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K to face his demons group or no group he is in dire need of support But the distance he has put between himself and The Guru’s misshapen acolytes may well be too great to bridge An atmospheric evocation of modern Berlin and a vivid portrait of youth under pressure Just Call Me Superhero is destined to consolidate Alina Bronsky’s reputation as one of Europe’s most wryly entertaining and stylish autho. I love Alina Bronsky's dark humor and will read anything she writes but this one was not my fave This is also the second book I've read in the last two months about a self absorbed dude with an attitude problem and a face ruined from an accident

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Just Call Me SuperheroRussian born Alina Bronsky whose Hottest Dishes of the Tartar Cuisine was named a Best Book of the Year by Publishers Weekly and a Favorite Read of the Just Call EpubYear by both The Huffington Post and The Wall Street Journal returns with a startling new novel about the difficult work of self acceptance After an encounter with a dog in which he was worsted seventeen year old Marek begins attending a suppo. This book is complicated it discusses the survival of a group of kids with physical problems and how the Guru a mysterious old man takes them to a magical place in Germany on the pretense of self help or something like that where they embark on missions of self discovery The main character he has two mothers a German one and a Ukrainian one and one father whose absence from his life is a big deal in the story for reasons I shouldn't explain as directly as I thought of them since this is such a popular translationI liked this so much since it included a very long train trip like the one I had to ride across uite a bit of China so I could empathise a lot with the characters in that regard Er that's probably not the real reason but I'm sleepy trembly and don't know exactly what I'm sayingThe real reason probably has to do with having had to deal with a wheelchair for so long myself and the other disabilities people have labelled me as having throughout undergraduate schoolOr maybe the real reason has to do with how much Russian the Ukrainian mother used and how I've been on such a huge TolstoyLeninGorky binge as of late besides everything else though I have such a rough time understanding that language in Roman letters which is the doing of my first prepodavatel'nitsa cringe since she convinced me that spelling anything out in non Cyrillic is spelling it wrong In fact now I'm shuddering and I don't think it's from needing my anti convulsant early Let's check преподавательница That made me entirely stop shaking All right so I won't take anti convulsants until late late night as originally plannedThe Los Angeles Times says this author's great gift is humor but I didn't find anything funny These are just the things that happened Maybe I shouldn't like it so much since I must therefore not really understand what I just readBut I found this book an important recent East Europe publication that is worth the time figuring out as the title is particularly relevant to the story and the other stuff

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Just Call Me Superhero review ¿ 100 ✓ [BOOKS] ✪ Just Call Me Superhero ✬ Alina Bronsky – Horticulturetrader.co.uk Russian born Alina Bronsky whose Hottest Dishes of the Tartar Cuisine was named a Best Book of the Year by Publishers Weekly and a Favorite Read of the Year by both The Huffington Post and The Wall St Russian boRt group for young people with physical disabilities which he dubs “the cripple group” led by an eccentric older man known as The Guru Marek is dismissive of the other members of the support group seeing little connection between their misfortunes and his own The one exception to this is Janne the beautiful young and wheelchair bound woman with whom he has fallen in love When a family crisis forces Mare. i'm firmly in the bronsky camp so my stars are aslant she has ability to take reader to places they never expected and so far always has super strong characters who are both sympathetic and despicablethis one centers around a group of disabled young people brought together as therapy and voc rehab who then DO come together as maturing people with their foibles and backstabbing and trust and love with bronsky too there is always a strong family usually very f'''ed up dynamic where reader sees the struggle between children and parents and importantly the why of the struggle and her depictions of forceful unreasonable but understandable russian and ukraine womenmothers are always very funny and horrific