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REVIEW µ HORTICULTURETRADER.CO.UK Ö Se-yong O Elouently presenting a universal human experience O also brings a delightful and exotic insight into Korean society Whereas Manwa Korean comics can be much than we expec. I highly recommend this book It is a graphic novel about life in Korea It has nudity so i would suggest this book only if the reader is mature The graphic novel is broken into different stories but teaches a morals or a message Chapter 1 The Little Alley Watcher In chapter 1 it is about a little girl who waits for her parents to return from farming Nari the little girl and her parents are the only one in the town because everyone else left he village to Seoul Nari is lonely and only has the comfort of her loyal dog that tries to comfort her when she is lonely aww dogs man's best friend Chapter 2 Fire Ki Su a boy that comes from a poor family His mother is very pretty and his dad is lazy One day Ki Su is dared to get a apple from the Orchard While taking an apple from the Orchard he sees his mother with the Orchard owner lying under the tree intercourse The Orchard owner is providing support to Ki Su's family Ki Su is traumatized and is angry at what he sees Things where never the same Until one day a game festival is held at the same time a fire is started Ki Su hears his fathers laughter in the flames Ki Su joins in and throws a fire stick at the Orchards hut and watches it burn I guess that is one way to release stress The mother is very strong because she is willing to do anything to support her family She is very brave and sadly this still happens in today's society people have to make sacrifices to achieve things Chapter 3 There is a man and he is working at a office and has a dream He dreams that the city has been in a disaster and people and being captured by a gang of hunters Either being captured for food or slavery He wakes up and realizes it was a dream and heads to the lobby of the office and realizes that everyone is a slave at the office They all have messy clothe and are dirty Makes me think of work it enslaves all of us There is 13 chapters but i dont want to bore you My favorite chapter is Chapter 6 The Snake Catcher Brothers' Dream It is my favorite because their is 2 brothers who catch snakes for a living and sell them to the snake medicine shop They put all of the savings into a black can and hope to buy their own shop one day Until one day another snake catcher comes and is trying to steal their territory for catching snakes The brothers are watching him carefully A couple of days later the new snake catcher finds a white snake and people say it is worth a lot of money and he becomes rich and famous While the brothers are angry and jealous of his fortune They wondered when will their day come They decide to be like the other snake catcher and do nothing and depend on their luck to find a white snake They use up all of their money from the black can on alcohol and girls Until they ran out of money They yell at the black can and smashes the can to the floor They have no money This is my favorite chapter because the black can was their white snake They could have used the money for better things and could of had a better life They were blind to see that the black can was their ticket out of poverty Also it was pretty fun when the brothers broke the can because they blamed their failure on the can What fools Most of the stories talk about life and society It brings to light the most corrupt things in society and how things are in life This book also makes me think about today's society and how things that happened in the past still happen in today's society Even in today's society there is technology and knowledge Yet society is still corrupt and unfair

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REVIEW ò Buja's Diary Ö ❮Epub❯ ➟ Buja's Diary Author Se-yong O – From Korea comes a collection of incisive observant short stories by a leading artist Reading these thirteen exceptional stories is an experience similar to appreciating a touching poem or watching a From Korea comes a collection of incisive ob From Korea comes a collection of incisive observant short stories by a leading artist Reading these thirteen exceptional stories is an experience similar to appreciating. The moralizing tone and exaggerated character designs make the debt to Will Eisner clear but as with much of Eisner's work the storytelling tends to be simplistic and obvious making it hard to take the work seriously

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Buja's DiaryA touching poem or watching a series of stills from a silent movie Combining the traits of different artistic genres O has indeed created his own world of comic art While. “In other words past mistakes he wanted to forget gradually disappear But he subconsciouslyfeels he must make amends for his mistakes” The graphic novel Buja’s Diary by Seyeong O is a graphicnovel comprised of short stories Many of the characters remain anonymous but the most prominentcharacters Park Ahn and Seo remain important characters The novel is mainly about a man who istrying to remember life moments but he can only remember them in fragments As if he has amnesia and cannot collect his thoughts any The storyline does not progress in chronological order rather it continues in a rather jumbled motion hopping between his childhood adulthood and everything in between This book would be enjoyed by readers that are searching for a moral in their novels because this book is comprised of numerous short stories that all have separate messages but tie together into one big theme The novel uses a lot of intense imagery For example in the first short story “The Little Alley Watcher” the story begins with a strong line of “Child is crying” The three words can easily portray anguish and desperation along with the pictures of a child sitting alone on a hill watching over an empty village As the short story progresses we ride along as the child uickly becomes a teenage boy On page 42 when the boy becomes angry and throws a flaming stick into the window of the orchard’s hut the uote “The gong could still be heard in the distance Apple trees wavered with the dancing flames The cuckoo continued crying” we can easily picture the apple trees dancing with flames as the loud bangs of the gong rings in the background and the birds caw in the distance singing their sad song Sensory words are used in such a way that the apple trees almost come alive as you read the book and see the pictures of the flames embracing the trees A final example is on page 161 there are little words but the pictures almost come alive The pictures come from different angles that show first the bowl of rice wine that pours into the bowl while the words “Gush gush gush gush” follow the liuid that overflows the small bowl then the second which is the man who’s mouth is evidently drooling while looking at the wine and lastly the two pictures that show his hand reaching for the wine and pouring it greedily into his mouth The second most obvious attribute of this book that makes it so uniue is the connotation that is used to portray emotion For example on page 111 “The unknown man’s tongue seemed to flicker and mock them from his bonfire They stared at the fire until it died out” The author brings the fire alive He uses the words such as “flicker” “unknown” and “mock” to create a sort of ominous tone for the readers to feel as if they were there too with the two men staring at the fire Another example is on page 132 “The days after that were filled with tears I trapped wild cats and begged for rice to feed my mother She was still skin and bones and losing her hair” This uote illustrates a melancholy sadness that can only be expressed through loss Loss of hair loss of body structure even loss of dignity The words “tears” “trapped” “begged” “skin and bones” and “losing” all create a mood that is almost desperate or torturedFinally the most exceptional part of this book is the way the author hops between time periods but still allows for the reader to make sense of all of it The story goes between first childhood to middle aged to older back to adolescent and then finally to the most basic infant stage I do recommend this book but this book is aimed towards those that are emotionally mature If you do not understand the emotion of this book you will most likely not understand the morals of the story at all However it is still definitely a good read and it is an inspiring book that people should read