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Breaking Dragon Savage Brothers MC #1 Summary µ 8 è [Download] ➽ Breaking Dragon Savage Brothers MC #1 Author Jordan Marie – NicoleAt one time I had everything I wanted in life Or I thought I did but I lived in black and white Then he exploded into my world DragonHe’s hot blooded cocky stubboWarned you about The Savage MC is the only family I’ve ever had the only ones I can depend onThen she walks into my life Nicole Nothing like what I expected sassy smart and sexy as hell She’s everything I could want and Our worlds don’t mix I’m only going to drag her downShe should have never let me touch herLife can tear you into shreds make you bend until you breakSometimes you have to face death so you can liv. I was given an unedited ARC copy of this book and I want to give my honest review as someone who has read thisI Loved it from start to finish Nicole and her best friend finally get to make the move in their lives that they always hoped for The decision to make a detour on the last stretch to their new home changes their life in a huge wayFrom the first time Nicole and Dragon lay eyes on each other you feel the sparks fly back and forth between themNicole is sassywith a strong backboneand she holds herself against every attempt Dragon makes to get under her skinDragon has a reputation to stand up to as the President he can't show his men the weakness she causes him His past and his life style has him trying to keep her at arms length But the chemistry is just to strong and keeps drawing them both back in The banter between them had me laughing and neither of them were afraid to say what was on their mind Throw into the mix her best friends opinions and Dragon has a battle on his hands When trouble really arises who will be strong enough to make it through alive I recommend this book and as a Debut Jordan Marie has created a great start to her new series I look forward to #2 5 stars

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NicoleAt one time I had everything I wanted Savage Brothers PDF #10003 in life Or I thought I did but I lived in black and white Then he exploded into my world DragonHe’s hot blooded cocky stubborn as hell and he drives me crazy With him everything is It’s vibrant exciting realSuddenly I have everything to lose In Breaking Dragon PDFEPUB or fact I’m terrified that I might not be strong enough to hold on to it all B. This book really needed an editor The sentences jump from past tense to present tense and it makes for a messy read Not to mention all the spelling and other grammar errors Usually I can deal but this was really bad I also did not like the heroine In the beginning I thought she was funny but her whole bad Nicole thing sounded a bit too much KA to me And nobody does Kristen Ashley like Kristen Ashley herselfI also think that the heroine was a bad bff I mean she begins the book bragging about how her best friend Dani has always had her back and how they are finally moving out of their home town together to start out new But then she meets a biker falls in love within almost a day and mostly forgets about her best friend I hate women like that Sure Dani made a mistake in trusting someonebut damnNicole just left her friend hanging over a dude she just met Way too insta lovey for me and I really need a cooler heroine Maybe dani's book will be better I have hope this series will get better with each book We shall see

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Breaking Dragon Savage Brothers MC #1Ecause I’m learning with life there are no hearts and flowers Sometimes there is just darkness DragonThere’s one thing I know about life You have to grab it by the throat and go at it full throttleThrown away with Dragon Savage Brothers PDF #203 the garbage on the day I was born hooked on crack before I even take my first breath and doing what I had to do just to survive That’s who I am I’m the filth your mother. 25 stars