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Off Leash Freelance Familiars #1 kindle ä Kindle Edition ↠ ➭ [Ebook] ➨ Off Leash Freelance Familiars #1 By Daniel Potter ➹ – When Thomas Khatt awakens to the magical world following the sudden violent death of his elderly Archmagus neighbor he doesn’t get the standardWhen Thomas Khatt awakens to the magical world following the sudden violent death of his elderly Archmagus neighbor he doesn’t get the standard package of awesome power combined with a hero destiny Nope he trades his thumbs in for a tail tawny fur and four feet with a very low co efficient of friction on linoleum His destiny as one Off Leash was a semi finalist in the 2nd annual Self Published Fantasy Blog Off Full review on Fantasy Faction

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Of three talking mountain lions in the magical world? To be sold at auction and bonded to some pimply faced apprentice for life Thomas would rather eat dirty kitty litter Armed only with an impressive set of chompers and buckets of snark Thomas faces off against a lightning bolt throwing granny and a sexy union recruiter as he despera 35I was charmed by Off Leash I enjoyed Thomas' refusal to accept his given situation and insistence on doing the right thing The magic was surprisingly well developed and there was an interesting and amusing set of characters that were largely than shadows on the pageHowever I thought that as hard as Thomas tried to get his human self back we never fully came to grips with him I never missed him as anything other than an ideaFurther I thought the plot took so long to become apparent that it felt non existent Let me clarify that There is a plot but it ties itself together at the end and up until the last few pages when all the decisions Thomas makes throughout the book culminate it just felt like he was running around randomly reacting to stimuli placed before him It seemed a bit scatteredLastly I had a little trouble placing the genre It's fantasy certainly and if it weren't for the cursing and obliue references to sex I'd call it upper Middle Grade Fantasy especially with the illustrations that feel geared toward young readers but there is cursing and references to sex though not a lot sonot MG despite feeling MG The whole thing had a bit of a Terry Pratchett feel in the sense that it's sometimes ridiculous just for the sake of ridiculousness There were a few delicious ironies humor and some very readable writing So if you like that sort of book pick this one up

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Off Leash Freelance Familiars #1Tely tries hold the threads of his old life together To stay off the leash he’ll have to take advantage of the chaos caused by the Archmagus’ death and help the local Inuisition solve his murder A pyromanic suirrel religious werewolves and cat hating cops all add to the chaos as Thomas attempts to become the first Freelance Famili This book has a fantastic start Thomas Khatt did you cat that? wakes one day and has turned into a cougar He can't speak or shapeshift back He's now a feline for the rest of his life Just great I lose my voice but I get to keep my spare tire? Further proof that the universe itself is a sadistic bastardHe tries to use a computer wash and plenty of other things It was pretty hilarious and curious his situation that you can't help but keep reading One or two days and I'd be sticking my tongue where the sun don't shine without a thought about it Thomas is still very much at war with the idea that grooming with his tongue is sanitary I know he'd love a good brushingFantastic But then the book starts spending a huge amount of time explaining the magic system How or why people can turn into a familiar The politics of the magi world Bonding contracts Wards runes and other stuff The Council of whoeverSo instead of just playing along with the hilarious and lighthearted approach the book starts trying to be too seriousI think there's a problem nowadays when people think that magic needs to be almost scientifically explained instead of it just existing To simply have the story not solve everything with it or just keeping the limitsexplanations with the authorThen a lot of meandering around and what sealed the deal introducing too many characters left and right without giving them much page time and conseuently depthFor example the book begins when Archmage Archibald dies in front of Thomas and he becomes a cat It's clear later he was murdered? But who was he? We don't really know He wanted to kill the council? For what? And we never even see this council Then Sabrina appears and puts a spell on Thomas to allow him to talk After a little while she disappears from the story until the very endAngelica is Thomas' girlfriend who is mentioned in the beginning as Thomas thinks how she's gonna see the situation Then she is forgotten appears near the end disappears again reappears The same goes for Rudy a pyromaniac suirrel that shooks small fireworks like bazookas Then Cornealius Cindy Oric O'Meara a pack of werewolves a dragon some other familiars and stuff keep appearing very briefly and fading The dragon was curious and O'Meara had the most page time for a secondary character But she also disappears for a lot of timeI think that's the problem after the beginning The idea was great but then the story didn't know where it wanted to go from thereI even forgot who some of those characters were When we discover who killed Archibald I didn't had emotional investment neither on him nor on the killer The Council of Magi by the end had three open spots and that meant utter chaos for them but it was just impossible to connect with the event I think that the story lacked focus It was too disperse and the secondary characters too many with very little page time which in turn also affected Thomas' characterization as he never got to be close with anyone except O'Meara who also disappears for a huge part of the story just when they had started going Catnapped I was getting catnapped The fucking bastards were catnapping meThe concept was pretty good the humor is great and the beginning is fantastic I also appreciated Thomas refusal to simply bow down and accept things thrown at him Unfortunately after that it tried to do too many things at once and none got the depth it deserved specially considering the short length of the bookI received this from NetGalley so thanks to them for the read