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Download Epub õ Bear Author Marian Engel ï 141 pages º Horticulturetrader ✓ [Ebook] ➧ Bear ➦ Marian Engel – After five years buried like a mole amid the decaying maps and manuscripts of an historical institute Lou is given a welcome field aNstruct the estate’s curious history she is unprepared for her discovery that the island has one other inhabitant a bearLou’s imagination is soon overtaken by the estate’s historical occupants whose fascination with bear lore becomes her own Irresistibly Lou is led along Is this a book where a Canadian woman called Lou smears honey on her labia minora and has a black bear lick it off? YesIs this a book where Lou kneads the bear’s testicles and tries to mount the bear’s penis? YesIs this a book where Lou falls in love with a bear? YesDid Marian Engel win the Governor’s General Award for this book? YesIs this book about gratuitous bestiality? NoIs this book about general bestiality then? No Although clearlySo what IS this book about then? Lou is Theresa Dunn’s Looking for Mr Goodbarr’s doppelganger except theres no faithful James waiting in the side wingsNegotiating the treacherous waters of the 1970s emancipation experiment Lou is a a middle aged educated intelligent woman whose life is dissipating in an ennui nous para state of extreme loneliness and unfullfilment whose platitudes of evenness are rippled only by brief sexual encounters which leave her even hallowed out than before Why does she do it? Because she is so alone The need to touch another human being really not necessarily a man becomes so intense she succumbs to the Dark Side periodically Even when she tries her hardest to ‘settle’ you know where suare pegs needs must be forced into round holes to simulate ‘wholeness’ the men find her too educated too professional not domesticated enoughSo Lou ends up on a remote island Cary in Northern Ontario where she is meant to catalogue the library of an estate beueathed to the Institute she works in Helpless literally this is some massive Canadian outback its survival of the fittest out there she soon finds herself exchanging favours for the local Man Friday’s help in getting her supplies etc Which is even heartbreaking considering she thought he was a decent human being to begin withIs it any wonder that disillusioned with men unable to understand how she fits in the complicated matrix of male female relationship paradigm morbidly despairing and disenchanted with her ‘daily bread’ she first falls in love with the remoteness purity and innocence of Cary Island and one brief step later the bearThis bear then is the only living creature in Lou’s life which gives unconditionally loves uneuivocally has as its narrative innocence kindness and truth and hey makes no domestic demands Clearly Lou has to go back to Toronto eventually But not before she is practically flayed alive in an attempt to copulate not that thats important I just had to sueeze it in though And whilst there are no promises that her existenz will transform in any meaningful way at the very least Lou goes back with replenished belief in the validity of life because for the first time ever she has been touched by the redeeming nurture of LoveEven if it was a bear and not a Canadian Man who showed her the way

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A path of emotional and sexual self discovery as she explores the limits of her own animal nature through her bizarre and healing relationship with the bearA daring and compelling novel Marian Engel’s Bear won the Governor General’s Award for 1976 From the Hardcover editi I read this book in a day then had to spend two days in an attempt to understand it I knew something was up when I innocent reader bought a book on the recommendation of a reader friend who is Canadian and knows what is UP about Canadian lit I read the description about the mousy librarian and her assignment to a tiny island to catalog an estate that has been donated and thought it sounded like something I would really love I noted that it won the Governor General's Literary Prize which is the top prize for literature in Canada So I wasn't expecting the book to take the turn it did I was warned by a private message in Instagram with all sorts of weird emoticons I knew I was headed into a potentially strange territory But still I didn't notice the arm on the bear on the cover I only noticed that later Everything else I say will be a huge spoiler so if you prefer to read without knowing don't clickview spoilerSo in this very short novel the librarian Lou has repeated intimate relations with a bear who is also part of the estate They are specific and explicit This and several funny internet sites that regularly point out strange book covers are probably the sole reasons for a surge in interest in the book although it has continued to be a part of the Canadian literary cannon for students apparently The imgur post called What the actual fuck Canada? shows a cover or two and screenshots a few of the most explicit bear sex parts without providing the context of the novel Many jokes are made about Canada about animal sex etc Indeed as soon as I mentioned reading this someone wanted to know if I was reading the T Rex book next which apparently has had its own 15 minutes of internet fame No I will not be reading that oneThere are several people explaining how the book and the sex are about than that There's More to Bear than Bear Sex is probably the best pointing out that the novel was published in 1976 that Lou as a character is subverting female pleasure by finding it on her own kind of and without man clearly and is shall we say sexually awakened through these events An article in The Globe and Mail points to the previous article and also discusses how the entire novel is a parody of Canadian literature in general This was most interesting to me because of my new project of focusing on Canadian lit I will keep an eye out for the rural vs urban the wilderness the unapologetic humor In fact I was allowed to see some of the strange parts of the book as just funny because this author says they are and that helpedI also read another long review in Goodreads which the reader can track down that takes great issue and calls this a rape novel Not of the woman but of the bear which has surely been trained and possibly threatened to provide this service but lives in servility and cannot give consent She makes a pretty good argument and only really got one comment in response to ask if she were joking It is a hard read in an age of informed consent For me reading it was uncomfortable for sure Marian Engel demonstrates a remarkable way to build to these events and make them seem almost logical or at least I can see how Lou sees them as logical She chooses to remain on the island for the entire summer rejecting the casual relationship she had with her boss and even her serious relationship with her job She is feeling powerful and strong her body changes she stands up to the bully who she has to interact with to get her supplies I can see that she probably feels empowered in a way she may not have before But also it's just not something that can be unread This may not be the book for you but I'm still glad I read it if it's such a central piece of feminist ? Canadian literature In a short bio I read of her it looks like she had friendships and influence with Canadian writers who are still alive today so she really is part of the group known as Canadian writersMy cover compared to other editions seems mild but I only noticed after reading it that there is a human arm around the bear It's subtle hide spoiler

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Bear Author Marian EngAfter five years buried like a mole amid the decaying maps and manuscripts of an historical institute Lou is given a welcome field assignment to catalogue a nineteenth century library improbably located in an octagonal house on a remote island in northern Ontario Eager to reco floating because the comments in this thread are killing me dedfirst of all i want to thank bill thompson for sending me this book from canada i also want to thank him specifically for sending me this cover because it is totally hot and i got to upload it onto goodreadscom myself i am now prepared for the customerpatron uestion do y'all have any books where a bear goes down on a lady?? yes yes i do but that's pretty reductive even though the book is only 167 pages long it is on my icky sex shelf only because that is my catch all shelf for incest necrophilia pedophilia and bestialityguess which one this book has the bear turns out to actually be her brother oh taboo no but i'm not censuring the way she writes the sex scenes by calling them icky is the point she writes a sex scene better than stephen king and better than most of the romance novels i had to read for school she writes better than a lot of authors in generalYet when the weather turned and the sun filtered into even her basement windows when the sunbeams were laden with spring dust and the old tin ashtrays began to stink of a winter of nicotine and contemplation the flaws in her plodding private world were made public even to her for although she loved old shabby things things that already had a past when she saw that her arms were slug pale and her fingerprints grained with old old ink that the detritus with which she bedizened her bulletin boards was curled and valueless when she found that her eyes would no longer focus in the light she was always ashamed for the image of the Good Life long ago stamped on her soul was uite different from this and she suffered in contrastsuch marvelous yearning and shame such a wonderfully long sentenceso even if at its core it is a novel about a woman's love for a bear and the fulfillment she finds from their union there is still some killer writing in here because the canadians find it very difficult to write poorly come for the animal sex scenes stay for the commentary on loneliness and communication i have very little else to say about this book because it is so short it is lovely writing and while the character isn't someone you are going to fall in love with she is at least not ever boring to fill our time together here is a series of images of my earliest crushes which is relevant because some of them are not human enjoy come to my blog