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An erotic contemporary romance including menage FMF MFM and sex outdoorsOne Christmas four friends – but will they still be together by New Year's Day?Divorce wasn’t part of the plan for Holly but then again nor was spending the festive period with two sexy men and Santa’s little helper With a disastrous marriage behind her and three good friends who are willing to share moving on coul This was my first Zara Stoneley book and she kept me up well past my bed time My first night reading this I didn't put it down until 1230 am and I was half way through the book with an early start the next day So what kept me up you ask? Well it's super HOT for starters how can a girl resist being the centre of Charlie and Dane sandwich I'm fanning myself just thinking about it Secondly the characters are all incredibly likeable They're not perfect by a long shot but they are decent people trying like mad not to screw things up and sometimes failing I look forward to from Zara and this little group of friends

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Good Enough to Share Good Enough #1Can he resist? And when the girl he once loved comes back who will he decide to spend the New Year with?And Sophie just wants to have fun She’s got the answers to everyone's problems except her own is she the one who needs good friends most of all?Will a caring sharing lust and love filled Christmas lead to the happy ever after they all desire?WARNING Christmas may never seem the same aga After breaking up from a rubbish marriage Holly decides to move in with Charlie one of her best friends; the other being Sophie Over the Christmas holidays things start heating up What starts out as a bit of fun soon becomes that much Who will Holly choose? The sexy ass Dane or best friend CharlieOkay so Oh My Goodness That was totally unexpected Before reading ‘Good Enough to Share’ I had never read a book with FMF or MFM so i was shocked as hell to start with don’t know why as i knew it was comingHolly has two best friends; Charlie who is super hot and whom she also lives with and Sophie who loves sticking her nose in everyone’s affairs Charlie was such a lovable character his vulnerability had me wanting to wrap him up in a big hug and never let him go again Sophie was the complete opposite I get that she was only trying to help but she totally annoyed me from start to finish although at times i could see why they loved herWhat was supposed to be a bit of fun with Dane turns out to be a bit than just fun things even go that level higher when Charlie gets involved I had to put the book down a few times just to fan myself as I was getting hot hot hotI liked Zara’s style of writing The way it was written was so believable the characters had depth and the story was very emotional something that’s not always easy to do with the length of the bookOverall it was a fun read filled with lots of humour great friends and hot steamy sexOriginal review at

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doc ↠ Good Enough to Share Good Enough #1 ☆ 120 pages ✓ horticulturetrader â ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☆ Good Enough to Share Good Enough #1 Author Zara Stoneley – An erotic contemporary romance including menage FMF MFM and sex outdoorsOne D be fun – if only she can accept that sometimes her heart is wiser than her headDane doesn’t do commitment which suits Holly just fine But when things heat up between the four friends he’s forced to face up to his past Will realising he’s good enough mean he no longer wants to share?Laid back Charlie knows that if his best friend becomes his lover he could end up losing big time But I finished this book uncertain how I felt about the characters the outcome basically what I had just read I’ve sat here for the past 30 to 45 minutes trying to sort out my thoughts and that is saying something When I first turned on my laptop to write my review I was certain it was going to be short sweet and negative and then I would just walk away As soon as I took a time out and actually thought things through my approach changed What drew me to this read was the intense connection the characters have; they are family by choice rather than blood All four are deeply scarred by past experiences events that normally make people gun shy; however somehow they are able to overcome and are very loving and caring with one another Though the book is deemed erotic fiction there is so much to the story than a roll in the hay; all one has to do is scratch the surface For me this is a book about four individuals that are able to forget about their troubles by taking a time out from life over the holiday season and becoming lost in each other But as we all know reality has a tendency to overcome fantasy One by one each character discovers what they want in their lifewellkinda The author begs the uestion how long can one run before facing reality? Now back to the erotica The book showcases sexual scenes including ménage à trios FMF and MFM In this reader’s opinion the scenes are not over the top Don’t get me wrong the scenes are hot but they certainly aren’t hardcore If I really take a step back and think about it there isn’t any “true” FF or MM action In fact I’m not even sure I would classify the ménages as ménages? I don’t know read the book and let me know what you think I’d have to say my favorite sex scene took place outside but enough about that No spoilers here As I read all I kept thinking is really you are drowning your issues in sex and including friends? Who the hell does that? Then I thought hmm how many people drown their sorrows in sex alcohol drugs shopping smoking eating etc The list of potentials goes on and on and I know that I’ve done at least a few of the things I just listed in an effort to overcome the bumps in the road of my reality Who am I to say which crutch is than the other? Stoneley has written a story full of life friendship lust love sex and exploration A story about friends working to help each other through their problems A story that asks how well we really know our friends ourselves Please check out our FULL review by visiting us at Griffin's Honey Blog