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Cambridge GH Hardy è considerato nonostante i suoi trentacinue anni uno dei più brillanti matematici del suo tempo Un giorno però riceve una lettera da un anonimo impiegato indiano il uale dichiara di aver risolto un importante e complesso problema matematico che lo stesso Hardy cita in un suo scritto senza saperne offrire una soluzione Inizial. So how exactly are we to understand the phrase 'historical biography' Apparently as practiced by David Leavitt it involves picking over the lives of his chosen victims for some reason he has a predilection for gay English intellectuals and tarting up the factual record with embellishments that appear to be a projection of Leavitt's own unresolved issues than any kind of added insight into the character being assassinated Maybe Professor Leavitt would be better served by seeking out his own rough trade liaisons in the academic groves of Gainesville than slandering the dead by inventing non existent affairs in which his victims are portrayed as behaving atrociously GH Hardy deserves better than David Leavitt's dehumanizing portrayal in this invented version of his lifeThe reader should bear in mind that the last time Leavitt tried a similar stunt he was sued for his efforts by Stephen Spender and lost The New York Times review of 'The Indian Clerk' comments that Luckily or circumspectly Leavitt has chosen this time to portray people who are no longer around to file lawsuitsWhich is certainly one way of looking at it An eually valid conclusion would be that this is an author with no shame whatsoeverRamanujan too deserves better than his portrayal by Leavitt who is completely incapable of conveying the essence of his particular genius despite the various euations spattered through the book Nowhere does he manage to convey the fascination of the Indian's peculiar and prodigious talent or why Hardy would be sufficiently excited to bring him to Cambridge His treatment of Ramanujan as a person is eually murky An excellent account of Ramanujan's life is available in Robert Kanigel's The Man Who Knew InfinityBut then this hodgepodge of a book is stuffed with so much detritus that it becomes clear that Leavitt would rather pad things out with semi salacious gossip about various other Cambridge luminaries the amorous dalliances both real and invented of various secondary and tertiary characters and the obligatory meanderings about the love that dare not speak its name than attempt to cast any real light on the relationship between Hardy and Ramanujan Fortunately the genius of Hardy Littlewood and Ramanujan is such that their names will live on long after Leavitt's work has been consigned to the dustbin of history

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The Indian ClerkCalcolo Tra Hardy e Ramanujan comincerà così un rapporto uasi simbiotico di collaborazione nella ricerca ma anche di a incredibilmente fruttuoso ma destinato a risolversi in modo drammatico con la presa di coscienza da parte del giovane indiano della propria identità e il conseguente esaurimento del rapporto di reciproco bisogno tra i due studio. A very impressive effort by David Leavitt The main characters based on historical figures are believable and the story he tells is engrossing I can't comment on the mathematic theorizing because it was way beyond my comprehension but it added authenticity to this story about Cambridge mathematicians during WWI The appearance of many famous figures from academia the reenactment of a meeting of the Apostles a secret society at Cambridge and pacifist activities there and in London contribute to the novel's historical realism But the characters themselves are fully fleshed out and their interlocking stories are expressed with assurance

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REVIEW Í The Indian Clerk ↠ ❴Reading❵ ➷ The Indian Clerk Author David Leavitt – Cambridge 1923 GH Hardy è considerato nonostante i suoi trentacinue anni uno dei più brillanti matematici del suo tempo Un giorno però riceve una lettera da un anonimo impiegato indiano il uale dic Cambridge GH Hardy èMente perplesso Hardy decide però di sfruttare l'occasione del viaggio in India di alcuni amici per conoscere Srinivasa Ramanujan il misterioso impiegato e scoprire se si tratta di un The Indian PDF vero genio matematico o di un impostore Troverà al suo arrivo un giovane che pur avendo fallito in ogni tipo di studio ha un talento assoluto per il. This is a true historical novel all of the characters were real people I freely admit I'd never heard of them None of them are likely to come up in any conversation I might have eitherIt is the world of mathematics in the early 20th Century at Trinity College England The Indian Clerk of the title is Ramanujan who is described by GH Hardy then a famous mathematician as being the greatest mathematician of the last 100 years perhaps the last 500 years There are formulas interspersed which I had no problem skipping over and feel I didn't miss anything by doing so It's an interesting story but not compelling I'm happy to have learned of these fellows and their worldI picked this up in large part because it was nominated for the PenFaulkner because the title attracted me and because it has a beautiful photo on the cover I fall easily for good covers It is uite well written and I appreciate the time I spent with it I won't recommend it I think you have to be drawn to it and I think it has a small audience However it deserves a larger audience than the LGBT circle to which it has probably been relegated There is one very brief somewhat graphic homosexual encounter and the rest is only alluded to That GH Hardy was gay is part of the story but only a part