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mobi ´ doc Endgame AUTHOR Ann Aguirre 9781937007744 Free ☆ [Download] ➹ Endgame By Ann Aguirre – Regret nothing Sirantha Jax has the J gene which permits her to “jump” faster than light ships through grimspace She loves nothing than that rush but the star roads have to wait Her fiRegret nothing Sirantha Jax has the J gene which permits her to “jump” faster than light ships through grimspace She loves nothing than that rush but the star roads have to wait Her final mission takes her to La’heng Yes This is Sirantha Jax And I DNFed at 20% Lots of cursing to be expected don't say I didn't warn you Congratulations Ann Aguirre you managed to ruin what could have been the greatest series ever with the most amazing heroine ever Fuckup doesn't even begin to cover it Oh you really excelled here You actually did even better than KMM with Iced and Burned Now that is setting the bar VERY high I didn't think it was possible but hey you did it I DNFed your book when I managed to finish KMM's You win Big time I have three things to tell you Ann Aguirre ① You don't take what could have been the best series ever and turn it into The Young and The Restless in Outer Space view spoiler A FUCKING LOVE TRIANGLE With a bug as an added bonus You cannot be serious hide spoiler

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A planet subjugated during first contact Since then the La’hengrin homeworld has been occupied by foreign conuerors All that’s about to change Now as part of a grassroots resistance Jax means to liberate the La’hengri I’m so glad that I picked up this series – it has been a diverse and turbulent road for Sirantha but a most enjoyable and intriguing one for meEndgame is the final book in the series and it wraps up the series uite nicely with a satisfying conclusion This series is about Sirantha Jax’s life journey set in a science fiction world where Sirantha is determined to live life to the fullest and explore new planets and species This is not a love story It is my life and as such there is love loss war death and sacrifice It’s about things that needed to be done and choices made I regret nothing Endgame was a great read but I did miss the other crew members which are not in this book – Hit Constance Dina co though I suppose it replicates real life where people do come and go in our lives Sirantha becomes part of a resistance group in order to free the inhabitants of La’heng who have been enslaved by foreign conuerors Sirantha March Vel put their lives on the line in order to outsmart and outmanoeuvre the enemy The risks are high and they realise that freedom will come at a high costHer friendship will Vel is strong as ever as they go undercover to ferret out the enemy plans He’s my dearest friend He’s always supported me believing the best of me even when I screw up even when I don’t deserve it He’s my true north my compass for what’s right And her love for March is still intense and unwavering and though they have not had the easiest of paths she is determined to make it work I’m not one who gives up because things aren’t perfect You fight for what you love You commit to making the relationship better I don’t believe in the perfect match There’s the one you love enough to stay with; there’s the one who puts up with your shit When all the columns are tallied emotional profit and loss reckoned I will always always love him I love how Sirantha stays true to herself and gives 200% to right past mistakes and try to make the world a better place The war is not glorified and shows the harsh brutality and ruthlessness of both sides War is never clean It never comes down to heroes and villains Everyone does terrible things and the scars stay with you always even if they don’t show on your skin What stands out to me in this series is the deep real relationships between the characters and fascinating world that Ms Aguirre has created Though I am going to miss Sirantha March and Vel and their adventures this is certainly a series that I will cherish and re read again and again And I will certainly be reading of Ms Aguirre’s books – I love her writing style and the originality of her characters and plots So in summary Endgame is a fitting conclusion to a great series and I highly recommend this series to all

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Endgame AUTHOR Ann AguirN But political intrigue and guerrilla warfare are new to her and this will be the most dangerous game she’s ever played spies and conspiracies a war of weapons and hearts and not everyone is guaranteed to make it out ali I'm a little unsure about uite a bit of the content of this one But I mostly liked the ending More to come when I won't be spoiling it for my maniac mates Shelly and Sarah