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Download doc Ð Not uite a Lady 384 pages ✓ ❮Reading❯ ➿ Not uite a Lady Author Loretta Chase – Irresistible ForceDarius Carsington is a spectacularly handsome rake with a rare intelligence and no heart a man who divides his time between bedding loose moraled women and writing scholarly Oted her life to being all she ought to be and she's not about to let a man like Carsington entice her to do everything she shouldn'tA Splendid CollisionBut the rules of attraction can easily overpower the rules of manners and morals and sometimes even the best behaved girl has to follow her instincts even if it means risking it all So Not uite A Lady or How To Fall In Love In Five Easy PratfallsSeriously There are a lot of pratfalls in this book The background music in my head was that ricocheting gunshot sound they’d play every time Wile E Cayote nearly doesn’t fall off the cliff but then for various comic reasons does If you think about this book too hard or at all really you will realise how flawed it is Silly me I have thought about it As a conseuence it’s dropped from four stars to three Let me start by saying though this was fun There is usual Loretta Chase lightheartedness and banter of the highest order a lovely setting and secondary characters and the plot was entertaining although with some holes on which see below But It’s light on a characterization for a Chase novel and the Hh act inconsistently with what little characters they have The heroine in particular is defined by the one mistake from her past it’s shaped her entire approach to men to the way she lives Then she makes exactly the same mistake with the hero but without any really convincing reason to do so other than he’s hot view spoiler Also she's a very clever woman are we really supposed to believe that in all that time after making such a huge mistake by getting pregnant before that she hasn't learnt about the withdrawal method? Or at the very least that as a known rake the hero wouldn't pull out? It beggars belief in the context of the characters Chase is trying to create hide spoiler

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Irresistible ForceDarius Carsington is a spectacularly handsome rake with a rare intelligence and no heart a man who divides his time between bedding loose moraled women and writing scholarly papers He finds society's perfect darlings exceedingly boring But there's something intriguing and not uite perfect about faultless Lady Charl Darius Carsington is a bastard Lady Charlotte Hayward is nearly almost a virgin When he meets her his heart grows probably three sizes if not for copyright infringement so let's call it 3 and a solid uarter Also she has a 10 year old that's a secret ENTER ROMANCE NOVEL 1 This is a patchwork thing with holes and ridiculousness everywhere 2 Casting the youngest of the Carsington brood as a logical thinker is an interesting choice Casting him as a heartless bastard is less interesting Casting him as an intolerable rake is of a disaster than anything Why should we root for Charlotte to find her happy ever after with a man who GLOATINGLY points out the fact that he doesn't remember the names of his conuests Who looks forward with some eagerness to having sex with one OR BOTH of the chambermaids at the Inn he's staying at? What the fuck kind of shitty prostate lump hero is this? HE'S GROSS3 ALSO for someone who is ALLEGEDLY so damned smart I was super annoyed by his attempts to 'solve' Charlotte Her early extremely negative reactions to him touching her should have thrown up some flags he did not even consider And how does he not even to dismiss it consider the fact that she might have had sex at least once before? I don't give a flying fuck what 'society' says; he claims to be learned man that knows about the world His inability to consider that a woman might function outside the accepted bounds of society was just the dumbest plot hole of them all 4 Charlotte isn't much better She lets herself be fooled into thinking that she's 'trapped' in her current way of life and doesn't consider anything outside that really contrived world view It was frustrating to see her talk herself into a corner so early and so fast and without cause Because usually Chase's heroines are nothing if not scrappy wily fighters who don't take no shit 5 Chase's banter once it hits the page remains FUCKING EXCELLENT The fact that it's with such a shitty cast of characters is just a huge shake of the head 6 The stars this book does get is ENTIRELY for sidestepping the traditional secret withholding nonsense Having Charlotte list out her shit in one scene like that was so goddamned refreshing I wanted to throw my hands in the air COMMUNICATION WORKS TELL YOUR FRIENDS 7 What the hell was that 'villain' even? Was he a villain? What happened? Did I stroke?8 I'm still seriously so confused by some of the disgusting shit that came out of Darius's mouth about how foolish and unnecessary women are Like go fuck yourself? Use a fire poker? Don't hold back?

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Not uite a LadyOtte Hayward He senses a crack under her polished surface and finding it is a challenge he can't resistImmovable ObjectLady Charlotte is so beautiful charming and gracious that no one has noticed what an expert she is at Not Getting Married Early on she learned a painful lesson about trust and temptation In the years since she's dev Achingly sweet and lovely I'm not sure if I just went into this one with few expectations I enjoy Loretta Chase's writing and expected to like it but when two of her most popular books were the two preceding this one in the series I didn't expect to like this one That is probably the reason this is my favorite of the series to date still have the last to goCharlotte is 27 and an heiress from a good family For 10 years she has deftly and subtly managed to avoid marriage She manages people without realizing they are being managed Due to a not insignificant secret indiscretion in her youth she considers herself unworthy of being a gentleman's wifeDarius is the youngest and only remaining unwed Carsington son He is a respected scientist and observer of animal behaviors with the inclusion of humans He is rational and does not believe that love exists because it is irrational His father gives him the task of making his deceased great aunt's neglected estate profitable within one year or marry an heiress The neglected estate abuts Charlotte's family estate While on one of her solitary thoughtful walks she accidentally runs into and disrupts Darius who is observing dragon flies It is the first of many mishaps that had me laughing or smiling It does not take long for Darius to become intrigued by the puzzle Charlotte is and for Charlotte to find her usual evading tactics do not work on DariusThe way the romance unfolds is delightful and seeing these two grow as individuals and in love and respect for each other is a journey I truly enjoyed Darius really won me over and I felt for Charlotte dearly He realized uickly that his feelings for Charlotte were in a class a part from the lust he has felt before it must be love As the drama surrounding the youthful indiscretion unfolds Darius is the perfect hero to Charlotte His rationale towards Charlotte's emotional behavior was great Rather than try to argue it was irrational behavior he rationalized that it was normal behavior and his job was comfort and support There was great cat and mouse by play and dialogue between these two It was funny and emotional and beautifully done I am uite happy with this read