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Hyde author Daniel LeviA reimagining of The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde from the monster's perspective Hyde makes a hero of a villain As a bonus Stevenson's original novel is included at the back Mr Hyde is hiding trapped in Dr Jekyll's surgical cabinet counting the hours until capture As four days pass he has the chance finally to tell the story of his brief marvelous lifeWe join Hyde awakened after years of dormancy in th. I picked up a copy of this book because it sounded very intriguing I have to tell you that after reading this book that I was a little sad when I finished it Mr Levine has a really good talent for telling a spelling bounding story with such depth and character development I instantly was in love with Hyde I never saw him as a villain but as a humanitarian In fact I liked him so much that when Hyde would disappear and Jekyll took over I was slightly disappointed The ending did not come as too much of a great surprise to me It was easy to put all the pieces together on what was going to happen This book is on the dark side of human nature I cannot wait to read the next book by Mr Levine

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Idence points to Mr Hyde Someone is framing him terrorizing him with cryptic notes and whisper campaigns Who can it be Even if these crimes weren't of his choosing can they have been by his handThough this classic has been often reinvented no one ever imagined Hyde's perspective or that he could be heroic Daniel Levine changes that A mesmerizing gothic Hyde tells the fascinating story of an underexamined villai. No one knows what it's like to be the bad man to be the sad man behind blue eyes Sympathy for the Devil I was expecting to be entertained by Daniel Levine's debut novel Hyde in which he retells RL Stevenson's classic story from Hyde's pov What I wasn't expecting was to actually feel a bit of sympathy for Hyde in this well written novel as he struggles to fit into a world in which he has no place desperately tries to understand what Jekyll expects of him and comes to be tormented by his own devilAs the story begins Hyde is hiding in the doctor's cabinet waiting for the end he knows is inevitable Through flashbacks and confused memories he slowly reveals his side of the story Of course the reader cannot really be sympathetic towards many of Hyde's actions but there is the suggestion that someone else is in his mind driving him to do these things Most of the onus falls on Jekyll as we get glimpses of his abused childhood his failing as a lover his checkered career as a psychiatrist his experimenting with drugs his act of rape and finally his sending another to commit a crime he has no stomach to pull off himself But is there a third personality at work here The details that flesh out this story are very imaginative and believable

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Hyde author Daniel Levine review ☆ 3 Û ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☆ Hyde Author Daniel Levine – Horticulturetrader.co.uk A reimagining of The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde from the monster's perspective Hyde makes a hero of a villain As a bonus Stevenson's original novel is included at the back Mr Hyde is hiding A reimaginE mind he hesitantly shares with Jekyll We spin with dizzy confusion as the potions take effect We tromp through the dark streets of Victorian London We watch Jekyll's high class life at a remove blurred by a membrane of consciousness We feel the horror of lost time the helplessness of knowing we are responsible for the actions of a body not entirely our ownGirls have gone missing Someone has been killed The ev. SLJ review LEVINE Daniel Hyde 448p Houghton Harcourt Mar 2014 Tr 24 ISBN 9780544191181AdultHigh School–Though The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde has been retold and reimagined countless times Levine separates his novel by delving deeply into the original text and drawing out all of the hints implications and loose ends in the story to create an even plausible energetic and powerful work than Stevenson’s justly classic novella Levine’s novel revolves around a brilliantly subtle characterization of Edward Hyde–not as Dr Jekyll claims in Stevenson’s work the “evil” side of Jekyll but a suppressed second personality created by Jekyll’s psyche to combat the sexual and emotional abuse heaped upon him by his father Jekyll unleashes the confused and psychologically tortured Hyde in order to experience the sexual side of his personality which he has otherwise repressed to the point of impotence The interplay between the personalities of Hyde and Jekyll–Hyde can see everything Jekyll does but Jekyll can actually control Hyde’s actions at times–troubles Hyde but he also relies on Jekyll to show him his purpose in life Hyde and Jekyll’s precarious double life becomes complicated when an MP named Sir Danvers Carew becomes overly interested in Jekyll’s psychological research but the real troubles begin when Hyde realizes that there may be another personality lurking within their shared body Levine’s novel is exuisite–layered and thematically complex while remaining true to the story’s roots as a mystery thriller Teen readers of that genre–especially those with a Victorian bent such as Rick Yancey’s The Monstrumologist S S 2009–should be enthralled Meanwhile fans of Stevenson’s story– which has never lacked for teenaged readers–will be pleasantly surprised by Levine’s ingenious take–Mark Flowers John F Kennedy Library Vallejo CA