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Himself AUTHOR Jess KiDer charmante Gelegenheitsdieb und Hippie Mahony glaubte immer seine Mutter habe ihn aus Desinteresse in einem Waisenhaus in Dublin abgegeben Sechsundzwanzig Jahre später erhält er einen Brief der ein ganz anderes ein brutales Licht auf die Geschichte seiner Mutter wirft Mahony reist daraufhin in seinen Geburtsort um herauszufinden was damals wirklich geschah Sein geradezu unheimlich vertraute. He sees dead peopleYowza Yowza YowzaIf ever a book could grab my attention right from the first page it was this oneFor a very long time I have yearned for an author like Jess Kidd to appear the ghosts of Dylan Thomas Gabriel García Máruez and James Joyce must surely have come to roost in her beautiful mischievous mindThis magical vengeful story reconnected me with my Irishness and might possibly have brought my dear departed mother Kathleen scurrying to read it over my shoulder she'd have loved this tooMahoney a libertine hippy with flared trousers you could mop a road with arrives in the ghost ridden Irish town of Mulderrig shades of Llareggub He has brooding looks and an easy charm men want to be him women want to be with himMahoney is a man on a secret mission but he has walked into a viper pit of parochial mistrust and murderous secrets By day Mulderrig appears respectable; a solid fat ankled mammy dressed in patchworked fields But at night she's gypsied to the nines beringed and braceleted with fairy forts Author Jess Kidd has an imagination gifted only to the few and writes in my favourite genre of magical realism There really isn't a weak character to be found and Mahoney's kindred spirit caustic geriatric Merle Cauley is an absolute joy to beholdThe humour is Guinness dark and spiteful; there is a splendid scene towards the end where view spoiler Annie Farrell the Black Widow is attempting to smother Mrs Cauley with a pillow when she is assailed by flying novels from the old lady's magical library A large edition of War and Peace launches the counter attack knocking her to the floor where she is set upon by The Complete Works of Jane AustenWonderful stuff hide spoiler

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Von überzeugt dass Mahonys Mutter ermordet wurde Das ungleiche Paar heckt einen raffinierten Plan aus um die Dorfbewohner zum Reden zu bringen Auch wenn einige alles daran setzen dass Mahony die Wahrheit nicht herausfindet trifft er in dem Ort auf die eine oder andere exzentrische Person die ihm hilft Dass es sich dabei manchmal auch um einen Toten handelt scheint Mahony nicht weiter zu stören. This is one of the most enjoyable books I've ever read I already owned it when I was offered Jess Kidd's next book Things in Jars to review I thought this would be the perfect time to read Himself and now I know anytime is the perfect time to read Himself What a book It's got mystery comedy magical realism violence romance and terrific memorable characters Orphan Mahony has come from Dublin to Mulderrig in County Mayo to try and learn what happened to his mam and who his father is Mahony sees the dead takes no crap from anyone and oh boyo is he sexy The book opens in the forest by the river as Mahony's mom is murdered there While the killer is disposing of her body the forest protects the child covering him in ferns and ivy branches and leaves Things like that happen in Mulderrig a small town not used to strangers where to many the son of pariah Orla Sweeney is especially unwelcome The town is filled with people with something to hide some who are canny and charming others who are bitchy or brutal There are some great minor characters as well as the dead who make themselves visible to Mahony but never speak And then there's Mrs Cauley a remarkable creation an older woman a former actress with wits and wit and wigs whose books are apt to dance and whirl and maybe knock an eejit in the head She lives at the house where Mahony is boarding and he couldn't have a better friend in Mulderrig where everyplace plays a part St Patrick's and the pub the forest and the river and the play Mrs Cauley puts on every year to benefit the church This year she's chosen a doozy; she and Bridget Doosey mean to stir up the sanctimonious and smarmy I hope this is not a cliche as I'm not Irish and haven't had the pleasure of visiting Ireland but Kidd's writing for me has a lilt It's rhythmic and lovely even when she's describing violence and cruelty She's got a great gift and I'm enchanted This is a fairy tale for adults and if you've read the original fairy tales and know how Grimm they can be you know what I mean Jess Kidd's talent is breathtaking Even at its darkest Himself is a wonderful wondrous book I'm glad I've been able to go directly from it to cozily tucking into Things in Jars

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Free download µ Himself AUTHOR Jess Kidd ò PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ¹ [KINDLE] ❆ Himself By Jess Kidd – Der charmante Gelegenheitsdieb und Hippie Mahony glaubte immer seine Mutter habe ihn aus Desinteresse 1950 in einem Waisenhaus in Dublin abgegeben SechsundzwanziS Gesicht beunruhigt die Bewohner von Anfang an Mahony schürt Aufregung bei den Frauen Neugierde bei den Männern und Misstrauen bei den Frommen Bei der Aufklärung des mysteriösen Verschwindens seiner Mutter hilft ihm die alte Mrs Cauley eine ehemalige Schauspielerin Furchtlos wie sie ist macht die Alte nichts lieber als in den Heimlichkeiten und Wunden anderer herumzustochern Sie ist fest da. This book is going straight onto my shelf of favourite reads I think I will put it next to Lincoln in the Bardo because the ghosts inside their pages have so much in common and because both books just struck a chord in me and made for such great readingIn Himself we meet Mahoney 26 years old charismatic very good looking and able to charm even ghosts with just a wink What he does to the female population of Mulderrig a small town in County Mayo Ireland is amazing I am pretty sure he has charmed many of the readers of this book including meJess Kidd writes good characters altogether Mrs Cauley is just wonderful and practically drives the whole book The ghosts are good too Johnnie with his unfortunate antics Ida the small girl who tries to help Miss Mulhearne who gets Mahoney to read her poetry and many othersThis is certainly a book of many genres It is described on the cover as a magic realist murder mystery set in rural Ireland I think that just about covers it although it should be mentioned that it is freuently very funny I loved every magical beautifully written word of it