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Download Book À Piper Dreams Ì 214 pages î ➹ Piper Dreams Download ➾ Author Amélie S. Duncan – This is an alternate cover edition for B01A5V5SVE She needs an adventure He's looking for an escape Together they just might find what they both need Journalist hopeful Piper Rowe is searchIr uest to realize their dreams they discover running is never the answer Can two people one with a broken past one with an uncertain future find what they're looking for on the open road? This is Part One of a Three Part Contemporary Romance Trilogy This story contains adult situations themes and explicit sexual content I loved it I even forgot to eat dinner I was so into itThe sex scenes were hot and the storyline kept you wanting and I need the seuel now

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Just might be the serendipitous happening she needs The only problem? The sexy and protective gatekeeper Brody Whitehurst doesn't want her tagging along refusing to let her document the trip But after a threatening altercation riles him Brody relents suddenly feeling the need to protect Piper As Piper and Brody begin the Piper Dreams  Part One Amelie S Duncan Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviewsGenre  New Adult Contemporary Romance Series I’m a great fan of Amélie's writing and she’s done  it again with another story that’s gripped me and left me desperate to know I’ve written to ask if this is a 2 or 3 parter and some rough release dates for the rest Edit Amelie says this is a three parter with part two due in FebMar 16 Thankfully Amelie never keeps us waiting too long Its a dual POV read with chapters from viewpoint of both Piper and Brody I like that in a novel it allows me to understand characters how and why they act so than single POV reads When we first meet Piper she seems a “good” girl ambitious works hard at her education focussed on following her dad’s footsteps as a global journalist He died some time back and as well as being a journalist he was also a biker and her mum accompanied him – biker societies have their own rules  and now her mum is remarried she’s putting that part of her history into cold storage as if it never happened She’s remade herself to suit her rich new husband the obnoxious Royce For  UK readers Royce reminds me so much of the TV sitcom Fools and Horses character Boysie in the sleaze factor but without the thread of decency and morals Boysie has deep – very deep – inside  Piper’s Professor though the one she really wants to work with in the next year wants something passionate different adventurous from her in a writing project she’s down to one of four for the two last places with him and has to come up with something uickly Add to that pressure the need to find work to cover her tuition etc and its going to be a tough few weeks as her original plans for work have been derailed Then she meets Brody and SerenSeren is cute really sweet and going through something really tough and living up some dreams with others in her situation Brody is with her its a complicated situation involving him Seren and his best and long time friend Cole Cole’s a SEAL and away so it’s Brody that's currently with Seren on her adventure There’s a sizzle of attraction as soon as he and Piper see each other and soon as she hears what Seren is doing it sparks an idea for her school project It fits in well with her changed plans too and of course getting closer to Brody is an incentive and she’s soon in the group There’s some terrific characters here some fun and scary times and Piper and Brody are really pulled towards each other Piper doesn’t want to get involved in the “complicated” part but can’t seem to keep away from Brody He doesn’t want Piper because of the complications and yet he too can’t seem to keep his hands off and they end up in some seriously steamy and sensual encounters The issues though the complications are still there lead to some hard choices some on and off moments and when towards the end of the book Cole gets involved it gets even tougher I loved Piper was angry at her mum and as for Royce eurghh – a real sleaze In Seren’s group I found some great characters and of course Seren and Brody Seren was so cute and yet determined and focussed on some things She’s at times almost selfish and yet in her shoes who can say they’d be otherwise? Brody I wanted to hit with something heavyhe’s been hurt in the past but that’s not Piper’s fault He’s in the situation with Seren but that could be got round if he just wanted to work at it but one moment he’s all go go go and then its brakes on complications I can’t doand as for Cole what a selfish man he could be with Seren I’m sure but wants to push that off onto Brody and stay with his SEAL pals I know they do a tough and essential job but its something he chose to do wasn’t forced and I just think he’s taking a cop out and using his friend Still when that kind of thing happens to me it always seems to mean the author – Amelie in this case – is going to make me have a complete turnaround in thought in next book   Stars Five its not a stand alone but stops at a natural break point though leaves me wanting Now ARC supplied by author

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Piper DreamsThis is an alternate cover edition for B01A5V5SVE She needs an adventure He's looking for an escape Together they just might find what they both need Journalist hopeful Piper Rowe is searching for a story the perfect lead to get her a coveted spot on a prestigious journalism team Running into a cross country biker group WHOA It’s the first time I read author Duncan’s book and what a surprise Piper Dreams is a perfect combination of finding yourself falling in love heartbreak and sacrifice This story is told in the dual POV which is my favorite as it allows me to understand both Piper and Brody’s minds Unfortunately I missed the fact that this is part 1 of 3 books and it’s a full length novel I really hope I don’t have to wait too long for the continuation of this beautiful storyPiper is a college student with big dreams of becoming a global journalist and traveling the world – not exactly a walk in the park Piper has the grades but his professor has doubts He seems to think Piper lacks a certain passion spark and that she is too ordinary to be in such a high caliber program So Piper convinces her professor to give her one last chance to prove that she can be strong vibrant and deserving of a recommendation for an advanced program The journey begins as Piper treks out with a group of cancer survivors documenting their journey of fulfilling their bucket lists I really like Piper’s character She is strong determined and has a beautiful heart She was hurt by so many people and the last thing she needs is a distraction from her goal But expect the unexpected Piper meets the sexy Brody who is taking his best friend’s fiancé on her bucket list journey While Brody’s friend is serving the country in the Middle East Brody promises to take care of her Brody and Piper are instantly attracted to each other but Brody is not completely available – he does not want any distraction while carrying out his promise to his best friend Piper tries to be understanding and be patient with Brody but the guilt that Brody carries with him while spending time with Piper can be too much to handle I like the plot of this story – a little of bit of finding yourself fulfilling your dreams love and loss There is also a beautiful complex sensual and sexy love story The writing is pretty great too flows nicely kept me intrigued until the end It’s a cliffy ending though so waiting patiently on the next installment