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Download Lady Almina and the Real Downton Abbey The Lost Legacy of Highclere Castle kindle á 310 pages Ù Fiona Carnarvon ↠ ❰PDF / Epub❯ ★ Lady Almina and the Real Downton Abbey The Lost Legacy of Highclere Castle Author Fiona CarEned and Almina and the staff of Highclere were thrown into one of the most turbulent times of the last century Almina was forced to draw on her deepest reserves of courage in order to ensure her family the staff and the castle survivedThis is the remarkable story of a lost time But Highclere remains and in this book Fiona weaves Almina's journey into the heritage and history of one of England's most exuisite Victorian castle I was captivated by the Downton Abbey drama on PBS and so when I discovered this book on Highclere Abbey where it was filmed and Almina Countess of Caernarvon I knew I wanted to read it and I was not disappointed The book is written by the current Countess Fiona Caernarvon who became interested in researching the subject when the script for the TV series was being written The result is a fascinating account of how a large Estate is organised and the activities of the family who owned it Almina herself was the daughter of Alfred Rothschild and therefore brought money into the family which helped to maintain the estate and their other houses and also helped to finance her husband's archeological interests It was her husband the Earl of Caernarvon who teamed with Howard Carter to discover the tomb of Tutankhamen Also of interest is the activity of the family during the war years when both Almina and her step mother where involved in financing and running hospitals for the wounded This is a great read for anyone who enjoyed the Downton Abbey series

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Lady Fiona Carnarvon became the chatelaine of Highclere Castle the setting of the hit series Downton Abbey eight years ago In that time she's become fascinated by the rich history of Highclere and by the extraordinary people who lived there over the centuries One person particularly captured Fiona's imagination Lady Almina the 5th Countess of Carnarvon Almina was the illegitimate daughter of banking tycoon Alfred de Rothschil Yeah I read this Why? Because I'm a lady you see Please pay me no heedThis is the story of Highclere Castle at its prime Specifically it focuses on Lady Almina her husband Lord Carnarvon and their family As the subtitle suggests Highclere is the impressive house better known to the world these days as Downton Abbey and that is why this book exists There are marked similarities between what viewers of that hit television show will recognize and what actually happened at Highclere especially during the Great War period so DA fans will not be disappointed They may however be bogged down with history than they expected This is not a place you'll receive a full erudite lecture upon Victorian and Edwardian England but it is serviceable In fact the very beginning is somewhat hard to follow what with the lords and ladies with their numerous names often French or German in origin that come out marble mouthed as if your tongue has been stewing in a vat of anesthesia Those who relish pomp will delight in chapter one's description of a wedding and marriage that only money could buy However those same people are probably going to be exhausted by the history lesson which is why they may not like this book and why I enjoyed it than I expected I didn't have high hopes that there was going to be anything of substance herein In fact I'm surprised to be writing this review never mind giving it 4 stars because I figured I would've given the book up as a waste of time about halfway through But I did read this smooth yet workman like book to the end and enjoyed its insights The Carnarvon family were aristocrats and part of me is sickened by their excessesbuuut then I remember I live in America I recall the fairly privileged life I've led and it humbles me Looking beyond the entitlement you can't help but like these people for their charity the part they played in the war the many philanthropic efforts etc etc Yes yes they had plenty of money that they didn't earn so why shouldn't they should give it back But not all of them didor do The way the system works I guess we should be glad of the Bill Gateses of the world Beyond all that the family had long reaching contacts not only in society and government but in the world in general There were fascinating connections to the Brideshead Revisited novelist Evelyn Waugh and the most incredible archaeological find of all time that made for interesting sidebars I would've liked to have heard about the building of the house and what it looks like on the inside but then I suppose Fiona Carnarvon the current lady of the house didn't want to sap the tourism cash cow generated by visits to Highclere Daily attendance must be through the roof lately

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Lady Almina and the Real Downton Abbey The Lost Legacy of Highclere CastleD She was his only daughter and he doted on her She married George the Earl of Carnarvon at 19 with an enormous dowry At first life at Highclere was a dizzying mix of sumptuous banuets for 500 and even the occasional royal visitor Almina oversaw 80 members of staff many of whom came from families who had worked at Highclere for generations But when the First World War broke out life at Highclere changed forever History interv Although I enjoyed this book it was lacking in many respects for me But let me start with what I did likeI enjoyed the glimpse into the life and world of Lady Almina the 5th Countess of Carnarvon and the 5th Earl of Carnarvon They lived and managed Highclere Castle from the late 1800s until the Earl’s death in 1923 I knew of Earl Carnarvon because of his discovery of King Tutankhamen’s tomb but I never connected him to Highclere Lady Almina was someone I was not familiar with and I enjoyed reading her story and learning about her I also enjoyed the brief history of the castle the family’s involvement with WWI and the journey of discovering Tutankhamen’s tombHowever the book fell short for me in many places I don’t believe this book was edited which it would’ve benefited greatly from There seemed a lack of focus; I’m not sure if the book was supposed to be on Highclere Castle itself or the 5th Earl and Countess of Carnarvon In either case just a glimpse was given into both I would’ve liked to have learned about the people and the castle When it came to the family the story was biased and there was a lot of speculation on what people were thinking and feelingWith that being said I did enjoy the book and it has whet my appetite to learn I appreciate all the research the author put into it and the inclusion of so many pictures