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read The Road to Cana mobi » Paperback õ anne rice Ñ [PDF / Epub] ✅ The Road to Cana By Anne Rice – Anne Rice’s second book in her hugely ambitious and courageous life of Christ begins during his last winter before his baptism in the Jordan and concludes with the miracle at CanaItHe has lived as one among many who come to the synagogue on the Sabbath All who know and love him find themselves waiting for some sign of the path he will eventually takeAnd at last we see him emerge from his baptism to confront his destiny and the Devil We see what happens when he takes the water of six great limestone jars transforms it into cool red wine is recognized as the anoi This is a first person autobiographic narrative by the person known to history as Jesus of Nazareth This book covers the period of time of several months leading into the beginning of his ministry Since it is a novel it can cover a lot of details that are left out of the Gospel accounts Thus this book can describe many details of events that are not covered in the New Testament For example this book explains how the valuable gifts brought by the wise men at the time of Jesus' birth ended up being used by the family Also this book explains what Satan looked like during his visit with Jesus during the forty days and forty nights in the wilderness Now that I know the answers to those uestions from this book I can't imagine the answers being any different I guess I should also mention that this book explains in detail how Jesus can have all those brothers and sisters and his mother still be a perpetual virgin The author has done her historical research and has done a good job describing the geographic and historical context of the time However she has strictly limited her use of history to only those facts that are compatible with the orthodox understanding of who Jesus was Thus this book can be comfortably read by people with traditional Christian beliefs Her many years of writing about Vampires has helped her develop the skills needed to write a story about a young man who is God Only Anne Rice could write such a narrative in first person and end up with a half believable account This is the second book in a series of novels about the life of Jesus The reader will want to read Christ The Lord Out Of Egypt before this book to get the story in the correct chronological order

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Nted one and urged to call all Israel to take up arms against Rome and follow him as the prophets have foretoldAs with Out of Egypt the opening novel The Road to Cana is based on the Gospels and on the most respected New Testament scholarship The book’s power derives from the profound feeling its author brings to the writing and the way in which she summons up the presence of Jesus I especially loved this book although it is fiction It is about my best friend Jesus Christ This brilliant author went to special lengths in her creative writing about Jesus and the GospelsYes it is hard to believe that there was a person who was human and yet so divine as to be the Son of God Personally I love reading anything about God and His infinite love and His beloved son Jesus Christ I have no doubt that this series was met with much skepticism criticism and controversy I am so glad the author didn't listen or give in to the naysayers The world is stalked by relentless evil I believe we can all learn from Anne Rice She does her research and then brings that learning to us in a beautiful way I loved reading about the early life of Jesus walking the road with him watching Him make miracles happen My dear friends time is a valuable gift and life is too short to have regrets I hope you read this beautiful novel A talented and very beautiful person carefully and skillfully crafted it especially for us I hope you always believe something wonderful is going to happen even with all the ups and downs I hope you never take a day for granted and cherish the little things for every day is another special gift from God Having the opportunity to read this book was a big blessing for me and I believe it will be a blessing in one way or another for you tooJeannie Walker Award Winning Author

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The Road to CanaAnne Rice’s second book in her hugely ambitious and courageous life of Christ begins during his last winter before his baptism in the Jordan and concludes with the miracle at CanaIt is a novel in which we see Jesus he is called Yeshua bar Joseph during a winter of no rain endless dust and talk of trouble in JudeaLegends of a Virgin birth have long surrounded Yeshua yet for decades Changing anything on The Holy Scriptures is a risky move for any novelist No matter whether that novelist is known to be great or mediocre some people would not want their deep seated belief to be rock by just any mortal author Some people are curious but they almost always resist literary pieces that would challenge whatever is already written in The Holy Bible After all that book has been with us for thousand years scrutinized by many scholars translated into many languages and being held sacred by one third of the world's population 15 to 22 billionLast month I read Anne Rice's Christ the Lord Out of Egypt I found the characters and events that she incorporated into the fictional stage in Jesus life as a child fascinating and charming So I was so happy when my friend Sherish gave me this audiobook of its seuel Christ the Lord The Road to Cana because I wanted to know what other stuff would Rice risk to incorporate into the life of Jesus in addition to those already captured in The Holy Bible If Book 1 is about the child Jesus at the age of 8 this Book 2 is about the teen Jesus up to the time when he was tempted by the devil and the miracle of wine in Cana The fictional characters in Book 1 are still here James the paternal half brother of Jesus Salome his cousin Cleopas his uncle etc But the ones played key role is Avigail the 15 yo teenager that James would want Jesus to marry and Jason who is Jesus competition to Avigail's heart It seems that during Jesus time all men should marry as only the cripple and the lunatic are the ones that could or should end up as bachelor There are many subplots like the stoning of two boys that were suspected to be homosexuals and their significance was only revealed during the 40 day temptation scene in desert That scene is mentioned in The Holy Bible Rice just beautifully expounded the dialogues that sounded like a Nicholas Sparks's or Hallmark card's lines That portion is the one that I liked and made me give 3 stars I like it rating for this audiobookOf course the voice of the narrator is a joy to hear especially if you are driving in the highway outside the flooded street and rainwater splashing and pouring everywhere Last night I was in EDSA stuck in the traffic below the flyover in front of the statue of Mother Mary The big buses atop the flyover were splashing tons of water on my car roof and I was listening to the temptation in the desert The dialogues just calmed me down and I just ignored the water and the heavy rain as I know the Good Lord will be there to protect meI guess that if a book doesn't blaspheme or distort The Holy Bible by adding or changing what is already written then that book is okay If that book's intent is to heighten one's belief then it is a must to read book With the temptations around that could weaken our faith we also need to strengthen it by reading something that will bring us back to God's fold or maybe just to erase our worries when faced with fear be it just because of a storm in the middle of the street in one dark starless nightGod bless you my friend Sherish