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reader Ý Signature Kill ↠ Hardcover ↠ david levien ↠ [Reading] ➿ Signature Kill By David Levien – A stunning serial killer novel from David Levien featuring his acclaimed and indomitable investigator Frank Behrthis is the bigger thriller we’ve been wanting for fromIller in its midstan invisible average Joe who passes beneath the radar but commits unspeakable acts Frank Behr’s pursuit will lead him to a dark place and ultimately to a devastating decision from which he will not be able to turn backSignature Kill is David Levien’s most masterful novel yet a book that will attract attention from a wider group of thriller fan I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher If you ever wondered what it was like to be inside the mind of a mad man you need not look any further than this new terrifying thriller Signature KillThe story is told by the killer’s voice as well as the uiet sometimes seemingly standoffish Frank Behr Behr is an ex cop turned private eye and in need of some much needed cash As he’s driving home from a deer hunting outing with a buddy of his he sees a billboard with a pretty young woman’s face plastered up with information asking if anyone has seen this woman? Behr further gleams there will be a reward in the amount of 100000 given to the person who finds her As much as Behr’s gut tells him to leave the whole situation alone that 100000 is calling out his nameMeanwhile his old cronies at his former police precinct are called to a park in Indianapolis where a body is discovered or what would appear to be what a human body is supposed to look like This sickly disturbing twisted attempt of leaving a woman’s body exposed to the elements for the world to see sets off a series of women’s murders displayed in ways the human body cannot possibly set itself—thereby leaving one to uestion who or what could be sick enough to distort and pose these women who once went about their daily lives never knowing they were so close to death only to be left as empty carcasses without regard or respect to their lives?Hmm that’s the 64 million dollar uestion of the night and only one way to find out the answers is to read this bone chilling gruesomely riveting thriller I caution readers if you don’t have a strong stomach you’re likely to lose its contents chuckle The reader will come away with two stories in one—taking the journey down a dark path inside the mind of a sadistic murderer and the man who puts himself in the middle of it all to catch him David Levien is an amazing author bringing his readers into his characters’ sick and twisted world This novel had me sitting on the edge of my seat holding my breath as I turned the pages wondering what other discoveries Frank Behr and I were going to make?These characters are so life like and yes including the killer You’ve probably heard or read about killers similar to this fictional one What I found most captivating was the brilliant ending It felt so damn good and I only wish that in this case life would imitate art—the ending I mean

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A stunning serial killer novel from David Levien featuring his acclaimed and indomitable investigator Frank Behrthis is the bigger thriller we’ve been wanting for from LevienA young woman’s body is found on a side street in Indianapolis horrifyingly arranged Meanwhile Frank Behr who is down on his luck and virtually broke takes on a no win case to locate a sing This is my first Frank Behr book he is a good no nonsense detective I do think this book stood on its own as a somewhat gruesom police procedual I would read of this series as it did have a good story line

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Signature KillLe mother’s wayward daughter who’s been missing for months Suddenly Behr feels the two cases may be connected but he is years removed from his life as a legitimate police officer and has few friends left on the force His relentless focus has always been his greatest strengthand his deepest flawAs the death toll rises it becomes clear Indianapolis has a serial k Give me a good thrillermystery and I rarely come up for air David Levien's Signature Kill is just that kind of book It hooked me immediately and now I'm sleep deprived from reading into the wee hours of the nightFrank Behr is a private eye in a relationship with Susan They have an infant son together and the relationship is very complicated They don't live together but Frank spends a lot of time with Susan and is supposed to share childcare duties He is an ex policeman and now is a private eye essentially living hand to mouth Driving his car one day he sees a billboard offering a 100000 reward for solving the case of Kendra Gibbons a young prostitute who has disappeared without a trace leaving her mother and young child behind Frank decides that this is how he'll make his next paycheck However he gets than he bargained forIt turns out that the murderer is likely a signature killer similar to a serial killer but they leave a special mark or setting to their kills A serial killer is two or by any means But we use the term 'signature' because even though the MO can change from crime to crime due to the specific and random circumstances of each act the key element of the crime that gives the killer the satisfaction is the same even when the little details present slightly differently What I especially enjoyed in this book is that chapters alternate from Frank's perspective to ones from the point of view of the killer We get to see inside the killer's mind and watch as he stalks and heinously kills his victims This may be too much for some people but I found it fascinatingFrank gets the help of a profiler by the name of Misretta and not only do they get along but things sizzle between them They realize that there have been 24 murders over 16 years in the Indianapolis area where they live all most likely by the same criminal The killer looks for white women all blond and mostly hookers After he kills them he sets them up in poses and removes some feminine body parts Yes it is grossThis is not the first book in the Frank Behr series so I'm coming into it a bit late but I plan on reading the rest of the series Levien knows how to write and this book would make a great movie Since Levien has experience as a screenwriter and director that may be his goal here I can't wait to read the whole series I found the characterization action and plot all superb