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Free download Broken Trust 109 ï ➱ Broken Trust Read ➹ Author Jaymin Eve – They think they own me now They think they’ve won and that I’ll be their good little soldier Four dangerous damaged messed up boys There used to be five but one of them died and I’m starting to They think they own me now They think theThey think they own me now They think they’ve won and that I’ll be their good little soldier Four dangerous damaged messed up boys There used to be five but one of them died and I’m starting to suspect he was murderedI didn't ask for this No one would ask to be played manipul. LIVE EARLY DARK ROMANCE SET IN ELITE HIGH SCHOOLBook 2LIVE | AMZ US | AMZ UK |Books in Dark Legacy series should be read in orderBook 1 Broken WingsBook 2 Broken TrustBook 3 Broken Legacy

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Ated seduced and betrayed But that’s what happened anyway It wasn’t enough for them to break me Sebastian Beckett has decided that he can’t let me go but I refuse to forgive and forget his betrayal so easily His fixation is bordering on obsession but when we begin to suspect. ⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱Has Lots Its Edge⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱ Riley turns 18 years old 80% into this book meaning that the timeline from book one until the 80% point had been 2 months 2 months are not bad but it doesn't feel like it's been 2 months only a couple of weeks And frankly I wish the timeline was longer to make the bond feel real I mean it feels to odd when Riley says things like sitting in our usual spot when the first time she's sat there was the day before That said I've lost a bit of interest in this book as there is not build up any I like enemies turned lovers but not when it's soo fast And being in a relationship is apparently not a good look on Beck as he seems softer and nice almost I liked him badass dark and dangerous sexy and alpha male I felt like in this book he lost a bit of the edge he had in book one Overall I still liked it somewhat but the problems I had overshadowed what might have been a nice readCharacters → Riley ‘Riles’ ‘Butterfly’ ‘Spare’ Jameson 17 turns 18 orphan as her parents died in a car accident→ Sebastian ‘Beck’ Roman Becket 20 the leader of the billionaire boys club A Delta’s successor the inheritors of a fortune Militant Delta Finances that out masses the rest of the world’s combined They control so much than you can even imagine and they have enemies Delta controls sixty five percent of the money in the world→ Dante Riley's best friend A gang member of the Grims→ Mrs Catherine ‘Debitch’ Deboise Riley's birth mother Deboise was a huge worldwide bank originating in Europe Catherine is the daughter of one of Huntley’s CEOs Delta's biggest enemy→ Stewart ‘Stew’ the head of staff here at Deboise Estate→ Edith ‘Eddy’ Langham of Langham Finance→ Jasper Eugene Langham Eddy's brother A Delta’s successor→ Evan Lincoln Rothwell his family owns half of Europe and they fund most of the big businesses in the world A Delta’s successor→ Dylan Grant his family is also involved in finance and banking A Delta’s successor→ Oscar Deboise almost 21 was Riley's brother He was killed a month ago Oscar was the planned successor for the Deboise fortune A Delta’s successor→ Brittley ‘Britt’ she’s Beck's group's pass around girl when they have nothing better to do She’s been trying to claim one of the guys for years but they just use her like the w she is→ Richard Deboise Riley's birth father→ Jimmy runs car races→ Mr Rome Beckett Beck’s father→ Serena almost 30 Dante’s older sister Rob Laidner who was a few years older than Serena was a police officer her husband Rob was raising Dante’s niece Chloe like she was his own→ Katelyn Huntley a new student at Riley's school who Eddy hacked into her school records and found out that she’s enrolled under Katelyn French but her birth certificate has her surname as Huntley She’s the youngest daughter of Graeme Huntley CEO of Huntley Tech His wife Christie Huntley view spoilerGraema is Catherine’s brother Riley's uncle hide spoiler

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Broken TrustA spy within Delta there’s no time to deal with his feelings Someone is selling us out and it’s having a dire impact It’s life and death hiding behind corporate greedLet the battle beginThis dark contemporary romance features four sexy dangerous boys but is NOT a reverse hare. 1 Broken Wings | ★★★★½2 Broken Trust | ★½3 Broken Legacy | won't read15 StarsUnpopular opinion alertWhat a disappointmentview spoilerThe first 20% or so were great I loved that Riley didn't give in and stayed stubborn because I would have done the same Let them grovelBut you know what Her hypocrisy at the end was driving me nuts and I just couldn't respect her any Sure circumstances were a bit different but why tf did she think it would be okay for her to keep secrets In her own words What happened to no secretsThe whole book she stayed passive and when she finally decides to become active she does something totally stupid Decision made she couldn't help but thinkI knew it was stupid I was well aware I was the fucking moron heroine in the scary movie that deliberately ran away from the highly trained men that cared about her and were trying to protect her Yes girl you are a moron I couldn't have said it any better And as if saying that would make everything better somehowWe don't know if her dumb action will have any conseuences because OF fucking COURSE it ends in a cliffhangerBut you know what My biggest problem wasn't even the heroine It was the plotIt was so bizarre reading about the events in this bookh gets beaten and nearly raped Sure okay Moving on h gets nearly killed by an assassin whatever next h gets drugged by her father Alrighty then Everything just got brushed off somehowI know this is not a stereotypical story Things like this happen in this series But while in book 1 I was still like wtf is going on 90% of the time the events in book 2 just left me cold The novelty has worn off and everything felt so boring Nothing really happens and too much happens at the same time They do all that badass shit and then switch back to mundane stuff like apartment hunting bullying at school birthday parties and mushy declarations The book tried too hard to bring some kind of balance between the weird and normal stuff and I wished the authors had just concentrated on either one because the weird stuff was just too extreme in contrast to the normal everyday eventsWhat this book is missing is a goal It feels like they just go along with whatever their parents say and if they discover something along the way great if not also ok There is absolutely no urgency in what they do They don't actively work towards a goal and do stuff They just take it however it comes Catherine has her own goal Dante is hiding something Richard is doing something Oscar was probably murdered They all know that But do they really do something Noo it's like their motto is if we find out we find out but for now let's just keep it in the back of our minds somewhere Why not do something immediately Over and over again we get to read about how powerful they are that they rule the school that they are trained for extreme situations and can do nearly everything but in the end they are only heirs in training and actually can't do shit So basically we as the reader know nothing Where is this series even going I don't know how the authors are going to wrap this up in the last installmentThis book felt a lot like a filler with information sprinkled here and there and then BAM the big cliffhanger hide spoiler