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reader À The Silver Crown ↠ Paperback read ¾ ➵ The Silver Crown Download ➾ Author Robert C. O'Brien – Il più grande desiderio di Ellen che vive in un tranuillo sobborgo americano è uello di diventare regina sia pure per gioco Sarà dunue felicissima di ricevere per il suo coà infine uno strano castello dove una setta misteriosa adora una macchina dagli immensi poteriAppassionante e pieno di suspense un romanzo che non si può fare a meno di leggere tutto d'un fiato I can't decide what I think about this book; hence the euivocal star rating I fondly remember my third grade teacher reading this book to us at the end of each school day but can't remember any other details from that time other than that the crown and a sense of adventureHaving read it again I'm not sure it's suitable for elementary age children The protagonist's house burns down and her family is presumed dead triple homicide Ellen is suddenly on her own Then she gets into a car with a creepy stranger She witnesses a robbery and a shooting then has to make a run for it with only a sandwich and less than 150 in her pocket this was 1968 when you could get than a candy bar for that She runs into a boy who steals who takes Ellen to his mother who is thankfully a kindly old lady Then the boy and Ellen take off through the woods ALONE to hike to Kentucky But Ellen hurts herself so they have to hole up in a cave So now they're facing running out of food not uite starvation while Ellen recovers Then the boy disappears into the creepy castle thing so Ellen decides to save him Which leads to a whole bunch of adventures including jail drugging a jailer conspiracies an evil king an sentient orb thing and brain washed children who commit heinous crimesBut LO The police arrive and things turn out okay Her parents and siblings are alive and well And her aunt shacks up with the mountain man and his dog in her giant houseSo here's what we end up with arson murder race riots jail drugs physical and emotional trauma food deprivation robbery and stranger danger Among other things Ellen is a very brave little girl but she's going to need some serious therapy in the years to come

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Il più grande desiderio di Ellen che vive in un tranuillo sobborgo americano è uello di diventare regina sia pure per gioco Sarà dunue felicissima di ricevere per il suo compleanno una corona I dunno about other readers that have read this story but I thought The Silver Crown was scary The main character’s house gets mysteriously burned down her family killed a creepy man stalks her minor spoilers??? view spoiler some brainwashing organization wants her alive FOR SOME REASON and said organization holds countless of children in captivity and teaches them bad things hide spoiler

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The Silver CrownD'argento di provenienza oscura Da uel momento però una serie di avvenimenti drammatici e inesplicabili cambierà la sua vita costretta ad una fuga estenuante tra boschi e montagne Ellen scoprir An interesting fantasy for children written in the late 1960s Ellen wakes up on her tenth birthday and finds a silver crown on her pillow; a crown made of material which can be folded which becomes relevant later when she has to carry it with her long distances and eventually hide it An imaginative child she decides to go for a walk to the local park and play at being a ueen there as she often does She thinks the crown might have come from her Aunt Sarah who is the only adult she knows who doesn't just pretend to believe Ellen is a ueen she says she is and means itWhile at the park Sarah tries on the crown and it has the effect of making her calm and clear minded something she needs shortly afterwards when she discovers that her family have apparently all died in a mysterious fire while she was out playing And shortly afterwards a robber in a green hood who murders a shopkeeper and a policeman from whom she was trying to get help seems to be implicated in the arson on her house Meanwhile Ellen sends a postcard to tell her aunt she is coming to see her because she is now on her own and a series of men start to help Ellen in what to a modern reader seems rather creepy even in the 1960s there were warnings about not to get into cars with strange men for exampleI won't say much about the plot but other characters do appear especially Otto an eight year old child prodigy who is an expert tracker animal trapper knife thrower and tree climber having apparently taught himself those things There is also a rather entertaining talking crow called Richard who is Otto's pet Otto has been raised by a resourceful older woman who he now persists in believing is his mother although she has tried to tell him otherwise after she found him wandering in the woods near her house when he was a toddler She wants Otto to go with Ellen on her journey to Aunt Sarah's as she thinks Sarah will adopt him and wean him off this idea about his mother and also break a rather destructive habit view spoiler he has been causing trucks on the nearby highway to crash so that he can scavenge their contents hide spoiler