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EPUB ☆ MOBI Otherworld Last Reality #1 î 9781101939321 ß HORTICULTURETRADER ↠ ❰Epub❯ ➛ Otherworld Last Reality #1 Author Jason Segel – Horticulturetrader.co.uk The company says Otherworld is amazing — like nothing you’ve ever seen before They say itF reality It’s everything you’ve ever wantedAnd it’s about to change humanity foreverWelcome to the Otherworld No one could have seen it comi This has got to be the one of the best YA books I have ever listened to I heard in audio book format The characters are awesome even the side characters the world building is amazing and the uest is every gamers fantasy to be part of a gamewow The villains are many the heroes are real and the fight could cost you your life the book is funny as hell with “nerdy” references all around and many mentions of “the one” I was laughing out loud with this audiobook Highly recommend this book to everyone small and large young and old believe me you will love it

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The company says Otherworld is amazing like nothing you’ve ever seen before They say it’s addictive that you’ll want to stay forever They Edit 47 After further reflection I'm dropping my rating to 3 stars I feel this rating better reflects the balance between elements I enjoyed and elements I was underwhelmed by4 stars I enjoyed this readMy favorite thing about Otherworld is the world I love modern sci fi stories especially those involving virtual reality so Otherworld was a great choice for me personally Though there are many stories on the market that are similar I feel the way in which the world expands leaves it larger and uniue than others It’s development definitely leaves room for a larger story in book two and I am anticipating seeing where this world goes nextI also really enjoyed the comedic value of the story I adore reading a book from an author I know as a person such as Jason Segel and being able to identify their particular sense of humor There were so many moments where a funny line would arise and I would immediately be able to say “Jason Segel totally wrote this”I REALLY disliked our main character – It is not freuent that I don’t like a protagonist I even usually end up liking protagonists that are MEANT to be unlikeable so this fact did put a damper on the story for me I found him very abrasive defiant of authority to an unreasonable extent though of course some of that defiance is warranted as the story progresses and impulsive in a way that is not so charming Though I did enjoy Simon’s friendshiprelationship to his best friend Kat I feel his dedication to her did border on obsessive at some points and the whole “must save the damsel and distress” motive did become tiresome very uickly Additionally this book feeds so deeply into “The Chosen One” trope with people legitimately telling Simon every 5 seconds “You’re the One Simon” and I just can’t wrap my head around One thing I did like about Simon besides his sense of humor is his nose? Simon constantly refers to his large “kishka” and though I could have live without a few less mentions of it I always appreciate characters with insecurities and “not traditionally attractive” traitsThere is a scene at the beginning of the novel where Simon threatens to distribute someone’s nude photos revenge porn is a crime y’all that I vehemently condemn I understand a lot of people don’t find it to be an issue because “characters shouldn’t always be perfect” and “it’s clearly not an admirable action” which is of course true but I feel the tone of the scene is what determines if this is meant to be an action we as readers “know” is bad or if it is being passed over I think if it was the bullies who were threatening to share Simon or Kat’s nude photos we would automatically say “oh well of course this is a bad action” but because Simon is using this to deter the bullies there is a sort of congratulatory nature to the scene because the bullies are “getting what they deserve” It was especially disappointing to me as Simon moments before expresses how women should “be allowed to do what they want with their bodies” and I was so pleased to see a boy in YA who seemed to be a feminist yet he threatens revenge porn the sentence after Overall it was extremely disappointing and could have been so easily avoidedMy final dislike about the story is the ending It felt very incomplete? There are loose endings that resolved issues and while that it obviously a goal for a book with a seuel on the way it felt very unfinished I felt the book needed a handful of additional chapters to make the ending feel satisfying yet still open for growth Unfortunately it left me feelings like I was missing the last few pagesOverall an enjoyable read and a great audiobook narrated by Jason Segel himself Will consider reading book two when it is published

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Otherworld Last Reality #1Promise Otherworld will make all your dreams come trueSimon thought Otherworld was a game Turns out he knew nothing Otherworld is the next phase o Otherworld is a game the kind I've always wanted to play The participants leave their physical bodies behind and step literally into the game Virtual reality is an amazing premise and one I hope to see often in science fiction novelsI thoroughly enjoyed reading this book It moves with a good pace is thrilling entertaining and there's not a single dull moment I finished it in a single dayHowever it's definitely a book for young adults and the writing style is aimed at the younger age bracket The story is simple and straightforward and the teenage love story made the novel less interesting for me People who have read Tad Williams' Otherland or similar books might think this is not as original as it could beThe characters are definitely well developed teenagers that sound authentic and the world building is intriguing if a bit lackingI would recommend this to people who enjoyed the Maze Runner series and loved Ready Player One not because of the 80s nostalgia but because of the focus on virtual reality