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Beware of Small States Summary Õ 105 ↠ ❮PDF❯ ✮ Beware of Small States ❤ Author David Hirst – Lebanon a country no bigger than Connecticut has become a battleground for the political strategic and ideological conflicts of its neighbors and the great powers It has come to reflect the broLebanon a country no bigger than Connecticut has become a battleground for the political strategic and ideological conflicts of its neighbors and the great powers It Beware of PDFEPUB or has come to reflect the broad historical e. I would give it a 3 star for the fact that it is not an easy reading and the sometimes you cannot comprehend what the author meansI wouldn't recommend it to those who want to read their first book about Lebanese politics I would recommend The Great War for Civilization by Robert Fisk to get a view about the Middle East

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He Guardian whose tough skeptical voice has earned him death threats and seen him banned from six Arab countries crafts a narrative that is essential for anyone wishing to understand the current political climate of the Middle Eas. Beware of Small States is an immensely absorbing and thoroughly researched book on Lebanon's critically turbulent history which unavoidably evolves into the history of Middle East's Arab Israeli conflict The author David Hirst explains how Lebanon endured seemingly endless turmoil since its independence from France in 1943 and played an unwilling role since then for the unrest in that part of the world The book is not an easy ready by any means This is history with all its ugly truth and some Hirst's perspective is based on actual geo political facts and the events that sowed the seeds of imminent conflict that caused the six Israel Arab wars to date the rise of Arafat's Palestine Liberation Organisation PLO how Ayatollah Khomeini's militant group Hizbullah got involved from Iran Syria's so called big brother protection of Lebanon and interfering into its politics other Arab leader's non reaction when the need to do so was at hand and of course Israel's relentless pursuit of aggression to disable any form of unity that would threaten its own existence the root cause for this whole mess to start with For those as ignorant as I was on the conflicts that plagued Middle East especially after World War II was born from the Palestine Israel issue This one underlying thorn caused Lebanon than 40 years of turbulent existence which it had nothing to do from the outset Like the author put it Lebanon became the 'battleground of other people's wars' Alas being geographically poised to offer such a ground for two warring parties unwittingly and inevitably Lebanon got drawn into the 'Arab Israeli struggle' on Lebanon's land And so this whole Lebanon being the place where proxy wars are waged grew into a regional and international uagmire that has lasted till the Obama's administration with no resolution in sight In conclusion David Hirst does say that he was inspired to write this side of Lebanon's history where he has lived and made his home for half a century but at every turn the Arab Israeli struggle kept intruding as an intrinsic part of the country's life He needed and wanted to tell the world how this small nation became the pawn that other powerful hands used to maneuver and ultimately destroyed for their gain sake He couldn't have written a better book I now have a totally different view on Israel but one must seek knowledge from all angles before a personal conclusion can be made David Hirst has made his opinion well and true It's up to us now who have read 'Beware of Small States' to seek facts from opposite sides if any; to make up our own minds However I think David Hirst has got the truth spot on

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Beware of Small StatesXperiences of the modern Middle East Beware of Small States is an elegant and incisive history of Lebanon culminating with the war between Israel and Hezbollah and its aftermath David Hirst a former Middle East correspondent for T. Only just started but I wish David Hirst would sort out his sentence structures Or I should say I wish to some extent but not entirely he or his editor would at least attempt to sort out his sentence structures