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FREE DOC È READER Silent No More ✓ 9780345544162 Î HORTICULTURETRADER ↠ [PDF] ✅ Silent No More By Aaron Fisher – Victim 1 at fourteen years of age spoke up against Jerry Sandusky in the Penn State scandal and now for the first time tells his storyAVictim 1 at fourteen years of age spoke up against Jerry Sandusky in the Penn State scandal and now for the first time tells his storyAaron Fisher was an eager and spirited eleven year old when legendary Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky recruited him into his Second Mile children’s charity Offering support at a critical time in Aaron’s life Sandusky gave him gifts and attention winning the boy’s trust even as he isolated him from his family and peers Before long Sandusky’s attention escalated into sexual assault When Aaron summoned the courage to speak up he found himself ostracized and harassed by the very people who were supposed to prot Silent No More is written by Aaron of course his psychologist Mike Gillum and his mother Dawn Daniels The story does not give too much information about the actual abuse It was handled very appropriately The story is really about the time period from when Aaron disclosed what had happened to him for the first time up until Sandusky was convictedI really enjoyed reading the story from the different view points involvedDawn Apparently Dawn has taken uite a bit of criticism People have had a lot of uestions about why she didn't see something why she trusted Sandusky etc I am embarrassed to admit that I had wondered some of the same things However hearing Dawn's point of view I now understand Gavin De Becker in his book Protecting the Gift talks about how our intutition warns us about things and unfortunately we all of us are prone to ignore it through denial minimalization and refusal Dawn did these things as almost all of us would Hopefully reading this book we can learn from her experience But Dawn deserves credit for the things she did right When Aaron told her she believed him she supported him and stood behind him For that I consider her a hero Any mom who is a mother bear for her child is a good momAaron I am also a survivor of childhood sexual abuse so I was horrified when I realized how many times he was expected to repeat his storyin detailI'm 46 and my abuse was a long time ago and I don't think I could do that I have talked to my therapist but I don't discuss the details with anyone else I can't imagine how Aaron found the courage at such a young age to share his story again and again to different state troopers and then to two grand juries Aaron is a hero to me Because he was so brave many boys lives will be spared I am so sorry for his pain I understand it as one who shares itMike I wish that every child that came forward about abuse could have the support and kindness that he showed not only to Aaron but to Dawn as well Mike's perspective was a wonderful addition to the bookThere is so much that can be gleaned from this book about how to prevent abuse warning signs to be aware of and what to do when a child comes forward shown by Dawn and Mike and unfortunately a lot of what not to do It should not have taken three years to arrest that monster As a fellow survivor that infuriates meA great book well worth the read

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Ect him The investigation set off by his coming forward would drag on for three years and would launch the biggest scandal in the history of sportsIn Silent No More Aaron Fisher recounts his harrowing uest to bring Sandusky’s crimes to light from the intense feelings of guilt that kept him from speaking up earlier and the fear he felt at accusing a man who was a pillar of the community and a hero to the largest alumni network in the world to the infuriating delays in the arrest and conviction of his abuser He catalogs the devastating personal toll the case took on him the shattered relationships panic attacks and betrayal of trust that continued to haun It's a sad and horrible story obviously of the long time abuse of a child by a local hero Years of torment not only from the abuse itself but the years following trying to get justice Freighting to read how much influence an important person of the community has how the place can be so blind to defend the offenders and not care about the victims That was interesting through a psychological standpointBut the book itself is uite boring though thankfully short It was lots of repetition and specially the mother's contribution was just repeating of what's been said previously and unnecessary The psychologist's chapters were the most interestingAll in all an okay uick read

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Silent No MoreT him even after the charges went public in the fall of 2011 But he also speaks of his mother’s desperate efforts to get him out of harm’s way the invaluable help of psychologist Michael Gillum and the vindication he felt at inspiring numerous other victims to step forward and at knowing that thanks to him there would be no future victims of Jerry SanduskyIn the end Aaron Fisher won his fight to expose the truth achieving some measure of closure Told in the honest and unforgettable voices of Aaron; his mother Dawn; and his psychologist Mike this inspiring book completes Aaron’s transformation from a nameless casualty into a resounding voice for chan Well written and informative thus book is one I'm glad I read I appreciate the courage of Aaron his mother and Mike in sharing their story and in persisting in the cause of justice I can especially relate to Aaron's mother Dawn and I applaud her for standing up for her son