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free read Notorious ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB · [Epub] ➟ Notorious Author John George Pearson – Ever since the Kray twins invited John Pearson to write their 'official' biography than forty years ago he has been obsessed with them After they were jailed in 1969 for thirty years for murder PeaRnell and Jack 'the Hat' McVitie There are facts about the twins' obsession with publicity and how far this made them 'actor criminals' murdering for notoriety Most riveting of all are the chapters which reveal how Ron Kray caused a major sexual scandal in which a prime minister together with other leading politicians condoned the most outrageous establishment cover up in British politics since the war The Immortal Murderers contains many surprises but the one thing that emerges is that the Kray twins were not only stranger but also far important than anyone ever suspected Fascination with them will forever remain they will never lose their role as the immortal murderer. Notorious The Immortal Legend of the Kray Twins by John Pearson I guess all of us have heard the name The Krays for most of our lives if you are older and all of your lives if you are younger Talking about the Kray twins is like talking about The Beatles There is so much already written known believed suspected or guessed at already albeit true or false that attempting to write anything new or interesting or intelligent is a very brave undertakingJohn Pearson was the official biographer of the Krays They asked him to write their story after Truman Capote refused This is his second biography of the twins He wrote the first one A Profession of Violence when they were near the peak of their success After they read it he went into hiding because the twins did not like it and they were going to kill him But within a short period of time the book became an outrageous best seller and that made the the name Kray a household word in England So they forgave him because the book gave them what they wanted They wanted to be famousThere were two problems with the twins They were homosexual at a time and a place where that was the last thing you would want to be Ronnie Kray was a psychopathic paranoid schizophrenic and a very dangerous manNot only did Ronnie think everyone was out to kill him he made a list of who they were and systematically worked his way down that list and killed them first When he took his meds he was OK which was most of the time From everything in the book life around Ronnie was fraughtI am not going to run through the many apocryphal Kray stories that have served to glorify their existence This book is full of them but that is not the point of the book This book paints a picture that is based in a time and place that allowed the Krays to become what they were destined to be This book allows anyone who reads it to understand not only how the Krays came about but how they got to be so famous and how they managed to mess it all upOf the two brothers Reggie was circumspect about his sexuality and tried sadly to become straight Ronnie by contrast came out with a statement that reads like this I am a giver see not a taker so I am not a ueer I am a 'omosexual Ronnie was into young men but was not that fussy The Krays were famous during the swinging sixties and Ronnie took copious notes and the occasional photograph which might come in handy later He kept all these in a small brown suitcase at his mother's house His most famous partner was Lord Boothby and it was this famous liaison that gave the Krays an opportunity not seen since until the recent Jimmy Saville scandalThere was a famous showdown between the Daily Mirror and the establishment The Mirror claimed to have photos detailing a peer of the realm's involvement with a well known gangster When push came to shove the entire British establishment faced the Mirror down and got them to pay out a small fortune for libel to Lord Boothby despite their claims being completely factualThis in effect meant that the Krays were untouchable because they could prove that the state had lied to the public This was their golden chance and they took it with both hands and pulled hard The police left them alone for over 3 years On the odd occasion when the police started asking uestions Lord Boothby would raise uestions in the House of Lords about Police harassmentI mentioned the Jimmy Saville affair because he too was reputedly tied into the sordid procuring ring that served both house of parliament at the time On that subject the depravity is endlessInterestingly at the end of their time at large when they sat through the court hearings of their once friends and acolytes giving evidence against them These were the trials that put them away for the rest of their lives and yet they never gave away the secret of the big lie perpetrated by the establishment over the Lord Boothby affairWhilst this would have blown the lid off many things it would not have saved them and they were within a hairs breadth of achieving another of their main goals Why become remembered as as a pair of homosexual gangsters when they could remain silent in court of and become known as the most ruthless pair of criminals ever seen in EnglandThis is John Pearson's revisit to the myth and legend of the Kray twins This book is incredibly well written given the enormous amount of material available and what could have become just a massive list of events that glorified the Krays this book actually leads to some kind of understanding of them as humans of the time in which they lived and the place that gave rise to them A formidable achievement in anyone's termsFootnote In London to this very day there is graffiti and street art being created that continues to maintain the legend of the Krays They have achieved their final goal and have truly have become immortal

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Ever since the Kray twins invited John Pearson to write their 'official' biography than forty years ago he has been obsessed with them After they were jailed in for thirty years for murder Pearson's biography The Profession of Violence enjoyed a cult following among the young and was said to be the most popular book in HM's prisons after the Bible Ron died in Reg followed him five years later and both of their funerals drew crowds on a scale unknown for film stars let alone for two departed murderers Since then far from fading with their death public fascination with the twins has never flagged Their clothes and memorabilia are sold at auction like religious relics Ron'. This is uite an angry book from a man who clearly with some regret kick started the popular fashion for true crime in the United Kingdom with his first biography of the Kray Twins back in the 1960s'The Profession of Violence' is like the 'The Wicker Man' in film and 'The Communist Manifesto' in politics an example of the remorselessness of the law of unintended conseuencesThis book should be read as the 'most considered' account of the Kray Twins thirty five years on but also as an exercise in self reflexion on the popular biographers' art by a doyen of the tradeHis anger may be a little with himself but it is most reasonably expressed as anger at the two sides of the Kray Twins' coinThere is an anger with both the sheer violence and certainly in Ron Kray's case psychopathy of the Krays' world and with the way that the establishment connived at their celebrity game in order to avoid scandalSometimes it is hard to know which is evil the thuggery of the Krays making their way up from the slums or the protection of truly psychopathic narcissistic and weak men like Driberg and Boothby by their own class in both major partiesIf I had to choose a poster boy for true social evil I am afraid that I would have to choose Arnold Lord Goodman over Reg Kray any day Goodman epitomises the intellectual manipulation of power and rules to protect a pack of social jackals Ron's perverted desires seem small feed in comparisonThese ruminations are not merely historical As we write good policemen and women and good journalists notably those at wwwexaronewscom with whom I am proud to be associated but also many others are digging in the slime of similar cover ups related to child abuse only a decade or two laterThe child abuse scandals of the 1970s and 1980s and perhaps beyond as they morph into internet rings can now be seen as natural extensions of a total world of abuse in which the Krays are really a mere incidentWhat underlay the exploitative evil of the Krays was the convergence of a culture of sexual repression in terms of homosexuality where the laws were not enforced where they existed a hypocritical ruling order where 'bad' conduct needed to be repressed but was otherwise accepted amongst their own and the usefulness of outsiders raised in social neglect to be totally self regarding as allies and toolsThis was a culture that pragmatically kept a lid on things that perhaps could not have been ordered in any other way given the society and politics of the country but which became extremely deviant at its dark edges Narscisitic gay psychopaths converged on one another and built networks and alliances which the 'establishment' where it knew of these things preferred to turn a blind eye It became too easy for the deviants to exploit the vulnerable and to feel that they could do so with impunity This is Poliakoff countryFor be in no doubt that the Krays were 'peculiar' in many senses There are other gangland familes and networks which are perhaps only now being addressed by the formation of the National Crime Agency but these never sought the celebrity of the Krays They were and are primarily 'business men' like the mafia not 'legends' Pearson is good on the influence of the American gangster film and the allure of the mafia this was the mafia's high point of global influence for Reg and Ron but it is clear that our native born thugs were little than occasionally useful tools for their sophisticated counterparts from New York somewhat of a metaphor for the British relationship with the US after SuezThe only caveat I would have with the book is that the psychological profiling of the Twins while plausible in many ways is over playedPearson is part establishment himself he was famously biographer of Ian Fleming and 'James Bond' and he remains like all his journalistic ilk rather weak on the 'sociology' of resistance to the system implicit in organised crimeYes organised crime is wolf like opportunistic and psychopathic but it does not arise from nothing These systems are businesses organised by the or less intelligent to provide real services for alienated and bulied populations as well as cruel and vicious exploitative onesEven the cruelty and exploitation is morally ambiguous than any abstract believer in justice may think Famously Capone did to eliminate adulteration of milk for children than the lack lustre local government If the State dumps disturbed kids in hell holes and abandons them then being noticed by gangsters and given a chance to relieve their misery or get money may still be preferable to being trained to be a grunt in the military or a shelf stacker in a retail chainEven sex workers who were introduced to the 'industry' by these grim routes are not simple victims but have sometimes seized a chance to use their assets for lives that they would now consider themselves to have chosen Indeed many now fear that criminalisation of their trade by do gooding establishment dim wits whose cruelty is no less than the gangsters will slash their incomes and throw them back into the hands of the underworldGang and state state and gang sometimes two sides of the same coin drones and pub shootings taxes and protection money the law of the street and no snitching or the law of the state and no whistleblowing The real route to crime of the Krays was their own natures as violent psychopaths but in the context of localities completely abandoned by the middle classes but where enough of the middle classes still wanted things that their own 'values' denied themRepressive cultures combined with class neglect inevitable lead to collusive relationships between weak ruling classes and the wolves at the bottomIn this case we had the collusion extending to the narratives of eager journalists photographers and film makers who wished to tell the tale in terms of glamour of Camelot if you likePearson cannot be accused of this or if he once glamourised the Krays it was out of youthful naivete This book makes ample amendsHe writes well The account of the murder of Frank Mitchell is genuinely moving and has all the hall marks of a Greek tragedy Even the Krays without moral complicity and when he is not getting angry and spouting cod psychology come across as complex persons rather than mere monsters That is no mean achievementHe adds as an appendix photographs of his own correspondence from Ron Kray in prison His poor education street intelligence and sentimentality cast a different light on the man without diminishing the horror of his conduct as killer and exponent of GBH But the uestion remains while other gangsters run multinational businesses and prepare for war with the National Crime Agency there is no doubt that the Krays are not forgotten in the white working classes of London even todayTheir funerals were pure theatre 20000 40000 being prepared to attend the last one Their criminal associates and rivals have given themselves pensions on well selling true crime memoirs Figures like Freddy Foreman and 'Mad' Frankie Fraser have iconic status and even some sympathy when true tales of 'toughness' in standing up to the old prison system are recountedIf people can think like that as they think of the murderous Salvatore Giuliani in Sicily then something is going on that must be understood before it is condemned by armchair moralists Recent 'cop killings' in the UK have exposed a culture of hate for the police at the margins of society The official news narrative is countered with a social media narrative of deep resentment and a preparedness for self immolation that reminds one of Jean Paul Belmondo's last scene in 'Breathless' There is a dialectic here between popular culture film and now video games and criminality that is not a simple one of cause and effect The 'rage' in the machine is prior to the popular culture which lives off it the popular culture merely gives it theatrical form in real life Millions lose themselves in the rage or the fantasy without acting on it in the world A few are so filled with anger and resentment that they code their suicidal actions in the language of the Joker or Get Carter This should not be taken overly seriously but it should also not be ignored or over simplified Something is going on 'out there' and the London Riots a narrative heavily suppressed and rewritten in the last two years are part of the storyJohn Pearson gives us no answers here but his personal re evaluation of his own relationship with these iconic organised crime figures must be added to the raw material from which an analysis will comeAnd not only in relation to the origins of resentment but also to the handling of collusion The Boothby Driberg scandal involving the undoubted sustained sexual exploitation of teenage boys must be put in the scales with Kincora as a sexual exploitation story in which some people at very high levels were collusive and complicit in covering up what took placeAs we write child abuse investigations have now extended from the celebrities who were permitted excesses by a 'see no evil' BBC to the care home system which we have all known for far too long have been grooming grounds for the underground sex industryThe uestion is not the free choice of disturbed youngsters to engage in that industry as their way into the world but the collusion of their carers in driving them into that world without informed consent and of sections of the political and law enforcement community in protecting and even providing customBeyond that despite the publicity the 'establishment' still shies clear of investigating the cruelties and brutalities not only within the Catholic Church but other institutional structures that are politically powerfulOnly this weekend the BBC reports our much loved RAF finding itself embroiled in an old scandal In short this culture of exploitation was endemic at the margins of institutional life and the victims have been ignored and bullied for far too longIn this brutal context of humiliation and abuse the Krays start to look like minor excesses in a rotten system even perhaps as a form of undirected revenge by the humiliated as a class on their ultimate humiliators the worst parts of the ruling orderSo we may expect attempts at cover ups and damage limitation and weaselly demands for 'closure' and 'drawing a line under the past' but the story is outPerhaps at the end of all this we will see the gangsters at the top and those at the bottom for what they really are somehow I think both sets of hyena will survive this crisis and reappear in a different form For that is the way of the world

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NotoriousS childlike prison paintings fetch money than those of many well known artists And people still refer to them like popular celebrities Why This is the uestion Pearson asked himself and over the past three years he has been re examining their history unearthing much previously unknown material and has come to some fascinating conclusions The Immortal Murderers reveals new facts about the Krays' tortured relationship as identical twins a relationship which helped predestine them to a life of crime a relationship that made them utterly unlike any other major criminals Pearson has discovered two new and unsuspected murders along with fresh light on the killings of George Co. Outstanding