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The Perks of Being a WallflowerOf Being MOBI #244 standing on the fringes of lifeoffers a uniue perspective But there comes a time to seewhat it looks like from the dance floorThis haunting novel about the dilemma of passivity vs passion marks the stunning debut of a provocative new voice in contemporary fiction The Perks of Being A WALLFLOWERThis is the story of what it's like to grow up in high school The Pe If like me you lurk on freuent tumblr you will have realised that there is only so far you can scroll before you hit something like this Stephen Chbosky’s epistolary novel has something of a cult following and the uotes that litter the internet seem almost anthemic given the passion with which they are re blogged uoted slapped across artfully light leaked photographs and “liked” A generation appears to have adopted The Perks of Being a Wallflower and by extension it’s narrator Charlie as a sort of symbol of the experience of adolescence Freuently criticised and challenged Perks seems to offer its devoted fans a sense of connection of understanding of honesty about things left unspoken or whispered behind hands and closed doors This book speaks to the sense of alienation that many teens experience the uestions of who they are and where they belong Charlie has become a response to – and I mean no disrespect by this as I wasam a voice in this – a collective plaintive cry of “ nobody understands me”It also seems to have become an unofficial badge of hipsterism and therein lies the reason for my cautious view spoilerokay biased hide spoiler

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Ixed tapes family dramas and new friends The world of sex drugs and The Rocky Horror Picture Show when all one reuires is that the perfect song on that perfect drive to feel infiniteThrough Charlie Stephen Chbosky has created a deeply affecting coming of age story a powerful novel that will spirit you back to those wild and poignant roller coaster days known as growing upback cov ‘‘Charlie we accept the love we think we deserve’’ That is uite true I have stumbled across many beautiful sentences throughout my reading and ones that make us think but this one is my absolute favorite of them all There is so much that can be said about this yet I don’t seem to find the right words but I will try my best It was such an emotional deep and realistic story The plot was simple if we only look at it as a whole but every detail contributed to make it an incredible read And every character to make this story an unforgettable one for usCharlie was the sweetest male character I had ever encountered in a readWhat I loved most about him though was how honest he was and how he wasn’t afraid to tell the truth Some exceptions apply of course but he felt so bad for lying that he made everything right and I couldn’t stop sayingthinking ‘‘Aww’’ He was cute and loveable and it was impossible not to get invested in his storyNot only was the main character a fantastic one but the secondary ones were as well Let’s take Sam for example She may have lookedbehaved like a million other girls on the planet but the way she understood Charlie and always seemed to have the right words for him made her someone uniue and a wonderful person to my eyesThere were multiple ‘love stories’ in this book but they didn't all end well I wasn’t as affected by them while reading since I saw the movie first but it was still very hard to read about Patrick’s relationship with Brad LGBT has always been a dear theme to me and reading about how sad beautiful and poignant Patrick’s love for Brad was really touched me and I only wished throughout the story that they would both have their happily ever after because even though they may not have been perfect they deserve itI saw multiple reviewers complain about the writing Some said it was too simplistic for them to enjoy it or perhaps they weren’t used to this kind of style It very much reminded me of Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe’s a book I highly highly recommend It was indeed simplistic but like Charlie himself said in the story he writes the way he speaks And knowing that I found the writing perfectly matching the story and ended up loving it and feeling like I knew Charlie in much dept than than with any other writing styleThe story was filled with different themes or messages but the one I loved the most was this one it’s not where we come from or in which family we grow up in that defines who we are We make our own future and it’s not because our parents treated us badly or were alcoholic that we will as well It’s our life and depending on ourselves and our choices we will become who we are meant or wish to beThere is a reason why this book is so popular and appreciated by readers and by reading it you will certainly find out It’s the kind of book I would suggest everyone reads at least once in their lives Last updated April 28th 2016 made grammatical correctionsBD | Blog | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Google | Bloglovin’

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Download The Perks of Being a Wallflower Reader ✓ 213 pages ↠ Stephen chbosky ñ ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☆ The Perks of Being a Wallflower Author Stephen Chbosky – standing on the fringes of lifeoffers a uniue perspective But there comes a time to Rks EpubMore intimate than a diary Charlie's letters are singular and uniue hilarious and devastating We may not know where he lives We may not know to whom he is writing All we know is the world he shares Caught between trying to live his life and trying to run from it puts him on a strange course through uncharted territory The world of first Perks of Being PDF #201 dates and m THIS BOOK ALWAYS BRINGS ME SO MANY FEELS 3rd time re reading it and I still feel infinite