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After Author Amy EfShe turns Devon into an empathetic character a girl who was in such deep denial that she refused to believe she was pregnant Through airtight writing and fast paced gripping storytelling Ms Efaw takes the reader on Devon's unforgettable journey toward clarity acceptance and redemption Devon Davenport is in denial She’s always wanted to be different from her mother a single parent whose poor choices in life got her knocked up when she was too young and have had her running away from bad relationships bad jobs and other bad decisions ever since So far Devon has been successful – a model student a reliable babysitter an amazing soccer player She’s smart motivated reliable – all of the things her mom is not But then she meets a guy And in the heat of the moment they have unprotected sex And Devon gets pregnant And suddenly she’s becoming her mother and she’s terrified She absolutely cannot be pregnant Devon puts that possibility so far out of her mind that when she actually gives birth one morning at home in the bathroom she’s shocked and horrified So very horrified that she takes her newborn baby puts IT in a garbage bag and puts it out with the trash – believing that she’s taken care of the problem and no one has to know not even herself what happened But the baby is discovered and Devon’s terrible secret comes to light almost immediately afterward and then – thanks to the media – everyone finds out what she did Devon’s story is told in a series of flashbacks as she talks to her lawyer and psychiatrist and culminates in a hearing where witnesses testify for and against her and it is determined whether or not she should be tried as an adult or a child This story would have been successful meaningful powerful if I’d been able to better identify with the protagonist But Devon was frustratingly silent and stubborn She either can’t or won’t come to terms with what she’s done although there’s an excellent explanation for this toward the end of the novel when her psychiatrist builds the case that Devon was in denial the whole time and she’s not forthcoming with the details which drives her lawyer and me crazy Devon seems to be almost dead inside and it’s really hard to empathize with her The choices that she makes – not to seek help not to imagine the possibility that she may be pregnant not to talk to the people who love her – are just as poor as the ones her mother made although they are different Despite all of the positive recommendations she receives from the people who know her she wasn’t all that likeable Devon eventually does win the right to be tried in the juvenile system and the legal proceedings leading up to that decision are really detailed and interesting And Devon is finally able to understand what she did and own it internalize it and feel the guilt and responsibility that go with that If nothing else this story will make you think about the circumstances that led to Devon’s decision and wonder how many other women have found themselves in similar situations – where they felt they had no other options That is what’s most chilling

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Von home sick from school as they investigate the case of an abandoned baby Soon the connection is made Devon has just given birth; the baby in the trash is hers After That Morning there's only one way to define Devon attempted murdererAnd yet gifted author Amy Efaw does the impossible Reviewed by Karin Librarian for TeensReadToocomDevon is a young athletic girl with a bright future as a soccer player The Olympics have even been linked to her name How could a girl like this end up doing something as horrible as throwing a newborn baby in the trash along with other refuse from around the house?While canvasing the apartment building looking for information about the abandoned baby a police officer finds his way to Devon's door Her mother recently home from a night shift at Safeway answers the door and starts her usual flirting She informs the officer that her daughter Devon stayed home from school that day because she was sick It doesn't take long for him to put two and two togetherVery uickly Devon is thrust into a world she never imagined for herself A world filled with kids with problems complicated than she has ever experienced A world in a juvenile detention facility under observation 24 hours a day A world without anyone she can call a friendThe reader witnesses Devon's story unfold piece by piece almost as if we are understanding what transpired at the same time Devon does What readers will find most amazing about the entire story is the level of denial Devon immerses herself in so as to function every day Devon isn't always a likable character mostly because of the strict discipline she holds herself to in terms of school work and soccer She rarely lets herself loose which means people don't know who she really is including the readerI didn't want to stop reading I needed to find out what pushed Devon to do something so horrible Through conversations with her lawyer in preparation for a trial to determine whether or not she'll be judged in the juvenile system or be sent to the adult courts we get a good picture of what was going through Devon's head AFTER is definitely an engaging read

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Download After Author Amy Efaw Doc ✓ 350 pages õ Amy efaw Ç ❰Reading❯ ➷ After Author Amy Efaw – An infant left in the trash to die A teenage mother who never knew she was pregnant Before That Morning these were the words most often used to describe straightAn infant left in the trash to die A teenage mother who never knew she was pregnant Before That Morning these were the words most often used to describe straight A student and star soccer player Devon Davenport responsible hardworking mature But all that changes when the police find De A PSEUDO REVIEW FOR THOSE WONDERING WHAT THIS IS ABOUTThe publisher asked for a review to be posted around the pub date which is in August which means I won't get around to it for a while But here you have a bit of a previewIt's about this girl Devon who dumps her baby in the trash She's fifteen The book opens with her mom coming home from her bartending job and Devon lying in the couch almost unconscious Her mom's kind of flaky so she doesn't even notice how sick Devon is just semi chastises her for missing school and launches into a story of how they'd found a baby in the dumpster just outside their apartment complex A few minutes later a police officer comes knocking on the door with his partner because they're canvassing the place He asks the mom if she'd heard anything or knew of anyone who'd been pregnant lately She says she had JUST gotten home and said Devon might know something all the while flirting with the officersSo they come in and see Devon there on the couch losing consciousness Her mom gets annoyed that she won't get up and begins tugging on her to do so Then she yanks the big bulky blanket Devon was under and they all see all this blood around her legs and lower stomach The officers arrest her her mom goes crazy and she loses consciousnessThe book chronicles what happened before and after that some flashbacks explaining how Devon this super devoted serious student and über talented soccer player became pregnant and came to dump her baby and the court process It's a truly compelling read What I truly loved is that it doesn't get overbearing or try to justify the crime itself but rather explains how Devon or any girl really might get there There wasn't any condescending or overly sympathetic tone in the narrative no interruption from the author absolutely nothing very straightforwardI will say the ending sort of disappointed me but I'd still recommend this book in a heartbeatWill I have anything for a proper review now? P