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Will’s life has definitely changed since that day he went hiking in the woods of Pennsylvania He’s discovered that reality is a lot bigger and stranger than he had ever imagined Learning about the portals that link the infinite number of worlds opened his eyes to that wider reality Learning that he. I just blew through the first five book in this series so they are getting the same review Also I listened to audio books but since those editions aren't listed on Goodreadscom at this time my reviews are going under other editionsThis review has gotten a little long so I'm going to start with an executive summary If you like world traveler andor DD style books you'll probably like these In general these books are good enough so that a reader predisposed to enjoy them will If you are that kind of reader you may want to save yourself the time it would take to read this review and go give book 1 a tryBook summaries Note read at your own risk I stopped calling out spoilers after the first oneBook 1 The MC Will finds a portal to a DD style world The world isn't named but the city Will comes to treat as home here is Hillshire so that's what I'll call this world Will immediately develops an inter portal bow trading scheme Hillshire citizens pay top gold for the better performing modern earth bows while modern Americans pay top dollar for the high uality authentic medieval bows from Hillshire While traveling in pursuit of his business Will meets and marries Darlene Will returns to earth to resupply on modern bows When Will attempts to return to Hillshire he discovers the portal has disappeared This leads to Will agreeing to serve as champion for the god Feliogustus Fel for short In return for his service Fel will help Will get back to Hilshire Will therefore takes a portal to a cat beast kin world where he rescues ueen Rachel of the city state Hiland from being sacrificed to an opposing god Hiland is being invaded by the neighboring city state of Muland Will using his knowledge of ancient battles from earth creates a battle strategy to overcome the 2 to 1 disadvantage faced by the defending Hiland forces SKIP THE REST OF THIS PARAGRAPH TO AVOID SPOILERS The plan succeeds and Will leads a counterattack that chases the Mulanders all the way back to their city and captures it contrary to the orders of Fel Fel only wanted his city to survive the conuest of Muland effectively wipes out its god and creates hostility towards Fel from his fellow gods That hostility is muted however since Fel can prove to his fellow gods that Will went against his ordersBook 2 Will tracks down another champion in the hopes of learning about being champion This results in Will learning that this champion Stephanie was his former girlfriend on earth Stephanie had been sent to vet Will for Fel Stephanie's goddess Aryanna has put together a team of five champions to take on a difficult mission the details of which are to be kept hidden even from Stephanie so another god can't learn of it should they die It eventually comes out that the route the 5 champions are taking is the reverse of Odysseus' Odyssey It also comes out that one of the 5 champions Cenewyg is a bad guy This is where the author's inability to write suspense becomes obvious since he makes it clear Cenewyg is a bad guy but his only method for Will and Stephanie not addressing the viper in their midst until the climax is them denying what they are witnessing Book 3 Now that ueen Rachel controls two large city states she sends Will as emissary to three smaller cities adjoining her territory Will presents ueen Rachel's offer to allow the smaller cities to join her kingdom Will is also to assist in the building of temples for Fel in the three cities Muland was supplying slaves to an even larger city and the three smaller cities were preyed upon by the Mulanders before the Mulanders were defeated and annexed by Hiland As a result the three cities are friendly toward Hiland and the first of the cities accepts ueen Rachel's offer immediately The second city only took slightly longer but then the temple being constructed to Fel is repeatedly attacked and damaged Eventually the temple is completed to the point where Will can head to the third city but two things became clear during his time in the second city There is at least one hidden temple to another god in the second city and its priests were behind the attacks on Fel's temple On the way to the third city Will co are attacked by followers of Tantrus the god of the city Barassa the primary slave trading city The attackers didn't know a champion was present the result being that the attack was fought off albeit with casualties Will then tracked the attackers to their camp and in a holy rage slaughters them Will is then inspired to establish a temple to Fel in the hidden valley where the attackers were holed up Will gets to city 3 and meets its leader when he has to run back to city 2 because an overwhelming attack there destroyed Fel's temple The attackers were done up to look like musicians but Will was able to see though that Still the attempt to blame the musicians that follow the local god of music Fordessa results in Fel and Fordessa forming a pantheon Will's investigation turns up a secret temple to Tantrus which is destroyed in a pitched battle This reveals that Tantrus has been setting up secret temples in other gods' territories which turns the local gods against him Next Will encounters grassland tribesmen who ride wolats large wolves like horses Will makes a deal to purchase wolats with the idea of starting a cavalry for HilandNext Will is loaned out to Aryanna to vet possible champions This results in Jane being recruited as champion for Fordessa After Will returns to visit his family on earth and his sister Nikki who has recently left the army noses into what Will has been up to and ends up traveling to Hillshire with Will Nikki takes to Hillshire and remains there when Will heads back to Hiland Nikki thereafter becoming Aryanna's champion A fourth city is in negotiation to join Hiland so Will and ueen Rachel head there with Hiland's nascent cavalry While there the agreement is signed but word comes of a Tantrus attack on the Hiland palace so they return at speed Will Jane and a third allied champion locate a major temple to Tantrus attack it killing the high priest and running off the champion dealing a major blow to TantrusBook 4 Will scouts Barassa and ends up rescuing a 13 year old slave girl Goth Will failed to discover any weaknesses in Barassa's defenses so Hiland decides to wage economic warfare against them by doing what they can to stop slaves from flowing into the city By mischance both of Fel's missionaries to the grassland tribes died so next Will is tasked with finding replacements and shepherding them to the grasslands Will participates in a tribesman raid on a caravan passing through the grasslands The caravan turns out to be carrying a large number of slaves for Barassa and Will convinces the tribes to step up their attacks and include Hiland cavalry Will returns to Hiland to get the cavalry and ueen Rachel accompanies him on the return to the grasslands to open relations with the tribes After Rachel heads back to Hiland Will encounters Evian the champion of the god Rodin Evian bizarrely and against her god's wishes attempts to kill Will The followers of Rodin are ejected from the grasslands as a result Will stays in the grasslands until spring when a large caravan with military escort is discovered Will leads the raids to slow the caravan so a large enough force can be mustered to take it Will is successful but dies Book 4 ends with Will speaking with Fel about the campaign while awaiting his reincarnation Book 5 In book 2 Will had to spend a couple of months as a female During that time he became pregnant but moved on before giving birth Now the gods tell Will he must return and have his baby or lose it for good So Will returns but he made enemies in that realm so Will spends much of his 6 months there on the run Once the baby Cam is born it is immediately kidnapped no information is given about how Will was found but that is a theme throughout this book Will is killed during the kidnapping and reincarnates in Hiland Will puts together a team of champions and heads to earth to arm and train Since Cenewyg the villain from book 2 was an arms dealer in South Africa the team heads there The kidnappers have low uality guns so raiding Cenewyg's armory gives Will's team a weapons advantage While there Will discovers that Cenewyg was practicing human sacrifices to an unknown god Will's team rescues Cam Cam is then placed with Will's wife in Hillshire Darlene Darlene is told that Cam is Nikki's child Will's sister and the local champion Will then returns to Hiland Barassa is attacking Marland the lone city between Barassa and Hiland So Hiland rides to the aid of Marland and Will rides with them After the Barassans are forced to withdraw the King of Marland insanely turns on the Hilanders The Marland army however is uickly sidelined and Will and Jane confront the King In return for signing over his kingdom to Hiland the king is allowed to leave with what gold he can carry and any retainers who choose to join him A few months go by and Will receives word that Cam has been kidnapped by Cenewyg we aren't told how Cenewyg found Cam Will and Nikki begin chasing Cenewyg through world gates It eventually becomes clear where Cenewyg is heading At the end of book 2 Stephanie became a god Stephanie thanks to the gender swapping realm is also Cam's father Cenewyg believes sacrificing Cam in Stephanie's realm will give Cenewyg power Will and Nikki get ahead of Cenewyg and lie in wait for him at the final world gate but Cenewyg's troops are attacking to take control of the gate and so Will and Nikki have to help Stephanie's followers fight them off Cenewyg shows up and fights Will to a standstill but Will manages to turn that into mutual death This allows Will to speak with Stephanie who explains the alters on earth were to the god Cenewyg hoped to become Stephanie also explains that Cenewyg can't be reincarnated for a year and that if Will can destroy Cenewyg's cult on earth in that time Cenewyg won't reincarnate at allThe closing scene is Will explaining to an FBI agent that the agent's boss is dead because the boss belonged to Cenewyg's cult No explanation how Will discovered thatThe reviewBooks 1 and 2 have slow story development because author spends lots of time on world building This author does not have the knack of building a world as he goes so we get lengthy explanations of some things This is less of an issue in book 2 thanks to side adventures Not really an issue in books 3 5 since the author has most of the background in place by that timeThe author is poor at writing action In one fight book 1 where the MC takes on 3 robbers two of the robbers do little than stand and wait for the MC to get to them In a major battle book 1 essentially all the reader is told is that the MC leads a charge and thanks to his heightened abilities hacks and slashes his way to success In book 3 there is a fight at an aggressor god's temple and the wounded and injured list given at the end of the fight makes no sense compared to what the reader is told about the fight In this fight Will fights another champion and at one point Will has both his hands occupied one pinned with an arrow and the other removing the arrow and yet the opposing champion doesn't kill himThe author has no ability to write suspense This is primarily an issue in book 2 where the author makes it completely obvious who the bad guy will turn out to be but has his characters repeatedly deny the obvious to tell the story he wants to tell While I like a good straightforward story this author crosses the line into over simplistic HOWEVER THERE IS ONE TERRIFIC THING ABOUT THESE BOOKS The MC is actually polite I can't believe the number of times I've read books where the MC is rude to someone for no reason but the reader isn't suppose to notice because it is the MC This is particularly noticeable in fantasy books where the MC will meet a god king or other noble or powerful entity and act like a jerk AND NOT GET BEHEADEDThere is also one well above average aspect to these books They don't rely on stupidity to move the story forward Many times the author doesn't explain things that should be explained like how Will discovers Cenewyg's pet FBI agent but that's not the same as being stupidBook length is too shortBook 1 162 pagesBook 2 164 pagesBook 3 198 pagesBook 4 166 pagesBook 5 279 pagesWith some decent editing these 5 mediocre books could have been tightened up into one good book but then the authorpublisher would have received less moneyThe author is BAD at story resolution in general Book 4 in particular ends at the very beginning of a military campaign so absolutely no resolution there at all This is a serious problem in modern publishing authors seem to be trying to increase book sales by telling incomplete stories In other words it seems to have become acceptable to try to get readers to come back for the rest of the story rather than BECAUSE THE AUTHOR ACTUALLY DID A GOOD JOBBottom line These books can be enjoyed but they reuire the reader to meet them halfway by over looking many flaws

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The God GameFferent spheres of the infinite play a much larger and complicated game The Goddess Aryanna has a uest she needs completed and William and four other Champions are the ones tasked to do it What bothers Will however is what could a Goddess possibly need And why would it take five Champions to retrieve it. The first one was better this book tries to solve the first ones lack of conflict by introducing a uest Which turns out to be one giant sex orgy after another Whats with books these days and all the sex I liked the story just fine without it I guess you need to bang everything in escapist fantasy

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The God Game Read ß 104 ✓ ❰Read❯ ➮ The God Game Author John Van Stry – Will’s life has definitely changed since that day he went hiking in the woods of Pennsylvania He’s discovered that reality is a lot bigger and stranger than he had ever imagined Learning about the Will’s life has definitely chanWas being groomed to become the Champion of a God in one of those realities was an even startling discovery But now The God MOBI #10003 it’s time for him to pay the bill for his ‘recruitment’ Just as the Gods on a single world fight and jockey for power and position the older Gods from the many di. Good readI love this story The author has literally an infinite number of directions to take the plot I can't wait for stories