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Free download Barcelona 108 ¼ ❰Download❯ ➾ Barcelona Author Robert Hughes – Barcelona is Robert Hughes's monumentally informed and irresistibly opinionated guide to the most un Spanish city in Spain Hughes scrolls through Barcelona's often violent history; tells the stories o Barcelona is Robert Hughes's monumeElls the stories of its kings poets magnates and revolutionaries and ushers readers through municipal landmarks that range from Antoni Gaudi's sublimely surreal cathedral to a postm. Robert Hughes is a cantacertous art critic who has produced some fineretrospectives on American and Modern Art He describes himself primarily a writer who writes about art which will make senseafter reading Barcelona This is wonderful combination economiccultural history of a place that is its own nation Respectfulbut not reverential Hughes examines the economic success of Catalonia and the cultural supportors it spawned Another important factor fordefining the Catalonia identity is that is neither Spanish nor French but has been dominated by both of their influences

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Odern restaurant with a glass walled urinal The result is a work filled with the attributes of Barcelona itself proportion humor and seny the Catalan word for triumphant common sens. I happened on this book by accident a few years back and relished it An ode to the city and to love and is maybe accessible to readers who found the earlier and fatter 'Barcelona' fabulous but hard work Next time you visit leave TimeOut and LPlanet behind way too ponderous and beaten track in any case and instead take this lovely work with you I'm re reading it now and reflecting how much we miss Bob Hughes his prose his acerbic originality and intellect simply knowing he was there to cleverly brutally take down the pompous and popularly shallow in the art world and the wider world and to acknowledge the brave the beautiful the funny and the things that properly matter We miss that voice Vale come back

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BarcelonaBarcelona is Robert Hughes's monumentally informed and irresistibly opinionated guide to the most un Spanish city in Spain Hughes scrolls through Barcelona's often violent history t. You know when gazing fork in hand upon a butifarra—the fresh pork sausage of Catalunya—with its attendant white beans that you are looking at the Truth and better yet on the point of cutting into its blistered and slightly blackened skin that you are about to taste the Truth of sausagehood too In just a couple weeks I’ll be taking my first trip to Barcelona I’m excited to go Barcelona is often talked about here as a kind of anti Madrid While Madrid is central and conservative Barcelona is regional and liberal; while Madrid is thoroughly Spanish Barcelona is only dubiously so I love Madrid but nobody ever calls Madrid the Great Enchantress The rivalry between their two football teams is comparable in ferocity to that between the Yankees and the Red Sox or so I’m told “You’re going to love it” a man from Barcelona told me the other day “It’s not like Spain at all It’s like another country” To prepare I read through this teeny book It is everything you would expect from Hughes stylish prose a sardonic sense of humor and a focus on art especially architecture Probably around half of this book consists of descriptions of notable buildings in the city; the other half is part history part culture and part autobiography Barcelona is clearly a special city to Hughes—after all this is the second book he's written about it His love for the place is infectious especially whenever he goes into raptures about the food there are kinds of sausage fresh and cured than there are poets in New Jersey and their rich fatty smoky flavors induce deeper reveries Since I haven’t gone yet I can’t say how helpful or accurate the book is In any case he has certainly succeeded in making me excited to visit this anti Madrid of the east and to gorge myself on architecture and sausageUPDATE Having just traveled to Barcelona I am happy to report that this book is an excellent guide I saw the works of Gaudí extraordinary I strolled down the Passeig de Gracia lovely I wandered through the gothic uarter very hip and most importantly I ate butifarra and white beans scrumptious It's a splendid city and this is a splendid book