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Summary á An Isolated Incident ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Á ➻ [Reading] ➽ An Isolated Incident By Emily Maguire ➰ – When 25 year old Bella Michaels is brutally murdered in the small town of Strathdee the community is stunned and a media storm descendsUnwillingly thTed MOBI #10003 a barmaid at the local pub whose apparent easygoing nature conceals hard won wisdom and the kind of street smarts only experience can bringAs Chris is plunged into despair and searches for answers reasons exp. This is a book about violence towards women societal misogyny and the publicmedia's limited and temporary interest in victims of violence especially if they're young and pretty Important subject matter and we certainly need fiction exploring these stories but disappointing writing and execution here deserved nuance The writing was painfully pedestrian the main characters were badly drawn and the book was a poor attempt at a thriller dressed up to seem like literary fiction Such a crude exploration of these issues The writing made me cringe a few times There were some moments of clarity where the rage was powerful but not enough to redeem

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Lanation anything that could make even the smallest sense of Bella's death her ex husband friends and neighbours do their best to support her But as the days tick by with no arrest Chris's suspicion of those around her grows. An Isolated Incident is a different kind of crime novel which focuses not on the whodunit or the investigation but on the aftermath of such an event In this case the Sister of the victim and the young reporter sent in to cover the case are under the spotlight and it is a hugely immersive character study a truly human story that creeps up under your skinIt is beautifully told a realistic literary prose that takes us through the month following a horrific murder as family friend’s and community struggle to come to terms with loss of many kindsChris is a hugely sympathetic character far from perfect but slowly spiralling down as days go by you feel every inch of her emotional trauma May whose career may well end up being made on the back of another’s suffering struggles with it all and with herself most of allAn Isolated Incident is a beautiful brutal utterly riveting psychological drama one that takes an edgy and insightful look at crime from the underneath of it all it is darkly complex and completely compelling throughoutRecommended

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An Isolated IncidentWhen year old Bella Michaels is brutally murdered in the small town of Strathdee the community is stunned and a media storm descendsUnwillingly thrust into the eye of that storm is Bella's beloved older sister Chris An Isola. 25★“On the day after they found Bella’s body Vicky sat in my kitchen and told me that when she was sixteen her nineteen year old brother had been stabbed to death after intervening in a street fight down in Melbourne”I’ve read that this is a psychological thriller about violence against women I purposely chose this uotation as an example of violence but not necessarily against women I think it's about grief and loss and lonelinessThe two main characters not counting poor Bella are women Bella’s much older sister Chris and a city journalist covering the story May We are told by every single person that Bella was a pretty adored angelic perfect aged care worker Who would want to rape and kill her and leave her body by the woods Chris is a free loving free living barmaid with an ex husband Nate who has been violent in the past and with whom she’s still in love Chris invites the bar patrons she fancies home for a good time and when one leaves her some money is she horrified Nope In fact she continues to bring fellas home and accept their money She has scruples though She doesn’t solicit exactly She just makes a point of bending low and showing off her ample cleavage in front of the men she fancies It’s her display if you like and they obviously do like The other men don’t get a look in literally or figuratively and she now has a list of repeat customers excuse me regular visitors The only people who really seem to mind her lifestyle are the guys she’s turned down She has standards as well as scruples it seems Bella of course wasn’t privy to all of this and lived her nice clean life in her own home in the small Australian town they grew up in Strathdee It seems to me people are always uick to apologise for their hometowns This is especially true of teenagers who are convinced anywhere else is better up to date sophisticated interesting than wherever they happen to be while they’re in their teens But I digress” “At school we had an expression Strathdee good It meant that something was tops by Strathdee standards but not much chop compared to anything you’d get outside of here”When Bella’s murder makes the news online journalist May takes herself to Strathdee to try to get some inside info and local colour She’s not very impressed with the town and she’s also pining for her lover back in Sydney He’s married and his wife is pregnant with their fourth child and has just found out about May So May has to lie low Miserable but lowChris is desperately miserable wailingly so and immediately calls her ex Nate who is always at her beck and call Mind you Nate also has a new partner pregnant with their first child And later in the book when the police are searching high and low for clues there is a suggestion that Bella may also have had some connection with a – wait for it – married man whose dying wife is in the nursing home where she worksChris’s and May’s voices were so much the same – their love of sex and men and their desperate need for a warm body in their beds – that I couldn’t have told them apart except that Chris’s chapters are first person and May’s are third person May wails herself to snotty sleep over her married lover the same as Chris wails about Nate no longer being hers Of course Chris’s pain about Bella is unmatched by anyone else’s She is truly distraught and even hallucinating“The loss of her is already too much and then there’s the other thing – the end of being loved in the way only my sister could love me What I feel for her survives and that hurts like battery acid every minute but worse is that what she felt for me died with her I will never be loved like that again”I have not described the police work which wasn’t much chop even for Strathdee and I’ve completely skipped the ghost story elements and the luring of the men into beds Except for the occasional jumping at shadows and worries about going out at night it wasn’t a thriller and certainly not a psychological oneI actually saw this as a demonstration of how the women Chris and May were using their bodies to attract male attention rather than the men taking advantage of their “feminine weakness” Nate was the only character I liked actually trying to be all things to all peopleI finished it only to see the loose ends tied up but was sorely disappointed by the “ending” It wasn’t the book I was looking forward to after seeing it up for a couple of awards but I guess I’m the one out of step here Ah well Won’t be the last time I’m sure