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A Thousand Vessels characters µ 107 ☆ ✈ [PDF / Epub] ✅ A Thousand Vessels By Tania Runyan ✸ – Horticulturetrader.co.uk Taking up the personas of Eve Sarah Dinah Mary Martha and five other women from the Bible Tania Runyan offers a stunning collection of poems in which the ancient and modern worlds collide A Thousand V TTaking up the personas of Eve Sarah Dinah Mary Martha and five other women A Thousand PDFEPUBfrom the Bible Tania Runyan offers a stunning collection of poems in which the ancient and. Tania Runyan groups her poems into sections named for women in the Bible Some poems are about her own life and some about people who aren't in the bible but they are bridged and held together by the names of Eve Sarah Ruth Ester Mary Mary Magdalene The poems were pretty unpretentious and not very dense They were easy to understand and I liked the biblical theme

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Modern worlds collide A Thousand Vessels reveals the common and complex experiences of women across the ages loneliness friendship fear hope violence love bitterness consolation Fellow. When asked to describe her poetry Runyan replies “spiritual reflection For the past few years I have focused almost all my poetry on scripture either directly or indirectly” 2010 blog interview no longer online In A Thousand Vessels Tania Runyan writes about ten Bible women Eve Sarah Dinah Ruth Esther Mary the woman at the well Martha Jairus’ daughter and Mary Magdalene Reflection works well for Runyan as she muses about these spiritual matriarchs She says of the themes and subjects she covers “I explore the experiences of marriage love and birth especially with women like Ruth and Mary Faith and sacrifice with Sarah Death and rebirth with Jairus’ daughter The changing power of Christ with the woman at the well” Examinercom interview However that reflection also takes her deeper and broader For in the 46 poem collection are also pieces about modern Eves Sarahs Dinahs etc In the Eve section for example is the poem “My Daughter’s Hands” in which Runyan delights in her toddler’s growing self awareness describes her attempts to grab the communion cup and imagines her reaction to her mother’s “no” “ yet I know the moment I say no your world will begin to go wrong You will learn that most bright things are never meant to be touched” p 14 In Dinah’s section we have the poem “Child Sex Offenders” which reminds us how ordinary and unmarked are the predators who live among us Esther’s section begins with “Beach Walk” a poem that describes two bikini clad teens imagining the effect they’re having on the lifeguard Each Bible woman has her modern counterpart poems bringing these spiritual mothers into our century as we recognize that we moderns face many of the same issues they did Runyan’s poems are easy to understand interesting relevant and honest Her vulnerability arouses our empathy and through her insights we gain a greater appreciation of not only Bible women but our friends sisters grandmothers aunts wives and if we’re women ourselves

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A Thousand VesselsPoet Jeanne Murray Walker says The two worlds are so wonderfully imagined and entwined that I found myself turning the pages of A Thousand Vessels as compulsively as if it were fictio. I'm so glad I went into this book blindly The cover art looks like something I wouldn't conventionally pick up and as a stern atheist poems with biblical themes don't often peak my interest But Runyan's collection transcends category These poems offer new perspectives on well known biblical encounters adds depth to everyday modern concerns and presents a whole new view on human emotion