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Nightwing On the Razor's EdgeBe only too happy to see the vigilante destroyed but Shrike wants to see to Nightwing destroyed personallyA thrilling collection On the Razor's ePUB #185 featuring NIGHTWING and. I've always been a big fan of Nightwing and the Dick Grayson character in general but this was my first time to read his solo stuff I really liked it The writing was great and the style of the artwork was a good fit for the character as well Even though it is volume 7 it was easy for a new reader to get into because it starts with a brief history for each character that plays a part in this story

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Er of the deadliest threat yet Shrike long thought dead Nightwing On Kindle is back and he wants revenge on his childhood pal Nightwing Shrikes current master Blockbuster would. I took another foray into DC Comics with Nightwing Vol 7 On the Razor's Edge I've previously read the first three volumes so I knew a lot of the players from Bludhaven This volume was of course a bit further in the timeline It includes issues 52 and 54 through 60 Issue 52 is a little bit with Catwoman that seemed a bit fluff than moving the story forward The rest deal with the coming of Shrike who knew Nightwing as Robin Blockbuster auditions him by having him go against the villains that had previously failed to take out Nightwing then sends him after Nightwing Shrike manages to capture Nightwing and takes him to an undisclosed location But Nightwing isn't without resources First Oracle whose relationship with DickNightwing is progressing nicely is alerted to Nightwing's plight when Shrike attempts to run Nightwing's prints She and Black Canary are able to track down where Nightwing is being held Meanwhile Nightwing is able to use his ingenuity to free himself There's the typical fight between Nightwing and Shrike where they leave things somewhat unresolved There's a secondary plot where Dick is continuing his attempt to get into Bludhaven's Police force His mentor and superior Amy not only brings him in as an officer but brings him into a secret society that was formed to battle the corruption within the policeI really enjoyed reading this one I'm loving finding out about various DC heroes their strengths and weaknesses The story was well balanced between Dick Grayson's travels and Nightwing's The artwork is as always fantastic I definitely recommend it for those who like DC comics though I'd start with some of the earlier graphic novels to get up to speed on Who's Who in Bludhaven

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FREE READ Nightwing On the Razor's Edge î PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ú ❰Reading❯ ➼ Nightwing On the Razor's Edge Author Chuck Dixon – Bludhaven has seen its share of battles between its costumed protector Nightwing and various criminals But when an army of ninjas The Razor's ePUB #185 Bludhaven has seen its share of battles between its costumed protector Nightwing and various criminals But when an army of ninjas arrives its only a harbing. B 77% | Good Notes Wherein big names play bit parts and its lead villain’s formidability lies in besting hitherto ineffectual henchpersons