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On Chapel Sands My Mother and Other Missing Persons Read & Download Ë 106 ò [PDF / Epub] ☉ On Chapel Sands My Mother and Other Missing Persons Author Laura Cumming – Horticulturetrader.co.uk Uncovering the mystery of her mother’s disappearance as a child Laura Cumming prize winning author and aHer mother’s strange tales of life in a seaside hamlet of the s and of the secrets and lies perpetuated by a whole community So many puzzles remained to be solved Cumming began with a Chapel Sands My MOBI #238 few criss crossing lives in this fraction of English coast – the postman the grocer the elusive baker – but soon her search spread right out across the globe as she discovered just how many lives were affected by what happened that day on the beach – including her own On Chapel Sands is a book of mystery and memoir Two narratives run through it the Chapel Sands. The author painted a beautiful picture of her mother's life and times As I pictured this little girl I wish I could have taken her in my arms she had such a hard life While reading I realised was not so very different from my own mother's life story It also occurred to me that preserving photos and other material from grandparents great grandparents does help to find out how they lived I know so little in that respect

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My Mother and MOBI #10003 mother’s childhood tale and Cumming’s own Chapel Sands My Mother and MOBI #10003 pursuit of the truth Humble objects light up the story a pie dish a carved box an old Vick’s jar Letters tickets recipe books even the particular slant of a copperplate hand give vital clues And pictures of all kinds from paintings to photographs open up like doors to the truth Above all Cumming discovers how to look closely at the family album – with its curious gaps and missing persons – finding crucial answers captured in plain sight at the click of a shutte. This account of the uncovering of the past that was hidden to the author’s mother for much of her life has been much lauded and I can only add to the chorus of praise I loved the writing the delicate unraveling of the mystery the importance given to images and the illumination of love between mothers and daughtersOn an autumn evening in 1929 three year old Betty Elston was taken from a Lincolnshire beach Her mother Veda was close at hand as her daughter played happily on Chapel Sands but her attention wandered she looked away and when she looked back the child had vanishedHer father George a travelling salesman was called home; the police were summoned; but a few days later the little girl was found safe and well in a nearby village completely unharmed but dressed in a brand new set of clothes She was restored to her parents her memory of what had happened would fade away and her life would go onIt was a strange and often unhappy life for young Betty Her parents kept her close barely letting her mix with other children and they held themselves apart from their neighbours only keeping in touch with a few old friendsYou might think that they were being over protective after what had happened; but if that was the case why did there daughter feel no warmth from them and why did she hear no words of love and care not even one single word of reassurance after a strange encounter led her her father to tell her that she had been adoptedBetty eventually escapes from the confines of her life to art college in the distant city of Edinburgh; where she will build a new life as an artist as a wife and as motherLaura Cumming is Betty Elson’s daughter and as she grew up she came to realise that her mother never spoke about her own childhood When Elizabeth who modified her name as she had always hated being called Betty asked what she would most like for her 21st birthday Laura answered the tale of her mother’s early lifeThe mother wrote Because you have asked me dear daughter here are my earliest recollections It is an English domestic genre canvas of the 1920s and 1930s layered over with decades of fading and darkening but your curiosity has begun to make all glow a little And perhaps a few figures and events may turn out to be restored through the tellingAnd the daughter noted This memoir is short ending with her teenage years but its writing carries so much of her grace her truthful elouence and witness her artist’s way of looking at the worldThat was the beginning of the journey that is recorded in this book a journey that Laura Cumming made in the hope of filling in the gaps in her mother’s memory and allowing them both to understand why her early life played out as it didI was captivated by her voice which was intelligent warm and compassionateI loved the way that she used words to paint vivid pictures of her mother and the world that spun around her; and the way that she scrutinised images – both paintings and photographs from the family album – and gained understanding of both the subject and the creatorThe mystery that unravels is cleverly structured and the revelations are judged and timed perfectly Some are unsurprising but others made me stop and re evaluate what I knew and what I thought I knew It reveals a remarkable human story aspects of which I know will resonate with many readers and firmly rooted in its place and timeThe arc of the story is relatively simple but this is not a book to read just to learn the story it is a book to read to appreciate all of the things that are threaded through that storyThere is very real social history; there is a willingness to learn and to understand; and there is exactly the right amount of restraint – lives and families and communities are illuminated but there is no intrusion and no assumption about things that could not be knownThere is a wonderful appreciation of the depth and complexity of family love; and it the loveliest of tributes from a daughter to a motherI’m trying not to say too much because I was told that I wanted to know about this book before I started to readAnd so I will simply finish by saying that this book is beautiful moving and profound

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On Chapel Sands My Mother and Other Missing PersonsUncovering the mystery of her Sands My Epub #224 mother’s disappearance as a child Laura Cumming prize winning author and art critic takes a closer look at her family storyIn the autumn of a small child was kidnapped from a Lincolnshire beach Five agonising days went by before she was found in a nearby village The child remembered nothing of these events and nobody ever spoke of them On Chapel PDFEPUB or at home It was another fifty years before she even learned of the kidnapThe girl became an artist and had a daughter art writer Laura Cumming Cumming grew up enthralled by. 35 A mother and daughter search for answers in this unusual memoir Family art and the uest for identity are major themes as a set of photographs are the impetus that leads the daughter to try to track down the mystery of her mother's life A family story with a mystery at the heart as her mother was taken when she was three and returned a few days later Who took her and why was she returned Following the clues in the pictures she finds out her mother now called Betty was once called GraceSo who was she reallyThis is a beautifully written but slowly unraveling story The tone is wistful almost haunting as information is discovered and new clues are revealed Art is discussed photographs are included all leading to provide a picture of her mothers life Although she knew her grandmother Vera her grandfather was long dead These were the people said to be her mother's parents the people whose past she learns much about and that helps lead to answersAt time I got impatient with the slowness of the story but then something interesting will be discovered at just the right moment Plus the outstanding prose kept me reading The ending was simple but just perfect and hearteningAll around us our stories that cannot be suared or circled or turned into something so easily definedDeath after all comes to interrupt any narrative that looks as if it might have the audacity to try and complete itselfWords and images In life as in art we do not always see what is going on at the edges or even the foreground do not notice what seems irrelevant or superfluous to our needs and theories Perception is guided by our own prioritiesARC from Edelweiss