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Free King's Dragon kindle ò eBook 9780886777715 ð Kate Elliott » ➶ [Reading] ➸ King's Dragon By Kate Elliott ➫ – The Kingdom of Wendar is in turmoil King Henry still holds the crown but his reign has long been contested by his sister Sabella and there are The Kingdom of Wendar is in turmoil King Henry still holds the crown but his reign has long been contested by his sister Sabella and there are many eager to flock to her banner Internal conflict weakens Wendar's defences drawing raiders human and “Be bound as I am by the fate others have determined for you That way you’ll remain safe” A book that combines Guy Gavriel Kay’s writing finesse with Jacueline Carey’s opulent world building And I bet you have not heard about it before Your badOK Maybe you are not a seasoned fantasy reader and the names I mentioned do not ring a bell Additionally you are uite partial to dragons welcome welcome here is your complimentary Who Cares About Dragons Society membership card and the hideous cover makes you wonder why this book merits a second glance not to mention precious reading time Let me explain King’s Dragon focuses on two leading protagonists Liath Liathano and Alain What they have in common is that they find themselves alone in a world gearing up for war Or two Also the mystery of their origin is as important as their destinyAlain is an orphaned boy promised to the church but not really feeling the spiritual vocation Fate takes him away from expected paths and sends him to fame battle and glory to the household of a local noble one count Lavastine where Alain has the exciting task of cleaning stables There are many similar figures in fantasy What makes Alain tantalisingly different is the fact that he is not characterised by martial prowess or special abilities or even luck to be in the right place and the right time; it is his incredible compassion Yup you read it right We have a young warrior wannabe with all the sensitivity and straightforwardness of St Francesca Francis of Assisi This assures contrast and tension of the highest order giving us a protagonist full of surprisesLiath also braves the world alone She is a child of two sorcerers deaf to magic and yet well versed in astrology and mathematics sorcery’s younger sisters Another man’s desire to possess what is hidden within her is the reason for her misfortunes I am sure that “a journey of self discovery” awaits her but in contrast to many contemporary YA this trope does not dominate the book My biggest concerns regarding Liath is the danger of “every man falls for her” character Also I’m afraid that the special snowflake doom might be hovering in the background but I am super sensitive in this regard so don’t take my word for grantedLiath’s path is brutal beyond traumatic There are scenes involving violence rape and miscarriage and I wanted to flag them up because I found those nearly overwhelming I was reminded of the first Sevensweaters book in a way Maybe because they were written without resorting to gory descriptions typical for contemporary grimdark but this succinct nearly documentary narrative made the tragedy even harrowing in hinting at what was not shown A boy with an ever blooming rose and a girl with a mysterious book find themselves on the opposite sides of a brewing war Their POVs carry on the tale throughout the chapters And these chapters are long in a very Guy Gavriel Kay way often consisting of several subchapters with changing narrators Additional POVs belongs to sister Rosvita of Korvei and Liath’s friend Hanna but there are also other wonderful characters who were not given their own voice yet? nobles and freeholders members of the elite formations Dragons and Eagles representatives of the clergy most notably the ascetic and harsh Frater Agius and various individuals from the King’s Court including members of royal family Last but not least I am sure Lackling will melt your hearts Lackling feeding birds was a scene beautiful in its simplicity Finally there are also dogs with cute names Joy Terror Steadfast Ardent Bliss Fear Sorrow and Rage take your pick and even cuter predisposition usually murderous when necessary berserk with an important role in the story I sense your impatience; “Where is my Prince charming?” you want to ask Here he is Even better you will get two charming princes half elven Snaglant whose name translates as “bloody fields” and magical Eika princeling Both are exciting but Snaglant adds to his warrior skills he is the captain of king’s elite cavalry the Dragons the irresistible aura of a notorious womaniser which is to say that you will also get a prime romance as a bonus The romance is based on a star crossed lovers trope but like everything in this novel this is done subtly It sounds like a classic light against the dark scheme so far and so you are scared that the antagonists are bound to disappoint You couldn’t be mistaken There are two evil individuals I am not giving you names not to spoil the reading pleasure one male one female but do not expect a simple symmetry pairing each one with the protagonists the plot is not that crude Ms Elliot is incredibly skilled when it comes to writing multidimensional antagonists Both kill bodies and souls both work through lethal deception They are beautiful smart educated and polished Outwardly nearly everything you’d love and trust inwardly abominations full of stinking maggots They are able to work through proxies and minions they don’t rely on brute strength or on power structures and entitlements They cunningly weave a web of deceptions they are patient and persistent And the scariest thing is that when you finish the book you know that in spite of the already committed atrocities neither of those showed what they are truly capable of The worst is yet to come It shows you how skilled is Ms Elliott at character building and doing this without lengthy descriptions There are many great one liner characterisations somebody is “like a boulder rolling down the slope” or keeping a blooded scrap of cloth for years or being “a colourless bloom lost in a glare of her mother’s ambition” A gesture here a word there and the person is alive and breathing It is so because the external is supplemented by excellent psychological elements view spoilerTake Liath’s detachment and mental barriers that lock the outside world out and at the same time lock her up in a prison both mental and physical Her deep fears of Hugh and the fact that even though she is aware of this paranoia she is still unable to do anything about it makes it all the credible How many books had violated heroines take Hawk ueen that were happily falling in love or had a tumble when it was plot wise suitable? Here it is entirely understandable why Liath is attracted to somebody who is unattainable and hence safe hide spoiler

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Inhuman across its borders Terrifying portents abound and dark spirits walk the land in broad daylightSuddenly two innocents are thrust into the midst of the conflict Alain a young man granted a vision by the Lady of Battles and Liath a young woma I really loved this book It was one of those rare ones that I took my time to savor without thinking about what I was going to be reading next As with many books that I've loved it's hard to explain why I really just love Kate Elliott's writing Her world is so vivid and real with a deep sense of history and of hidden things that will be revealed At the same time she also makes me care about and fear for the characters so effortlessly and because of the characters the world feels very immediate rather than overwhelmingly epic I honestly had no idea where the story was headed for much of the time this isn't a uest type fantasy with a stated goal It takes place in an alternate medieval kingdom teeming with heresy hypocrisy treachery and violence Kingdom politics and inhuman coastal raiders Ancient magic forbidden knowledge reverence for learning true piety and evil sorcery The feeling of the world is amazingly real with both awe and danger I loved the sense of place This was really great historical fantasy both recognizable and foreign to our own medieval timeSome people might find the plot slow but I didn't find it dull I enjoyed both of the main viewpoints Two young unrelated characters find themselves caught in the middle of affairs they don't understand Both start out in very humble circumstances and have much to learn and sometimes much to suffer Although they are important to events they are not instantly transformed into saviors of the world They have their parts to play but they don't grow too far beyond themselves and their beginnings I am really looking forward to seeing where this is going and what they grow into and to having of the world revealed I have six books to savor and I plan to take my timeI highly recommend this to fans of both historical fiction and fantasy it's a fantastic blend of both

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King's DragonN with the power to change the course of history Both must discover the truth about themselves before they can accept their fates For in a war where sorcery not swords may determine the final outcome the price of failure may be than their own live This book was a pleasant surprise I had never heard of this series before and have never read anything by this author If not for the mention of it on my updates feed by GR friend Mayim see review I likely would’ve remained unaware of this little gem Told in third person it mostly follows the experiences of two main protagonists Alain and Liath Both are sixteen at the start of the book but if you’re worried that this is another YA book don’t be Take it from someone who mostly avoids that angst ridden love triangle fueled genre There is angst in this book to be sure but rest assured that it is caused by things far important than which suitor to pick But back to our protagonists Both Alain and Liath have mysteries and unanswered uestions surrounding their family histories Though I wouldn’t call this a fast paced book walking alongside these two characters through the changing landscape of their everyday lives was nevertheless an absorbing experience They both face challenges though I’d say Liath’s were the horrendous and traumatic and though they’re both in markedly different places by the end of the book the challenges have not been wholly cleared away They’ve merely been replaced by new onesThe setting is a fictitious world with a decidedly medieval feel The story mainly deals with the countries of Wendar and Varre once separate kingdoms that now exist under the singular rule of King Henry Civil war threatens however as the King’s older half sister Sabella is raising a rebellion to claim the throne she feels was her right It’s an interesting world where hereditary laws typically follow matrilineal lines and royal successions are typically decided by which heir is the first to reproduce on their traditional tour through the kingdom The religion in this world is obviously based on Christianity with a specifically Catholic flair albeit with some interesting tweaks such as women holding all the positions of power It helps to give the world a familiarity that enables readers to settle into the story uickly The escalating threat of civil war places readers on both sides of the conflict because our two protagonists are standing on either side of the battle lines As often happens with war this isn’t so much due to the choices and actions of either one It’s simply a matter of Alain being in Varre and Liath being in Wendar when the story kicks off They are both surrounded with secondary characters who either capture the readers’ hearts and admiration or else who earn their undying enmity As if impending civil war wasn’t enough to deal with King Henry also faces an outward threat from the Eika a race of barbaric people with Wolverine like unretractable claws on their knuckles who have increased their raiding in Wendar lands King Henry’s decisions as he faces this division of his forces and his attention will have lasting impact on the political landscape as well as in his personal life In addition to vivid characters and the two pronged dangers of Sabella and the Eika the story has numerous other things going for it There are numerous mentions of ancient civilizations and lost empires which though long gone still seem to be playing roles in the current lives of the characters There is sorcery political intrigue under the guise of religion and a touch of a budding romance This is one aspect that didn’t work for me though I had high hopes For me this was yet another case of a fantasy story that leap frogs over all the things that make a romantic relationship believable for the sake of expediency It’s a small thing and certainly not something that will bother everyone or even most people and I fully admit that I am super picky about how romances are written But based on the traumas that Liath endures and the lovely descriptions of how she internally guarded herself I was looking forward to a slow thaw with regards to her heartnot seeing her snap to attention at the first words from the first handsome age appropriate man she meets which is or less what happens Being a social worker that just hasn’t been my experience in working with women who have experienced similar traumas Again though that’s my own personal nitpick and I did really like potential love interest in his own right so if Liath had to go there so soon she made a good pick That minor uibble aside I did really enjoy the story I really appreciate that some aspects of the story didn't go in the direction I thought they would It's always nice to be surprised The writing style flowed easily and there were some real stakes for all the characters There were some uestions answered but many that need attention There are bad guys that I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of and characters that I’m curious to see meet Overall I’m really glad this series came to my attention I’ll be reading the second book and hope that it’s able to build on this promising beginning