had to sacrifice Victoria on the altar of that duty There were plenty of other heiresses Lucas could have gone after who actually WANTED to marry a man with a title Jessica was actually pushing one such well behaved miss at him right from the beginning That girl did everything according to society standards to the point where Victoria and her friends referred to her as Perfect Miss Whatever Her Name Was She would have happily married Lucas given him the money he needed and then been the perfect obedient and cooperative wife Instead he passes on her in favor of the wild and eccentric Victoria who's completely opposed to marriage and then once he has her he proceeds to crush everything that was uniue about her in an attempt to force her to become the perfect docile and obedient wifeIt was selfish of him And he didn't even have the excuse of having fallen in love with Victoria at first sight because he reveals at the end of the book that he didn't love her until the night they slept together for the first time And he knew full well how she felt about marriage because she told him straight out at their first meeting And he was fully aware of her wild ways because he actually used the adventurous side of her nature to seduce her into his bed in a very cold and calculating way He refers to his plan as a strategy like he used when he was in the military and even that he's baiting his trap for her with adventure because he knows she can't resist it and no other man would ever provide it It might have been fine for him to use this tactic to land her if he actually cared about her as a person and appreciated her wild side but instead we find out that he's just counting the days until he can crush these wild tendencies out of herOnce he succeeds in seducing Victoria to the point where she asks him to take her virginity Lucas' true colors start to emerge He knows full well that Victoria only wants to have an affair with him never to get married but making her desire him is all part of his plan to land his heiress He even toyed with her by giving her kisses and these adventures until he knew she was ready to take the next step but then refused to speak with her alone for several days so that he could whet her appetite that much They have their night of passion in an anonymous inn and while there Victoria says that she thinks she's fallen in love with him Unfortunately some mutual enemies tip off Victoria's aunt and she forces the pair to marry The fact that Lucas had a special marriage license in his pocket when this occurred made me extremely suspicious that he'd been the one to arrange for the aunt to find them but that didn't turn out to be the case Still it shows that he was counting on them getting caught at some point so Victoria would be forced to marry himThey're married in short order and then Jessica pays Victoria a visit She contrives a way to get Victoria alone and then happily reveals that Lucas was a fortune hunter all along This is portrayed as if the saintly Jessica was just too stupid to realize that Victoria didn't know about this but I find that incredibly hard to believe She even goes on to say that if Victoria feels bad about the union imagine how bad Lucas must feel since he'll be reuired to sleep with her in order to get an heir Poor man being forced to sleep with the beautiful woman he tricked into marriage It really would have made sense in the story if Jessica had actually been shown to be jealous of her former love marrying another woman and wanting to poison their union but that's not the way A wrote itVictoria is of course extremely angry to find out that Lucas planned this all from the start just to get her money and the man never once apologizes for his actions He then spends the rest of the book being an overbearing jerk He refuses to let Victoria do any of the things she used to do and continually berates her for not behaving conventionally He also acts like she's being a spoiled child for staying angry about his devious ways He seems to think that she should just shrug her shoulders and say oh well we're married now so let's just make the best of it within five minute of learning of his betrayal He also thinks she should say that she loves him again He hungers to hear her say the words againbut never thinks to say he loves her first He continually tells her that she should just surrender to him and be the little woman he wants her to be It's kind of sick the way he expects her to give up everything she is as a person and yet he won't give up anything of himselfAnd surrender is ultimately what Victoria ends up doing She puts up a decent fight but she's trapped and she knows it Meanwhile virtually everyone in the story is telling her it's her own fault that she is in this situation That she knew she was taking a risk by sleeping with Lucas so she's got no one to blame but herself that she was forced to marry him Victoria's aunt who forced the marriage to begin with is particularly unsympathetic about the whole thing which I found very irritating As a woman who had herself been trapped in a bad marriage with a fortune hunter you'd think she would have understood Victoria's plight The aunt tries to justify her position by saying that the morning she found them in bed together Lucas confessed that he would have preferred to finish wooing Victoria so she married him voluntarily rather than because she had to The aunt seems to feel that means Lucas cares for Victoria but it just doesn't wash The bottom line is; Lucas wouldn't have looked twice at Victoria if she hadn't been rich No matter how fascinating he claimed to find her if she'd been poor he'd have gone on to woo someone else But with everyone Victoria cares about dead set against her she eventually gives up and accepts her future as the boring docile wife hide spoiler

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SurrenderFrom the dazzling ballrooms of glittering London society to magnificent cursed estate in the distant wilds of Yorkshire comes the deliciously wicked story of a thoroughly unconventional courtship and a thrilling midnight rendezvous that could only lead to love At four and twenty Victoria Huntington thought herself uite adept at fending off fortune hunters until she came under siege from Lucas Col Surrender is the story of Victoria and LucasOur heroine is Victoria Huntington the orphaned spinster by choice heiress Desperate to ward off suitors who want her for her money her life changes when the biggest fortune hunter of them all Lucas Colebrook the darkly disturbing new Earl of Stonevale decides to set his eyes on her Soon he becomes her confidante and companion for nightly adventures but when a passionate night leads to open compromise the pair are forced to wed And as Victoria realizes his real intentions to marry her and decides to keep him at bay will Lucas give in to these ridiculous demands or will he weasel his way into her bed?Honestly this was an averagely good read Really stubborn heroine who was OBSESSED with her funds and control over them due to her past and a destitute yet obstinate hero who desperately tries to woo his way into her heart Both had moments where I wanted to shake them but I do like that the revelations happen midway through the book not at the end so we actually see the couple working hard to solve their problems Their passion was sizzling and the drama was averageSafe35