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Shlemazel and the Remarkable Spoon of PohostOhost” Shlemazel gets busy tilling the and the Remarkable eBook #10003 poretz’s field helping the miller and baking cakes with pretty Chaya Massel Although “luck” remains elusive what Shlemazel and the Remarkabl. Luck is not something that young Jewish fellow Shlemazel ever felt was on his side In fact he was so convinced that something bad might happen to him he never left his front porch The local village people thought that he was lazy and worthless until one day when his friend Moshke developed a clever plan to get Shlemazel moving With the promise of luck just by using the remarkable spoon of Pohost Shlemazel set out to work Along the way he learned a trade found a sweet girl to marry and got his life together but still he admitted that he found no luck even with the spoon's help Shlemazel eventually determined that hard work is better than luck anyway This book would be a great way to initially submerse students in the Jewish culture assuming there weren't many or any in the class Between the Jewish names words and phrases I found myself checking the glossary at the back multiple times to help with comprehension as I think students would need to do as well I thought that the story was hard to follow at times and I had a hard time predicting where I thought it was going or how I thought it would end It doesn't exactly wrap the moral of the story up in a nice neat package like I would have liked and for that reason I think I would be less likely to use in the classroom

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Shlemazel and the Remarkable Spoon of Pohost Read î eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ☆ ➜ [Epub] ❧ Shlemazel and the Remarkable Spoon of Pohost By Ann Redisch Stampler ➦ – Lazy Shlemazel is convinced he has no luck But Moshke the tinker promises him that his lE Spoon of MOBI #10003 does find is even betterLively Chagall like illustrations capture the spirit of this traditional Jewish tale a funny and thought provoking look at how we make our own luck Author’s note glossary. Shlemazel’s name in Yiddish means “no luck” so when his friends tell him that he is lazy he protests saying “I am not lazy I’m unlucky” One Day Moshke the tinker of the village and a hardworking man decides to show the other villagers that Shlemazel is indeed lucky and able to be hardworking Moshke presents Shlemazel with the “amazing remarkable spoon of Pohost” telling him that it is the luckiest spoon that brings blessings to all that use it Using the spoon to look for luck Shlemazel realizes that he is not so unlucky after all and finds success through hard work Ann Redisch Stampler’s grandmother emigrated from the Eastern European village of Pohost brining with her many stories to tell her family One of the stories Stampler remembers her grandmother telling her is the story of Shlemazel At the end of the book is an author’s note giving background information and also a glossary with word pronunciation Jacueline M Cohen’s illustrations are vibrant and enjoyable bringing the character of Shlemazel to life The lesson to be learned from Shlemazel is that in the end hard work really does pay off Students in second grade through fourth grade would enjoy listening to this story as well as the illustrations This book could be used in a folk tale unit paired with other folk tales from other cultures

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Lazy Shlemazel is convinced he the Remarkable eBook #10003 has no luck But Moshke the tinker promises him that his luck Shlemazel and MOBI #10003 will change if he sets to work using the “amazing remarkable spoon of P. This is really well done It's long so be aware of that if using it for a read aloud but I like the way the story is constructed and told as well as the back matter that includes pronunciations and some family history of where the story came from My 5 year old was ENGROSSED