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Friendfluence characters ¿ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB á ❰PDF / Epub❯ ✅ Friendfluence Author Carlin Flora – Discover the unexpected ways friends influence our personalities choices emotions and even physical health in this fun and compelling examination of friendship based on the Discover the unexpected ways friends influence our personalities choices emotions and even physical health in this fun and compelling examination of friendship based on the latest scientific research and ever relatable anecdotesWhy is dinner with friends often laughter filled and less fraught than a meal with family Although some say it’s because we choose our friends it’s also because we expect less of them than we do of relatives While we’re busy scrutinizing our romantic relationships and family dramas our friends are uietly but strongly influencing everything from the articles we read to our weight fluctuations from our sex lives to our overall happiness levelsEvolutionary psychologists have long theorized that friendship has roots in our early dependence on others for survival These days we still cherish friends but tend to undervalue their role in our lives However the skills one needs to make good. I was recently asked to name a few friends and my first reaction was“I don’t have friends”I might have been joking but only a little As much as I liked living in Japan I went through some serious bouts of “do I have any friends here” to be fair I had those bouts through my school years in Singapore tooWhich is why I picked up this book – I wanted to find out about friendships and if I was abnormal I’m still not sure if I’m normal but I am now convinced than ever that friends are very importantOver the course of eight chapters the book talks about what friendship is and the good and bad effects that it has on us Basically although friendship has been talked about since the time of Cicero in 44 BC it’s hard to define what it is because friends can fulfill so many different functions You can have close friends and you can have not so close friends but having friends is important Also friends fading out of your life is normal – apparently you lose half your friend group over seven years but hopefully gain friends at the same time which makes me feel a little normalWe make friends when we share our vulnerabilities with others but if we overshare too much too soon that will just torpedo a budding friendship which explains one of my problems making friendsWhyBecause we tend to model ourselves after our friends like attracts like surrounding ourselves with people we can look up to can help us improve ourselves Apparently what our friends do is catching It also makes us happier although we all knew that about our friendsOn the other hand toxic friends can prevent you from making good decisions by enabling your bad ones and even “wreak havoc on your health by unleashing inflammation processes in the body”The book also brought up a good point that society tends to underestimate the importance of friends If your family dies you probably will be able to get time and space to grieve When your friend dies you don’t really get that even though you may be eually heartbrokenThere was also an interesting discussion on how technology affects friendships I thought the point that “social media is stimulating but that too much stimulation can overload our brains and eventually feed into insomnia anxiety or depression” As someone who only fully entered the internet world in my teens figuring out the balance between connecting with friends and feeling left out from all the social media updates is tricky I can’t say that I’m there now but I’m slowly finding my way there – so far I’ve realised that social networks are stressors but blogs and chats help me to connect without stressing outThe book sometimes reads like a summary of other books and anecdotes but since I haven’t read much about the research into friendships most of the information was new to me But if you’ve already read a few books you may find some repeated content Personally I’d be interested in picking up a few of the books mentioned here to find out about their specific topicsThis review was first posted at Eustea Reads

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Friends are among the very skills that lead to success in life and scientific research has recently exploded with insights about the meaningful and enduring ways friendships influence us With people marrying later and often not at all and families having just one child these relationships may be gaining in importance The evidence even suggests that at times friends have a greater hand in our development and well being than do our romantic partners and relativesFriends see each other through the process of growing up shape each other’s interests and outlooks and painful though it may be expose each other’s rough edges Childhood and adolescence in particular are marked by the need to create distance between oneself and one’s parents while forging a uniue identity within a group of peers but friends continue to influence us in ways big and small straight through old agePerpetually busy parents who turn to f. I found the first half of Friendfluence a bit dry because the information wasn't new to me I already knew most of it intuitively and from experience It was interesting but I wasn't learning anything that I thought was surprising as the subtitle suggests I did love that it was a well researched compilation of study findings 235 resourcesI found the second half of the book engaging specifically in the chapters about the perks of friendship and how technology affects friendship Reading the research findings from social networking studies made me wish I had stuck with studying sociology in college Where was that friendfluence when I needed itYou can't read Friendfluence without reflecting on the friendships from your life and I was happy to recall how my life has been blessed by many wonderful friends

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FriendfluenceRiends for intellectual stimulation emotional support and a good dose of merriment find a perfect outlet to relieve the pressures of raising children In the office setting talking to a friend for just a few minutes can temporarily boost one’s memory While we romanticize the idea of the lone genius friendship often spurs creativity in the arts and sciences And in recent studies having close friends was found to reduce a person’s risk of death from breast cancer and coronary disease while having a spouse was not Friendfluence surveys online only pals friend breakups the power of social networks envy peer pressure the dark side of amicable ties and many other varieties of friendship Told with warmth scientific rigor and a dash of humor Friendfluence not only illuminates and interprets the science but draws on clinical psychology and philosophy to help readers evaluate and navigate their own important friendshi. While this book doesn't reveal anything groundbreaking it did trigger me to consider the friendships I have now and those I've had in the past and the impact they've had on my life I've always leaned toward a smaller group of friends as I tend to get a little overwhelmed in larger groups and end up uietly sitting back while extroverted folks stand at center stage I found it interesting when she discussed friendships at work and productivity I work remotely and contrary to her opinion that having friends at work increases productivity I feel much productive working alone without the distractioninterruption I love that I have choice in the people I spend large amounts of time with now though I do have friendships started while working together that have persisted through the years while our careers have taken us in different directions and locales I think the most interesting portion of the book dealt with social media and how technology supports or hampers relationships now Yes there can be a dark side Being distracted by our phonestablets can be a barrier to deep conversation The anonymity of online mediums can breed negativity and bullying We always have a choice who we associate with digitally and can make the effort to disconnect when in the presence of our friends If someone's social media feed isn't adding to my life in some way I'm not afraid to unfollowunfriend them and I try to not let my phone distract me from the physical presence of friends Social media has made it possible to meet and build friendships with people I never would have had the opportunity to meet in the past and for that I'm grateful for the technological advances of the current age It's all in how we use the tools available to us