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doc î The Highlanders Little Lass Little History #2 ↠ Kindle Edition read Å ava sinclair Å ☆ [PDF / Epub] ★ The Highlanders Little Lass Little History #2 By Ava Sinclair ✩ – As the daughter of a powerful highland lairdAs the daughter of a powerful highland laird Glynis McLeod should have made a fine wife for any Scotsman Having been deprived of discipline by her mother’s untimely passing however Glynis grew up wild and unchecked As a lass of twenty she has precious little respect for any man let alone a husband her father might choose for herBut even a doting father must obey his king and when the king demands a marriage to ensure lasting peace between rival clans Glynis finds herself the very reluctant bride of Bran McKi Can't believe I read this Hoo boy

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Nny Bran sets about training his feisty highland lass to be the obedient wife he expects Blushing cheeks and a sore bottom uickly help Glynis become the good little girl her husband desires but when danger threatens the king's peace will Bran recognize in time that there's to his young bride than meets the eye?Publisher’s Note The Highlander’s Little Lass is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings sexual scenes extensive age play anal play and If such material offends you please don’t buy this bo This is the first Highlander Romance I have read ever I typically don't go for historical romance but the cover drew me in and I knew I had to read this I recently discovered Ava Sinclair and fell in love Glynis Mcleod has been offered up for marriage as a part of a peace treaty between rivaling clans Her sassy attitude makes her a spitfire from the beginning but Bryan McKinnon is up for the challenge Leading an unsatisfying life of bedding women he longs for the woman that will sate his desiresGlynis is challenging from the beginning of their relationship but molds into a beautiful little wife Bryan has found himself in his wife Together they mold into the perfect blend of age play spanking and of course romanceWhen I started this I wasn't sure how Sinclair was going to incorporate age play into the time period I loved that Glynis was learning along the way and didn't know everything about a man and sex Sinclair thoroughly did her research and scored a home run with The Highlander's Little Lass

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The Highlanders Little Lass Little History #2Nnon Known as Bran the Bull both for his size and his fearsome sexual appetites he is a man accustomed to being obeyed a fact which is uickly impressed upon Glynis when her lack of decorum earns her a bare bottom spanking from her future husband in the great hall of her father’s castleAs soon as Bran lays eyes on Glynis he knows the fiery redhead is exactly what he's been seeking a woman who needs both the firm hand of a father figure and the dominant lovemaking of a husband With the help of her childhood na The BairnPeace between two rivals Highlanders is to be brokered by one Laird marrying the other Laird daughter The daughter all of 5foot nothing said NO to her father in front of all the men So the Laird gave her a hiding in front of them all Introducing submission to her