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Bright Side Free download Ò 104 Ö ➷ Bright Side Free ➭ Author Kim Holden – Secrets Everyone has one Some are bigger than others And when secrets are revealed Some will heal you And some will end you Kate Sedgwick’s life has been anything but typical She’s endured hardshi Secrets Everyone has one SomeRemains happy and optimistic there’s a reason her best friend Gus calls her Bright Side Kate is strong willed funny smart and musically gifted She’s also never believed in love So when Kate leaves San Diego to attend college in the smal. First of all I get itTo all the people out there who say they don’t like these types of books books that make you hurt and feel and clutch your Kindle at 3 AM as tears blur your vision and you hope against hope that the character isn't headed towards what you think they're headed towards I get itLife is hard This world is a tough place Crappy things are happening out there things that break your heart on the evening news and sometimes it’s easier to just drift along and float above the clouds than to actually sink down deep and risk getting hurt There’s enough pain out there – why run towards rightBut Bright Side is worth the pain In Kate and Keller Kim Holden has created two remarkable characters and after you’re drawn in through their banter and connection you do start to fear for the worst You start to fear that you’ll be that person hurting and feeling and clutching your tear stained Kindle as you pray that The Almighty Worst won't happen And when it does it feels less like facing a gust of wind on a winter day than getting swamped by a frozen wave in the dead of January And that's not fun For anyoneBut that’s what makes us human right That’s what separates us from the rodents and the beasts and the swine isn't it We are elegant creatures capable of depth and empathy and heartbreak who clutch Kindles and hurt and feel – especially at 3 AM Especially in the hands of Kim HoldenEpically done Kim

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Secrets Everyone has one Some are bigger than others And when secrets are revealed Some will heal you And some will end you Kate Sedgwick’s life has been anything but typical She’s endured hardship and tragedy but throughout it all she. 5 Do Epic stars “We all have to fight to make the most of the life we're given” One of my co bloggersfriends told me about this book when it was first released It was her favorite book of last year and one of her favorite books of all time I knew it would be good but I dragged me feet when it came to reading it Why you might ask I knew the subject matter would be sensitive for me so I put it off Then I put it off some When I saw it was available on audio I thought now is the time to take the plunge A shout out to the female narrator Lidia Dornet she nailed Kate Voiced her perfectly I’m so happy I did For a story that was so sad at times it had the best messages of DO EPIC and BE BRAVE It was depressing at moments but at the same time strangely positive I don’t want to spoil the story for anyone so I’m just going to take some time to talk about the characters Kate is one of the best heroines I’ve ever read about She is that girl you want to be She’s positive always looks at the bright side of things no matter how bad they get and she is funny This girl made me laugh so many times I love that she was never afraid to be herself She never wanted to change to fit in or to be anything other than she was She is a character that inspires I read lots of books and ‘meet’ lots of characters but there are very few I can say inspire me to want to be better To want to make positive changes in my life When a book can have that effect it’s pretty special Not only was Kate a wonderful character but there were a slue of other amazing characters in this book Keller was great of course And I loved her friends Shelley Clayton Pete Duncan and the entire band of Rook But there was this one character of the story that stood out to me above others From the beginning he was an instant favorite just like Kate And his name is Gus Gus has been Kate’s best friend since childhood They have a special relationship One of hugs I love you’s constant skyping and dude’s Gus is touring with his band while Kate is living her collegelife journey but he is still a huge part of her life and the book I am ecstatic to read his story that was just releasedI love emotional books I don’t mind when they make me cry make me feel and get under my skin But I love that this book also made me smile so big made me laugh and genuinely made me happy and look at life in a different light This book had all of that It made me break down and cry It devastated me at times But it was SO worth it Bright Side isn’t just a story you read it’s a story you live So grab a cup of black coffee listen to some good music and get ready to Do Epic This book will be going right on my favorites list and I highly recommend it to all

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Bright SideL town of Grant Minnesota the last thing she expects is to fall in love with Keller Banks They both feel it But they each have a reason to fight it They each have a secret And when secrets are revealed Some will heal you And some will end y. 6 #DoEpic #BeBrave Stars Reading is my getaway my sanctuary I have a busy life and don't we all But reading is my Me time I love reading and I have read a lot of books this year so far saying that no insults to anyone here but this has been my FAVOURITE Read of the year so far this book is a book of life and living friendship LOVE all in one I know that a lot know what the story entails but for those who don't I'm going to try my best to keep my thoughts as SPOILER FREE as possible Gah I'm speechless ack ummmm I DON'T EVEN errr know where to startOk lets start from the beginning we have a beautiful bright character that literally loves the world NO wrong word she loves LIFE she loves to breathe the air and she takes every day as a new day she enjoys every moment everything she does or creates is with purpose to LOVE she takes chances on everything you know when you walk past a person and you think that guy could do with a friend or that mum could do with a hug and tell them everything's going to be OK well that's Kate she takes life in her stride she takes chances and she makes people smile she teaches the people around her how to LOVE freely You know the world would be a bright better place if we had Kate's and Katie's in the world LOL sorry that's my name isn't it no pun intended here #JustSaying Bright Side is the most generous loving talented and Beautiful young lady to read I connected with her straight away For me there was just something that made me think and while reading breathe the way she did She is starting a new chapter in her life though she has moved away from her home and is now at university just about the start her new course in training to become a Special Needs Teacher But she is moving away from her best friend whom she has known and been with her whole life Gus has been pretty much present along her side for every first and every moment they have been together therefore to begin with life is strange still good but different Lets talk about Gus for a minuteGus Gus Gustov my heart melted for him his Intense loving nature you can't do anything but love him He's the lead singer of the Band Rook and he's starting his career as a musician The Rock Band is a rising and Gus is touring with the other members on the road therefore Kate and Gus's relationship are of phone calls texts throughout the day and then skype sessions every so often Those Skype sessions were some of my favourite moments at the beginning that's all I'm saying there were some serious #Sigh moments between them Their relationship is uniue to say the least There is something that Kate loves than life and that is STRONG BLACK COFFEE and therefore a coffee shop is needed not just Starbucks or Costa Nope she wants a cosy down to earth heartily coffee shop that has normal coffee and that's where she meets Keller First attractions are something that are new to Bright Side she's taken with Keller instantly and their relationship blossoms gradually I'm not going to say anything else other than this book is The Book Of Life no joke it touched me than anything I've read in a long long time Saying that it may not be for everyone this is a No smut read this is an emotional journey and the first half is a slower intimate start where Kim has weaved so many people into Kate's life gradually and somehow surrounded Kate with a circle of friends who become her life I'm not going to say anything else other than Kim Holden is an Genius she really is this is a NA read and although it was a gradual process I had time to get to know each person individually and together it meant in the last half I had a close connection to what was happening and why I was so emotionally involved in the last half Kim's writing is